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Genshin Impact – Elemental Combo Guide (Updated)

Genshin Impact‘s elemental attacks are one of the game’s most defining features. It’s great to pull off a combo, not only is it visually stunning but it’s crucial as you get further along in the game. This may be a little hard to understand at first going in, but that’s why we’re here to help! In this guide, we’re going to cover how elemental attacks work and list all the combos and how they work.

Note: This guide has been updated due to the introduction of the Dendro element in Genshin Impact v3.0.


The 7 Elements

In Genshin Impact each character can inflict a specific type of elemental damage, depending on their class. After an enemy has been hit with that elemental status you can then use another team member with a different element to combine the two elements for an even greater impact.

There are 7 types of elements in Genshin Impact with some relating as well to the environmental elements. To check a character’s assigned element just check on the icon above their head next to their names in the party select screen.

Anemo (Wind) – Jean, Kazuha, Sayu, Shikanoin Heizou, Venti, Sucrose, Xiao
Geo (Earth) – Albedo, Gorou, Itto, Zhongli, Noelle, Ningguang, Yun Jin
Pyro (Fire) – Amber, Diluc, Xiangling, Bennett, Klee, Hu Tao, Thoma, Murata, Xinyan, Yanfei, Yoimiya
Cryo (Ice) – Aloy, Diona, Eula, Ganyu, Kaeya, Chongyun, Qiqi, Rosaria, Shenhe
Electro (Lightning) – Lisa, Fischl, Razor, Beidou, Keqing, Kujou Sara, Kuki Shinobu, Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko
Hydro (Water)Ayato, Barbara, Childe, Mona, Xingqiu, Kokomi, Yelan
Dendro (Nature)Tighnari, Collei, Alhaitham, Nahida, Baizhu, Kusanali

Your team build should be based on the skills, elements and weapons that each character can bring to your party. For a guide to our Genshin Impact teams check it over here.


How Elements Work

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As you’d expect, elemental damage is more powerful than standard damage on certain enemies. Depending on the enemy and what element it’s weak to, you’ll want to prioritize certain elemental attacks over others. For example, you can use the Pyro elemental attack on enemies weak to fire, or the Hydro element on enemies weak to water.

Elemental attacks also have varying degrees of effectiveness based on the environment around enemies as well. 

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If your enemies are in the water, using Electro attacks will increase the effectiveness of the elemental attack, causing Electro damage over a period of time. The same can be said about combining Pyro with Dendro; if your enemies are around nature, dishing out Pyro attacks will cause burning over time. 


Elemental Reactions

Now, a lot of you had some questions about the best team combinations list in Genshin Impact. While your team should be built keeping the elemental reactions in mind you can also keep in mind these more powerful elemental combinations. To get these desired buffs, you must have characters with these elements in your party.

Having two of the same element type on a party will activate Elemental Resonance, giving your team a special buff. The buffs are as follows:

Enduring RockGeoImproves your party’s resistance to interruption and increases your attack damage by 15% when protected by a shield
Fervent FlamesPyroDecreases the impact Cryo has on your party by 40% and increases attack by 25%
Soothing WaterHydroDecreases the impact Pyro has on your party by 40% and increases healing by 30%
Impetuous WindsAnemoLowers your party’s stamina consumption by 15%, increases movement speed by 10%, and shortens Skill CD by 5%
High VoltageElectroDecreases the impact Hydro has on your party by 40% and Superconduct, Overloaded, and Electro-Charged have a 100% chance to generate an Electro Elemental Particle 
Shattering IceCryoDecreases the impact Electro has on your party by 40% and increases critical rate by 15% towards enemies impacted by Cryo
Sprawling GreeneryDendroElemental Mastery of party increased by 50.
After triggering Burning, Quicken, or Bloom reactions, all nearby party members gain 30 Elemental Mastery for 6s.
After triggering Aggravate, Spread, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon reactions, all nearby party members gain 20 Elemental Mastery for 6s.
Protective Canopy4 Unique ElementsIncreases all Elemental resistance by 15%

Mixed Elemental Reactions

ReactionElement 1Element 2Effect
BurningPyroDendroPyro damage over time
OverloadedPyroElectroAoE Pyro attack
MagmaPyroGeoFire shield that burns enemies
VaporizePyroHydroAdditional damage
MeltPyroCryoAdditional damage
SuperconductCryoElectroAoE Cryo attack
Lowers enemy physical resistance by 50%
ShatterCryoGeoIncrease CRIT chances
BlizzardCryoAnemoBypass enemy defences
FrozenCryoHyrdoFreezes enemy

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Electro-ChargedElectroHydroElectro damage over time
QuickenDendroElectroWhen Quickened, Electro attacks activate “Aggravate” and do more damage.
Further Dendro attacks to a Quickened enemy activate “Spread,” which increases Dendro damage to the enemy.
BloomDendroHydroBloom causes Dendro Cores to fall off the enemy and onto the floor.
When Dendro Cores are hit with Pyro, this causes “Burgeon,” which does AoE Dendro damage.
When Dendro Cores are hit with Electro, the cores become homing “Sprawling Shots.”
Cores left on the ground will explode and do AoE Dendro damage.
MudGeoHydroSlows enemy movement and atk speed
Creates traps that cause damage
CrystalizeGeoCryo / Electro / Hydro / PyroGrants a crystal shield
DustAnemoGeoKnocks enemies back
SwirlCryo / Electro / Hydro / PyroAnemoAdditional elemental damage and some AoE

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