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MultiVersus – Best Characters To Play In Season 1

MultiVersus is the free-to-play brawl game that’s Warner Bros answer to Super Smash Bros. It’s a crossover fighting game that draws from a roster of characters from the same umbrella brand. While Nintendo has an impressive list of characters coming to fight in the arena WB has one that’s even more extensive. From real-life basketball star LeBron James to Barman and Superman. MultiVersus follows the Super Smash Bros. formula, with each character having their own distinct move set and quirks relevant to the franchise they come from.

Just like Super Smash Bros, some characters play better than others. And even though MultiVersus is still i0n open beta, that doesn’t mean there isn’t already a meta emerging in Season 1. So if you’re playing, are interested in playing or are just curious to see if Arya Stark can beat up Tom and Jerry then follow this list!



Role: Bruiser

Shaggy the scooby snack-eating detective from the iconic Scooby Doo series is here! And for some reason, he’s a bruiser? An easy-to-pick-up and play character he’s a good starting choice for the uninitiated. His moves are simple to understand and he’s arguably the most balanced character on this list.

Neutral Ability: Charge rage. When enraged Shaggy deals additional damage. He also inflicts weakened, making enemies fly even further when hit.

Charge Attack: Shield deployed when charging.

Up Special: Power Uppercut. While enraged, this move hits multiple times.

Down Special: Pulls a sandwich out of the ground that he can throw. It deals damage to enemies and if it passes your teammates, it heals them.



Role: Bruiser

Shaggy is a great easy-to-play Bruiser but if you want some more fun specials then Batman is a great pick. The main focus of Batman’s attacks is using gadgets like the Batarang or grappling hook to extend combos out further. His focus is on being in the enemies’ faces, confusing them with his array of tricks and dealing damage.

Neutral Ability: Batman’s basic moves can cripple foes for a short time as they inflict the Weakened status.

Specials: Rising Bat, Remote explosives, hook guns

Neutral Special: Bat-Bomb, a smoke bomb that grants an invisibility buff, which weakens enemies.



Role: Tank

Superman is the best Tank in MultiVersus. He can take a ridiculous amount of damage before he starts getting launched completely off-screen. He moves fast and has quick regular combos that he can deal fast damage with. He’s also extremely mobile and can dodge upwards, making for easier recovery. What a goat.

Neutral Ability: Regular attacks grant him armour.

Side and Up Special: Flies across the map. If he runs into an enemy they can be grabbed and thrown for a quick knockout. If an enemy gets launched even halfway up the screen, Superman can snag them in the air and throw them out of bounds.

Neutral Special: Freeze enemies, leaving them vulnerable.


Bugs Bunny

Role: Mage/Ranged

As a Mage, Bugs’ moves take a bit of setup and require cooldown management. But if you can get a handle on him he is a powerful character. Bugs moves very fast and his regular attacks are also quick, letting him fly around the map dealing damage. His speed also makes him difficult to hit. Bugs’ ability to annoy enemies with a constant barrage of yeeted bric-abrac makes him a useful distraction in 2v2 fights.

Passive: If he crouches he will pull an item box out of the ground and toss it to his teammate. There’s cooldown for this ability.

Neutral Special: Drop a safe from the sky that can be hit into enemies after it lands.

Side Special: Launch a rocket. The rocket and the safe both deal a ton of damage and have great launch, but the cooldowns are pretty lengthy, so you will need to be smart with their usage.

Down Special: Dig a tunnel.


Finn The Human

Role: Assassin

Finn is a complicated fighter, with an intricate moveset. Finn’s regular attacks have armour-breaking properties, but it’s his specials that make him stand out.

Neutral Ability: Each one of Finn’s regular attacks spits out a coin – if Finn collects enough coins, he gains instant access to powerful abilities.

Down Special: Purchase temporary new gear

Up Special: Swing around his backpack (increase power with coins)

The hit boxes on these special attacks change depending on the number of coins you have, causing some of Finn’s attacks to become practically invulnerable.


Harley Quinn

Role: Assassin

It comes to nobody’s surprise that Harley Quinn would make a good assassin. She strikes a great balance between being a powerful damage dealer without being overly complicated. With plenty of quick combo attacks that are easy to use and land. Her side charge attacks have a ton of launch, letting you take enemies out at lower damage.

Neutral Ability: Light people on fire for additional damage after hitting them with an explosive or confetti blast.

Up Special: Swings a baseball bat, launching enemies straight up. If any enemy is above you, they can be up specialed off-screen with ease.

Neutral Special: A bomb that she can detonate at will that sticks to enemies. She can stick an enemy and knock them off the stage, finishing them with the explosion.


Arya Stark

Role: Assassin

Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, is lethal, but a bit difficult to figure out. She moves fast and has a ton of range with her attacks, making her a menace to deal with. Her passive gives a bunch of different buffs, depending on the situation.

Passive: Passive Buffs. She deals extra damage when attacking from behind and gets a small buff after dodging an attack. When an enemy is KO’d, a small pie spawns, debuffing and slowing any enemy that goes over it. She gets enraged when her teammate is KO’d, giving her a small boost.

Side Special: Her side special throws a dagger, which she will dash to if you use the ability again.

Neutral Special: Face-Stealer, is a lunging stab that will steal someone’s face if they are in range. With the face, Arya can use the neutral special again to reveal the face, which will stun an enemy if they are within close range.



Role: Support

Velma is the best support character in MultiVersus. She has an incredible set of moves that allows her to deal damage, buff her teammates, and heal herself almost simultaneously. She can even call the police to KO an enemy with her passive.

Neutral Ability: Fires out supportive words, which seek her teammate. If it hits her teammate, they become targeted and the words will hasten them, heal Velma, and fire off an additional word bubble. If it hits an enemy, they become targeted and take damage from the attacks.

Passive: During the match Evidence will appear on the stage that she and her teammate can collect. If Velma collects enough Evidence without getting KO’d, she can call the police. The police car will target an enemy and if it catches them, it will disable their abilities and attempt to drive them off the ledge. Nobody likes a snitch, but this move can almost guarantee a KO, on top of an already impressive move set.

Neutral Special: Her neutral special works similarly to her neutral ability but is a beam that is fired from Velma and can be extended if she hits her teammate.



MultiVersus is currently in open beta and in its first month of launch has over 20 million players. The game is currently expanding its roster of chracters and is currently in Season 1 of play. It’s currently available for participating countries on the PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC – Steam, Epic.