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Ooblets – The Complete Gleamy Hunting Guide

Ooblets has been in Early Access for the better part of 2 years and today they’ve finally launched their full game! v1.0 is out now for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC – Epic Games Store.

Ooblets is adorable farming and creature collecting game where you help a town in need, grow Ooblets and have epic dance battles. There are 45 Ooblets to collect, each with its own special dance abilities. They also come in different variations from original coloured to unusual and the very special Gleamy Ooblet. They vary in colour but why you’re going to want to get the Gleamy variety is that they literally sparkle and leave twinkles in their wake. SO ADORABLE.

Additionally, these Gleamy Ooblets spawn Oobsidian, a rare material used to upgrade various parts of your farm and finish certain tasks. But we all know you’re collecting them for the flex. So here’s our guide to help you hunt down all the Gleamys!


Daily Random Spawn

First off there is no guaranteed way to get a Gleamy Ooblet. But there are a few ways to figure out when they’ll be around.

Every night after you go to sleep a screen pops up letting you know what Ooblets are going to be around the next day. Pay attention to their colouring, and note which ones look peculiar because they could be an unusual or gleamy Ooblet that you can find the next day.

Walk into town after waking up, and check out the groups of Ooblets you’ll find hanging out. If they look oddly coloured and have a sparkle floating around them that means they’re Gleamy! Make sure to look behind buildings as well because those little guys could be hiding!

Gather the necessary resources you’ll need for that battle, and make sure you have the correct amount of Ooblets for the dance battle. Kick their Gelamy butts with your sweet dance moves and the losing team will poop out a Gleamy seed for you to plant.

Plant your Gleamy seed on your farm. Water it and protect it from weeds, like you would do any seed. And when it’s done growing you will be able to pick your Gleamy Ooblet out of the ground and flaunt them around town!


Gleamy Rain

When it rains, it pours, Gleamys that is! When there’s Gleamy rain there’s a higher chance of spawning Gleamys. So be sure to check not just Badgetown but the rest of the other towns as well for a chance to get a Gleamy. Note that Gleamy rain looks different from ordinary rain by being all magical and shiny.

The other towns that you’ll eventually be able to unlock as you progress through the story are: Mamoonia, Nullwhere, Port Foward, Pantsabear Hill and ____.


Even More Gleamy

Once your character reaches level four, make sure to invest into ‘Even More Ooblets!’ in the town’s well. It costs a whopping 100 wishies—but it’s totally worth it.

Each upgrade to ‘Even More Ooblets!’ adds three more Ooblets to the selection roster. Giving you more chances a day to hunt a Gleamy.


Check The Dance Barn Everyday

Once you reach Level Four you can build a Dance Barn for you to take on daily dance-battle tournaments. To build the Dance Barn you’ll need 20 Planklets, 12 Nurnies, four Clothlets, one Oobsidian and 300 Gummies.

Winning in the Dance Barn can reward you with a rare seed which has the chance of being uncommon or Gleamy seeds.



If you’re looking for a fun wholesome game that’s chock full of whimsy and charm then look no further than Ooblets. For more of our Ooblets guides check it out over here, including which are the best Ooblets to have in your dance battle team!

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