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Slime Rancher 2 – The Complete Slime Guide

Slime Rancher 2 is the prismatically beautiful follow-up to the enormously adorable Slime Rancher. Unlike any farming sim you’ve played before, this one puts you in outer space. And instead of crops, you’ll be farming slimes! In this beautiful new location of Rainbow Island, there are a large variety of slimes to discover and recruit back on your ranch. Here are all the slimes that we know about so far, where to get them and what to feed them!

Slime Rancher 2 is out now on the Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S and PC – SteamEpic Games Store.

Note: Slime Rancher 2 was released on Early Access on the 22nd of September 2022. This guide will be updated as the game updates.



Angler Slime Batty Slime Boom Slime
Cotton Slime Crystal Slime Fire Slime
Flutter Slime Honey Slime Hunter Slime
Phosphor Slime Pink Slime Puddle Slime
Quantum Slime Ringtail Slime Rock Slime
Tabby Slime The Tarr

Angler Slime

Angler slimes inhabit the deepest depths of the Slime Sea but have now been discovered on Rainbow Island. It’s not known what drew them from the darkest recesses of the Far, Far Range to what very well could be the most vibrant, but it may have something to do with the taste of a plump, sun-kissed drumstick of a sea hen.

DocileStarlight Strand,
Ember Valley
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
Sea HenNight Light20

Batty Slime

Batty slimes love to lurk in cold, dark places, like caves, swooping down from ceilings to scare others with their glowing, red eyes and pointy fangs. Hm? No, they’re not vampires. The glowing eyes let them see in the dark is all. They also greatly dislike garlic because they eat fruit. Seriously.

DocileEmber ValleyFruit
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
Pomegranite20Solar Net

Note: Batty slimes grow hungry at night and eat more often than other slimes. While they can survive in sunlight, they’ll get more agitated the longer they’re exposed to it.


Boom Slime

Boom slimes are often heard before they’re seen. The slime cells of a boom slime are constantly vibrating, causing their slime to increasingly crackle with energy before ultimately exploding.

HarmfulEmber ValleyMeat
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
Briar HenBomb Ball45

Note: Water and Ancient Water may be used to temporarily halt explosions for 20s. Purchasing a Music Box can help reduce their rate of agitation, and by extension reduce how often they explode.


Cotton Slime

Cotton slimes seem to have adapted to life among the tall grasses of Rainbow Island by developing a spring in their step that allows them to leap far higher into the air than any other slime. Once airborne, these floofy-tailed slimes are always hoping their hops land them in a patch of delicious water lettuce.

DocileRainbow Fields,
Starlight Strand
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
Water Lettuce15High Walls

Crystal Slime

The crystal slime is covered in a crown of shimmering, crystal spikes. These spikes seem to form from the crystal slime generating a tremendous amount of internal heat and warping the minerals around them.

DocileEmber ValleyVeggies
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
Odd OnionCrystal Ball60Port Collector

Note: Just like Rock Slimes, Crystal Slimes will damage you upon contact. In their corral, crystal hazards can easily cover the entire corral floor. Dealing with frequent heavy damage when walking over it. Better to use a Port Collector.


Fire Slime

Fire slimes are a rare breed of slime that lives on ash. Fire slimes will eat just about any food, but not without it being burned into ash first.

HarmfulEmber ValleyAsh
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
NoneCharcoal Brick45Incinerator,
Ash Trough

Note: Using water to extinguish the fire from Fire Slimes will also extinguish their fire plorts. They can only survive in an Ash trough of an Incinerator. If it is anywhere else for too long, it disappears.


Flutter Slime

Flutter slimes feel truly at home on Rainbow Island, curiously flying about the prismatic flora, a shining example of natural beauty in an already beautiful world. Should you manage to go through the trouble of collecting moondew nectar that keeps your flutter slimes well-fed, they will reward you with the soothing aura they produce after eating it that reduces all nearby slime agitation. It also has pretty sparkles.

DocileStarlight StrandNectar
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
Moondew Nectar22Air Net

Note: Moondew Nectar can only be harvested in the wild from specific spots at night.


Honey Slime

Honey slimes are an odd breed of slime composed of a hyper-sweet slime compound. Most slime scientists believe this to be the result of their slime cells replicating the natural sugars found in fruits and nectar.

