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Dinkum – Complete Animal Hunting Guide

Dinkum is a wonderful life sim set in the Australian outback. And if you know anything about Australia you’ll know that a lot of the animals can kill you. You’ll need to be able to defend yourself and stay alive out there. In our Dinkum Hunting Guide, we’ll go over the game’s wildlife and how to deal with everything you’ll encounter. Additionally Meat is a great source of health, energy, and Dinks in the game, making Hunting one of the most rewarding tasks.

Disclaimer: Dinkum is still in Early Access and as such this information is subject to change. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates.


Weapon Crafting

The best thing to bring out into the Australian Outback is a weapon of some kind. To start you’ll need to purchase Hunting License Level 1, which costs 250 Permit Points. Note that unlike tools such as axes and pickaxes, there are no purchasable weapons. So you’ll need to license to begin.

The Hunting License Level 1 will include the crafting recipe for the:

Basic Hammer – 1 Gum Wood Plank, 3 Tin Bars
Basic Spear – 1 Gum Wood Plank, 1 Tin Bar
Wooden Bat – 1 Gum Wood Plank, 2 Spinafex Resin

Each level of the Hunting License will unlock more weapons to craft. The Hunting License Level 2 is available at Hunting Level 10 for 1000 Permit Points. Killing monsters and taking their drops will increase your Hunting Level, which determines the Hunting Licenses you have access to.

Hunting License Level 2 will include the crafting recipes for:

Copper Hammer – 1 Gum Wood Plank, 3 Copper Bars
Copper Spear – 1 Palm Wood Plank, 2 Copper Bars
Croc Teeth Bat – 1 Copper Bar, 2 Spinafex Resin, 2 Crocodile Teeth, 2 Hard Wood Planks

The Hunting License Level 3 requires Hunting Level 20 and 3000 Permit Points

Iron Hammer – 2 Hard Wood Planks, 3 Iron Bars
Iron Spear – 1 Palm Wood Plank, 2 Iron Bars
Flaming Bat – 1 Iron Bar, 2 Spinafex Resin, 2 Flame Sacs (taken from Bush Devils), 2 Hard Wood Planks


All The Animals In Dinkum


Location: Mines

Bats fly around the player on sight, biting when close. They die in one hit to any weapon (or tool) and drop no items.

Bush Devil

Location: Desert

Bush Devils are much larger than Diggo, and can be found sleeping most of the time, but getting close will wake them. They can bite when close, or spit fireballs at a distance — being hit will light you on fire for a while, which can be stopped early by jumping in water.


Location: Bodies of water (not beach or sea)

Crocos attack on sight, biting towards players in a straight line. Crocodile hunting is a good way to make money early on because three cooked croc meat sell for 5250.


Location: All biomes

Diggos come in a number of color variants. They won’t attack you on sight, but will go after other passive animals. When attacked, they have a basic bite attack that can be easily sidestepped.

Glowing Croco

Location: Mines

A variant of Croco that can only be found in the mines. Acts like the regular Croco, with an additional poison cloud attack. The poison lingers for a while, causing damage over time when a player or animal comes into contact with it.


Jackaroo are a hybrid of kangaroo and deer, with all variants running away when approached. The horned variant will occasionally kick if attacked, but this has a long windup animation.


Location: Sea

Jellyfish will slowly swim towards players and poison when close. Since they’re so slow, you can just swim away without much issue.


Kidna will not attack on sight, but will fight back against both players and aggressive animals. Their main form of attack is curling into a ball, then rolling quickly at their opponent.


Passive animal that slowly runs away from players. Very slow, making it easy to chase and attack.


Location: Beaches, Sea

Sharks can potentially spawn in most bodies of water, but are generally found at beaches and in the sea. They bite when close, and can eat fish (even if you’re in the middle of reeling one in).

Wary Mu

An aggressive version of Mu with darker feathers that attacks on sight. Can kick players, or charge after a long windup animation.


Alpha Animals

Alpha animals are buffed variants of normal animals found throughout the world of Dinkum. These animals have extra health, extra damage, and a new set of abilities. To get your hands at hunting these animals, you first need to set up a Bulletin Board.

Upon accepting this request, you will get a new red marker on your map notifying the last known location for the animal. Head over to the location, and you’ll find the Alpha hanging around the area. These locations are usually far away, and it’d be much easier if you have Tele Towers unlocked. Getting anywhere near the Alpha will aggro it towards you/

If you’re planning to fight an Alpha, you will need a good weapon and some excellent food. You can only eat three food items at a time, so you need something that provides a lot of health and energy. We recommend Croco Meat. As for the weapon, an Iron Spear is the ideal choice, unless you have access to better weapons.

The Alpha variants have around three times more health than a normal one.

Alpha Bush Devil

Alpha Bush Devils have both moves of the regular variant, though the fireball attack now includes multiple projectiles. Instead of throwing one fireball towards the character, it throws three in a triangular shape.

The Alpha Bush Devil also has a new attack where he throws a bunch of fireballs in the air that land at random locations.

Finally, it has a high chance of biting twice while performing the normal attack.

Alpha Croco

In addition to the biting attack of regular Crocos, Alpha Crocos will also slam into the ground causing multiple pillars of earth to shoot up. It’s harder to dodge this one but its possible to stand between these pillars and attack it with spears.

Alpha Jackaroo

The Alpha Jackaroo retains the kick attack of standard Jackaroos, along with an additional shockwave attack that can be jumped over.

If you’re far away from the Alpha, it will stomp the ground, unleashing a shockwave that will damage anyone it hits.

When you’re closer, it does a similar attack as the normal variant, except it has a chance to perform the attack twice consecutively.


Rewards For Defeating An Alpha

Once an Alpha has been killed, it will drop three sticks of Raw Prime Meat. This can be cooked and eaten for a great amount of health and energy, or sold to John for quite a handsome amount of Dinks.

After defeating the Alpha, you can look at your map and the marker’s eyes will be crossed out, signifying your victory, but the job isn’t done yet. Upon accepting the request initially, it gave you two tasks, and only one of them was to defeat the enemy.

To finish the request, you need to find the person who posted it and tell them that you’ve finished their task. After this dialogue, you will get the reward that was promised on the Bulletin Board. It is important to talk to the person before the deadline expires.

You can get Dinks ranging from 18,000 to 33,000 depending on the Alpha you get. Jackaroo gives the least amount since it’s the easiest to kill, and the Bush Devil gives the highest being the most difficult.



Dinkum is out now early access for PC on Steam. It will be coming to other platforms later but that has yet to be announced. For all our Dinkum guides be sure to check it out here!