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Sun Haven – Best Crops To Plant (Updated)

A magical farming fantasy, Sun Haven takes the best of Stardew Valley and mashes it up with a gorgeous fantasy RPG. This farming and life sim game works like most of the other games in the series except for the fact that everything is magical. Which is exactly my jam. You can farm, fish, cook, mine, craft, make friends and of course fall in love. (For our bachelor and bachelorette romance guide check it out here).

In this guide, we’ll be getting into the main basis of a farming sim – crop planting. How farming works, how to increase your crop yield and of course maximise your profits. You can either sell crops as they are, which is what we’re going to focus on or wait until you have a cooking pot to make more expensive items to sell. We suggest doing a bit of both until your farm is more established.

Update Disclaimer: Sun Haven is still in Early Access and as such new updates have caused changes to the previous information. This article now has the adjusted prices as well as the addition of new crops as of this date.


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Sun Haven Crops

Begin your farming journey by purchasing seeds at the General Store from Emmett. Make sure to keep an eye out for sale items that change every day.

Take note as well that this is the base price of the crop and does not include any multiplier effects from rarity or crop yield increase. The lists are written from most profitable to least with regards to seed price, sale price and growth time.

CropGrowth TimeSeed PriceSale Price
Grapes1 Day + 5 Mana50200
Cinnaberry6 Days140420
Pepper6 Days210425
Shimmerroot10 Days14001965
Lettuce7 Days35240
Rice3 Days35110
Potato (x2)5 Days7085
Onion5 Days56115
Carrot5 Days56115
Tomato5 Days63115
Corn (x2)6 Days5660
Wheat3 Days2855
Greenroot3 Days4265

Withergate Crops

So Withergate crop profits are a little different from that of Sun Haven. Mainly because you buy the seeds in gold but sell the crops for Withergate tickets. The main form of currency in Withergate. You can use these tickets to buy Cosmetic Costume Armour or Furniture as well as an Apartment Suite.

In this case, the basic profit measurements don’t work out the same but we’ve done our best by assigning a value to the tickets and working out a more measurable profit.

CropGrowth TimeSeed PriceCrop Price (Tickets)
Demon Orb3 Days63016
Tombmelon2 Days2527
Eggplant4 Days39213
Snappy Plant7 Days49017
Suckerstem6 Days29412
Moonplant5 Days1758
Kraken Kale3 Days804
Razorstalk6 Days1126

Nel’Vari Crops

Nel’Vari is another place in Sun Haven where you can obtain special crops and animals. This place is the home of the Elves and other creatures such as Plant Amari, faeries, and tree guardians. It is also home to Nivara, the World Dragon.

As in Withergate, only Nel’Vari-based crops can be grown here. Seeds can be purchased in the Nel’Vari General Store and sold for Mana Orb. The currency being used in this town. Growing 10 or more of certain crops will attract small creatures to your alcoves.

CropGrowth TimeSeed PriceCrop Price (Mana Orb)Animal Product
Acorn3 Days1504Squirrel – Peanuts
Wind Chime5 Days1905Wind Sprite – Dust
Elemental Seeds5 Days240Varies on ElementFire Sprite – Fire Stone
Water Sprite – Water Stone
Stone Sprite – Earth Stone
Shiiwalki Mushroom4 Days44010
Walk Choy Seeds4 Days44010
Indiglow Seeds6 Days120024
Dragonfruit5 Days280044Baby Dragon – Dragon Scale
Mana Gem8 Days180033
Cat Tail7 Days120024

Begin by purchasing your crops from the Nel’Vari General Store. If you’re interested in making Mana Orb then Acorns are the crop for you! Followed by Shiiwalki Mushrooms and Walk Choy. Be sure to get some Elemental Seeds in there as well.


How To Increase Crop Price

The list above is a base guide on the game’s selling price but that can go up depending on the rarity of your crop. The rarer, the more of a multiplier it will have on the price when you sell it.

Right now in Sun Haven, there are four rarity levels: Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond.

  • EmeraldCommon – Base price (no multiplier)
  • RubyRare – 1.1x price multiplier
  • SapphireEpic – 1.2x price multiplier
  • Diamond Legendary – 1.3x price multiplier

Improve your crops using passive Global Skills that will increase the quality and number produced. You can do this by using Fertilizer or by increasing your Farming Skill.


Farming Tips

Buying seeds are for chumps! Use your scythe on weeds and grass to get yourself some free seeds. I’m just kidding you’ll probably still need to buy crops to plant, but this is a good tip anyway. Clearing weeds and grass also has a chance to drop tickets, the currency used in Withergate.

The second tip is to buy seeds on sale. The general store and seed stall in Withergate offer two different seed types a day at a discounted price. You can purchase up to 20 seeds per stack at the General Store and up to 30 seeds at the Withergate seed stall.


Farming Skill Tree

There are currently 5 skill trees: Exploration, Farming, Mining, Combat, and Fishing. Skills can be unlocked with Skill Points that are gained through increasing each skill’s corresponding experience level.

Within the skill trees, you can also unlock Spells and Abilities that allow you to take different actions in the game.

IRetaining Soil+15% chance crops stay watered overnight
Expert Chef+25% Speed for Cooking Recipes
Farmer’s Market+5 Gold per Crop Sold
IIPropagation+10% chance to get an extra crop
IIIFriendly Farmer+15% chance to get an extra animal product
Profit Margin+10% Sell Price of Cooked Meals
Tiller’s Tip I+8% Sell Price of Crops
IVInvigorate+2.5 Mana (10s) from standing near crops
Chef’s Kiss I+1 Bonus Heart when meals are gifted
VLeftovers I+10% chance to make a leftover second meal
Those leftovers sell for half and cannot be eaten.
Giving Back+0.5 Mana Regen (10s) for every fully fed Snacoon
VIGroundbreakerUnlocks Earthquake Spell
Earthquakes quickly hoe nearby land (25 Mana)
VIIFertile Land+20% chance for Higher Quality Crops
Leftovers II+15% chance to make a leftover second meal
Those leftovers sell for half and cannot be eaten
Tiller’s Tip II7 Extra Coins per crop
VIIIRainy DayUnlocks Rain Cloud Spell
Rain Cloud waters nearby crops (25 Mana)
Chef’s Kiss II+2 Bonus Hearts when meals are gifted

Sun Haven

You’ve just arrived in Sun Haven, a medieval town full of people from all walks of life doing their best to make their beloved town thrive as it once did. As a farmer, miner, fisher, warrior, craftsman, and even a mage, you’ll find that adventure awaits you here. Sun Haven is currently out on Early Access on Steam for PC.


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