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Sun Haven – Female Romance Guide (Updated)

Sun Haven is a multiplayer farming sim and fantasy RPG. And no good sim is without its share of great romance. In Sun Haven you are helping your town to restore it to its former glory. You can do it in any of all of the ways, as a farmer, fisherman, warrior or mage. Raise animals and crops together and of course, have someone next to you to go through it all.

Sun Haven‘s romantic system works similarly to that of Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons. You’ll need to become friends with your potential paramour first before you can start a romantic relationship. There are 16 romanceable characters in Sun Haven with plenty of dynamic conversation. Unlike other games, it’s not just gift-giving that’s important but the conversation itself plays a big role. Eventually, you’ll be able to date (even multiple suitors) and then even marry them.

In this guide, we’ll show you all 7 of the romanceable female characters. Do note that Sun Haven is currently in early access and things are bound to change. We’ll do our best to keep you updated!

Anne Catherine
Iris Kitty

If you want to read about the male romance characters, tab this link open too!

Note: Sun Haven is in Early Access and as the game updates we’ll be adding more to this guide as well.


Relationship Stages In Sun Haven

There are five relationship stages that you can achieve with your romance candidates that begin with friendship and that can eventually end in marriage. In order to progress that way you’ll need to engage your intended beloved in conversation and gifting. Do this every day and watch that relationship build.

These are the relationship stages that you’ll encounter in Sun Haven and what they mean for your character.


This is the default state that you’ll begin with all characters. There are no perks and no special options at this stage. In order to open it up you will need to progress the relationship level to the next relationship stage – dating.


Once the player has progressed through the friendship stage enough your intended will ask if you would like to go on a date. If you accept you’ll unlock a special mission that you can follow through with.

The date itself is a sequence of dialogue similar to the dialogue checks prompted by interacting with romance candidates. You’ll be able to go on two unique dates with either bachelor or bachelorette you decide. And after the second date, they will ask you to go start dating officially. This will unlock new dialogue cycles.

Note: There is currently no limit to the number of characters the player can date at once


Once you’ve reached 15 hearts with a romance candidate, you’ll unlock the option to propose to them. If you’d like to take your relationship to the next stage, head over to Town Hall and buy the Engagement Ring. If they accept your proposal your wedding will happen the following day at 4 pm.

Make this decision wisely because you won’t be able to marry anyone else after this!


The next day you’ll attend the ceremony where you’ll have one last option to back out of the marriage by selecting “I do not”. If however, you select “I do” then you and your partner will be married and exchange wedding rings.

This unlocks the Enchanted Wedding Ring: +30 HP, +30MP, +20%EXP

YouTube: @ChromaGlitch


Once you’re married the relationship level cap with your spouse is raised from 15 hearts to 20. This adds a significant amount of new dialogue.

The primary perk of being married is that you’ll be able to enter their house at any time and sleep in their bed as well.



Image Credit: ChromaGlitch

The savvy, extravagant owner of Sun Haven’s Traveling Exotics Shop. This workaholic lives her life on a cycle of buying and selling. While not the most humanitarian person, she is reliable… for a price!

OccupationGeneral Store Owner
LocationSun Haven
Anne’s House 8 AM – 8 PM


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and it’s especially true for Miss Anne. Be sure to spoil this classy lady with precious stones, cash money and a little Cheesecake doesn’t hurt either.

LoveDiamondSun Haven Mine
Small Money BagWilderness
1900 Coins
Cheese (1), Milk (1), Sugar (4)
LikeRubySun Haven Mine
Mining Merchant
500 Coins
SapphireSun Haven Mine
Mining Merchant
300 Coins
AmethystSun Haven Mine
Gold OreSun Haven Mine
Gold BarCraftingGold Ore (3)
RaspberriesNel’Vari Foraging

Recommended Gift: Small Money Bags – Easy to Find in The Western Forest Early
Keepsake: Anne’s Pearl Earrings: +10 Gold/Craft, +200 Gold/Day, Anne Record

Anne’s Daily Schedule

Anne has one schedule that she follows rain or shine. 