DocileStarlight StrandFruit
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
Mint MangoBuzzy Bee45High Wall,
Air Net

Note: Slimes are attracted to Honey Plorts from further away than normal Plorts. Neighbouring corraled Slimes may make an escape to get them.


Hunter Slime

The Hunter Slime is the wild cousin of the tabby slime. A much more capable creature than the playful tabbies, the hunter slime excels at stalking chickens. A Hunter slime’s slimological makeup allows for a natural cloaking ability that renders it almost completely invisible. Their only tell is in their giant, almond eyes, which can often be seen hovering in the dark.

DocileStarlight StrandMeat
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
RoostroStuffed Chicken60High Wall,
Air Net

Note: Hunter Slimes make a distinctive muffled whooshing sound when they turn invisible. Listening to that sound could help you find one. Just like the Tabby if the Hunter is loose in your ranch you’re likely to lose all your Hens.


Phosphor Slime

Phosphor slimes come out at night, flying about the moonlit range upon their translucent wings. Phosphor slimes have a luminescent slime core that pulses with a soft glow, making them easy to spot.

DocileEverywhere (Night)Fruit
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
CuberryNight Light22Solar Shield,
Air Net

Note: If a Phosphor Slime is exposed to sunlight for too long they disappear. Plorts too!


Pink Slime

Pink Slimes are the most common slime. They’re cheerful, docile, and the easiest of all slimes to ranch. A pink slime will eat anything you put in front of it, though they have no favourite food.

Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare

Note: Don’t keep too many pink slimes in one corral or they will naturally form a stack. Counter with Air Nets, High Walls or the Music Box upgrade. Better to turn them into Largos instead.


Puddle Slime

Puddle slimes are a rare species of slime that live in freshwater pools. These slimes don’t eat, instead, puddle slimes absorb water into their bodies while they sit on the surface of a pool.

DocileEmber Valley, Starlight Strand (in Water)Water
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
NoneRubber Ducky45Pond,
Max 4 Slime

Note: If left out of the water they will despawn after approximately 30 in-game minutes, but can seek out a water source to keep hydrated if any is nearby.


Quantum Slime

Quantum Slimes appear to have resulted from some sort of event that took place in the Ancient Ruins long ago. At all times, the quantum slime is capable of emitting other possible realities of their being.

Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
Phase LemonPuzzle Cube60

Note: Quantum Slimes create ghost copies of themselves, internally known as “qubits”. They have the capability of swapping places with one of their qubits when sufficiently agitated.


Ringtail Slime

Ringtail slimes are nothing but trouble. Theft under cover of darkness is their favourite hobby and they delight in getting away with as much as possible before the sun rises.

DocileStarlight Strand (Night)Omnivorous
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
None24Solar Shield

Note: This slime will eat even when it is not hungry, consuming food without creating a Plort in return. They will turn to stone in daylight.


Rock Slime

Rock slimes earned their name from the rocky crown of sharp spikes atop their slimy bodies. Rock slimes are strict vegetarians, favouring the satisfying crunch of the heart beet most of all.

HarmfulStarlight Strand,
Ember Valley
Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
Heart BeetBig Rock22Port Collector

Note: Rock Slimes will damage you upon contact. Better not to collect Plorts manually with them and use a Port Collector.


Tabby Slime

Tabby slimes share many curious similarities to domesticated house cats of Earth. With their perky ears, striped backs, and swaying tails, you’d almost mistake them for a true feline. If they weren’t made entirely of gooey slime, of course.

Fav FoodFav ToyPlortCare
Stony HenYarn Ball22High Wall,
Air Net

Note: If a Tabby Slime is loose in your ranch you’re likely to lose all your Hens.


The Tarr

A terrible transformation after a Largo eats a different plort. It turns the slime into a sludge-filled, swirling, prismatic array of colours and a relentless appetite. The Tarr seeks only to consume and replicate. Because of this, it can spread rapidly throughout the ranch.

TypeLocationDietFav Food
HostileWhen a Largo eats a plort that is unlike its ownSlimes, Chickens, YouYou

Note: Tarr can grab slimes from a distance with a tentacle-like appendage. When it consumes a slime it will produce a clone of itself in the process. They will also decay any Fruit or Veggie they touch.