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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Farming And Gardening Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a peaceful adventure game with lots of wonderful little life sim elements. While you’re trying to help all your favourite Disney and Pixar characters you can cook, fish and of course garden. You’re going to find yourself farming and gardening a lot in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Whether it’s for quests or making money you’re going to need to know all about the different crops and seeds.

In this Farming Guide, we’re going to cover all the different crops, where to find the seeds and some great farming tips!




How To Start Farming

Farming, like Fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley, is going to start pretty early on in the game. Once you’ve amassed all your Royal Tools and some Seeds you can start Farming.

With your Shovel, you can dig up almost any piece of land in Dreamlight Valley. It should be quite intuitive, just dig a hole, fill it with a seed and then water the seed with a Watering Can.

Wait for a while and poof you’ll get a new crop! Remember to check in on some crops to water them if they start wilting.


Where To Get All Seeds – Goofy’s Stalls

As you can see the most important part of Farming and Gardening is the seeds. You can occasionally earn Seeds as Quest rewards early on. Or you can get them by removing Night Thorns in different areas (rewarding different Seed types depending on that area).

However, the most reliable way of getting them is at Goofy’s Stalls. These are available to open for a small fee in each different area of the valley. Once opened each stall depending on where they’re in will sell different Seeds.

Peaceful Meadow

Repair StageCost To RepairSeed UnlockSeed Price
Initial RepairFreeLettuce Seed3
Upgrade 1800Wheat Seed1
Upgrade 21,000Carrot Seed10
IngredientGrowth TimeCostSells ForEnergy
Lettuce3 Mins12856
Wheat1 Min3219
Carrot15 Mins664457
Apple Mins5025300

Dazzle Beach

Repair StageCost To RepairSeed UnlockSeed Price
Initial Repair1,000Sugarcane Seed5
Upgrade 12,000Tomato Seed8
Upgrade 23,000Corn Seed15
IngredientGrowth TimeCostSells ForEnergy
Sugarcane7 Mins291946
Tomato25 Mins332221
Corn12 Mins241630
Banana23 Mins5829350

Forest Of Valor

Repair StageCost To RepairSeed UnlockSeed Price
Initial Repair1,500Bell Pepper Seed12
Upgrade 13,500Canola Seed25
Upgrade 27,500Onion Seed50
IngredientGrowth TimeCostSells ForEnergy
Bell Pepper15 Mins503379
Canola35 Mins16410959
Onion75 Mins255170146
Blueberry23 Mins5829350

Glade of Trust

Repair StageCost To RepairSeed UnlockSeed Price
Initial Repair2,000Rice Seed35
Upgrade 15,000Spinach Seed45
Upgrade 210,000Okra Seed135
IngredientGrowth TimeCostSells ForEnergy
Spinach60 Mins624160
Okra120 Mins17111431
Rice50 Mins926159
Lemon27 Mins6733400

Sunlit Plateau

Repair StageCost To RepairSeed UnlockSeed Price
Initial Repair3,000Chili Pepper Seed
Cotton Seed
Upgrade 17,500Zucchini Seed30
Upgrade 215,000Soya Seed60
IngredientGrowth TimeCostSells ForEnergy
Chili Pepper45 Mins11778140
Cotton25 Mins4537
Soya90 Mins1046958
Zucchini40 Mins785248
Cocoa Bean30 Mins7538450

Frosted Heights

Repair StageCost To RepairSeed UnlockSeed Price
Initial Repair4,000Cucumber Seed40
Upgrade 110,000Eggplant Seed95
Upgrade 220,000Asparagus Seed150
IngredientGrowth TimeCostSells ForEnergy
Cucumber75 Mins239159145
Eggplant180 Mins462308451
Asparagus165 Mins200313221
Cherry33 Mins8342500

Forgotten Lands

Repair StageCost To RepairSeed UnlockSeed Price
Initial Repair5,000Pumpkin Seed275
Upgrade 112,500Potato Seed55
Upgrade 225,000Leek Seed120
IngredientGrowth TimeCostSells ForEnergy
Pumpkin240 Mins996664187
Potato35 Mins189126113
Leek120 Mins309228
Gooseberry40 Mins10050600

Crops, Berry Bushes, and Fruit Trees

Outside of Farming and Gardening, you can get additional fruits and crops growing wild around the Valley. Herbs will grow wild, while fruits will grow on bushes and trees.

There are only a fixed number of Berry Bushes and Fruit Trees in the game and there is no way to make more. You can, however, use Build Mode to move Berry Bushes and Fruit Trees wherever you like — even to other Biomes.

Plaza – Apple Tree, Raspberry Bush, Oregano

Peaceful Meadow – Banana Tree, Raspberry Bush, Basil

Dazzle Beach – Banana Tree, Blueberry Busy, Coconut Tree (after Maui quest)

Glade of Trust – Cocoa Tree, Lemon Tree, Mushroom

Forest of Valor – Lemon Tree, Blueberry Bush, Garlic

Sunlit Plateau – Cherry Tree, Cocoa Tree, Vanilla

Frosted Heights – Cherry Tree, Gooseberry Bush, Mint

Forgotten Lands – Apple Tree, Gooseberry Bush, Ginger


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