6:00 AMLeaves home.
6:30 AMStanding at the Quest Board in front of Town Hall.
7:00 AMStanding near the market stalls to the left of Town Hall.
10:00 AMWalks south to the General Store.
10:30 AMIn the General Store.
2:30 PMLeaves the General Store and walks toward the Clothing Store in the town centre.
3:00 PMStanding outside of the Clothing Store in the town centre.
5:30 PMWalks to the Tavern.
6:00 PMIn the Tavern.
9:00 PMWalks home.
9:30 PMEnters home for the night.


Catherine is Sun Haven’s resident Amari witch. She owns the Farming Store as well as makes a number of potions and prescriptions for the town, to the point that Wornhardt trusts her enough to fill medicine orders.

SpeciesAmari (Rabbit)
OccupationFarming Store Owner / Town Witch
LocationSun Haven
Catherine’s House 8 AM – 8 PM


For this garden rabbit veggies are the way to her heart. Being a bunny girl Carrots are her go-to but Salad on the side does a body good too. The only thing you’ll need to keep away from this green girl is all kinds of meat, including fish.

LoveCarrotFarming80 Coins/Seed
Blueberry SaladCafe
1000 Coins
Blueberries (1), Lettuce (1)
LikeSmall Mana TomeForaging1900 Coins
Cheese (1), Milk (1), Sugar (4)
ShimmerootFarming2000 Coins/Seed
Caribbean Green SoupCafe
2400 Coins
Lettuce (1), Pepper (1), Onion (1)
Red Veggie SoupCafe
2100 Coins
Carrot (1), Pepper (1), Onion (1)
Tomato SoupCafe
500 Coins
Tomato (1), Corn (1)
Copper Watering CanCraftingCopper Bar (6)
Iron Watering CanCraftingIron Bar (7)
Adamant Watering CanCrafting
Farming Store
Adamant Bar (8)
18000 Coins
Mithril Watering CanCrafting
Farming Store
Mithril Bar (8)
40000 Coins
Sunite Watering CanCraftingSunite Bar (8)
DislikeAny Meat & Fish

Recommended Gift: Carrots – A Low-Cost Crop to Grow in Bulk
Keepsake: Catherine’s Charm: +20 Health, +20 Mana, +0.10 Mana/Sec, Catherine Record

Catherine’s Daily Schedule

Catherine has one schedule that she follows rain or shine. 

6:00 AMAt home.
10:30 AMLeaves home to sit on a bench in front of her home.
1:00 PMWalks north to the Farming Store.
1:30 PMIn the Farming Store in the town centre.
6:00 PMWalks toward the picnic table to the left of the Market Stalls. Left of Town Hall.
6:30 PMStanding next to a picnic table to the left of the Market Stalls. Left of Town Hall.
8:00 PMWalks through the Market area toward her home.
8:30 PMEnters home for the night.


Iris is an Elven enchanter in Nel’Vari. Nature is central to her work, experimenting and discovering things about how nature and magic interact. Proudly independent, she values making choices of her own.

Iris’ House 6 AM – 12 AM


The new girl in town, Iris was introduced in the Nel’Vari update and is one of the only romanceable female Elf character.

LoveSmall Mana TomeForaging
Prickly PearCombatPricklepop or Prickletot
Spicy RamenCafe
Noodles (1), Pepper (1)
LikeRubySun Haven Mine
Mining Merchant
500 Coins
SapphireSun Haven Mine
Mining Merchant
300 Coins
AmethystSun Haven Mine
DislikeHeart Shirt
Avocado Shirt
Dorky Fish Shirt

Recommended Gift: Prickly Pear – Easily Farmable in Dragons Meet
Keepsake: Iris’s Enchanted Totem: +0.20 Mana/Sec, Iris Record, Plant Rack

Iris’ Daily Schedule

Iris has one schedule that she follows rain or shine. 

7:00 AMAt home
9:00 AMStanding at the Griffin pen
12:30 PMStanding at the Quest Board
2:00 PMStanding at the Mana Lamp northeast of Quest Board, next to the entrance to Vaan’s house
6:00 PMWalks northeast toward the band and bonfire
7:00 PMStanding at the Bonfire with the Mushroom band
8:00 PMWalks home
8:30 PMEnter home for the night.

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