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Cult Of The Lamb – Farming Guide

Building a cult is not all follower-sacrificing and chanting. It takes work to build a successful cult in the woodlands, to make sure everyone is happy and of course well fed. In Cult of the Lamb, you play as the leader of a group of like-minded individuals aka a cult. You’re tasked with building your following and sharing your message far and wide. While half of that involves crusading around the world. The other half is very much involved in cultish management.

One of the main aspects of the game is handling the happiness of your followers. In this guide, we’ll focus on one thing – taking care of their hunger. Building a farm is one way to ensure that you have a steady supply of food on hand to cook with.


How To Start A Farm

To begin farming in Cult of the Lamb, you must first unlock the Farm Plot from within the Shrine. The Farm Plot becomes available after unlocking the Temple and costs one Divine Inspiration. Your first two Devotion upgrades for your cult should be the Farm Plot and the Farming Bundle. The first will allow you to grow food for your followers, and the second will allow your followers to help you.

After unlocking the Farm Plot, go over to your workbench and select the Farm Plot from the Food section within the Build menu. At this point, you can choose where to place each Farm Plot and how many you want to build, provided you have the resources.

Farm Plot Cost: 2x Coins, 5x Grass

After setting up a Farm Plot you’ll need to plant a seed in it, water it and wait. After a few days, the plant will mature and you’ll be able to pick it.


Getting Seeds

Apart from berries, you’ll also want to grab Camellia Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Beetroot Seeds, Cauliflower Seeds, Menticide Mushroom, and others. Here’s how to get seeds in Cult of Lamb:

Regular dungeon exploration – Camellia and Menticide Mushroom can be found in Darkwood and Anura respectively. They look fairly distinct from regular objects in those zones.

Specific dungeon rooms – If you see vegetable icons in dungeon rooms, those tend to have ingredients that can be harvested.

Miniboss drops – After defeating a boss, some items will pop up. You can then choose particular seeds as a reward.

Rakshasa NPC – An NPC named Rakshasa will set up shop to the right of the dungeon entrance area in your hub. You can then purchase seeds using gold.


Unlock the Farming Bundle

As mentioned earlier the Farming Bundle will greatly increase your ability to consistently grow crops. The Farmer Station allows followers to water nearby crops, while the Seed Silo allows you to store seeds for your followers to sow.

Farmer Station Cost – 20x Coins, 20x Lumber
Seed Silo Cost – 20x Coins, 10x Lumber, 10x Stone

Note: Make sure that you talk to your followers and choose the “Work” command. As long as they’re assigned to harvesting/farming duties, they’ll do these tasks.

Farmer Station

The Farmer Station features a designated space where you can place individual Farm Plots indicated by a blue diamond around the building. This is the effective range of the station, and it tells you where you should and shouldn’t put Farm Plots. Place your Farmer Station somewhere where you’ve got plenty of room, and build as many Farm Plots as you’d like inside the blue diamond. If you don’t have the resources or need to fill the entire thing, you can come back and finish it later.

Farm Plots within the range of the Farmer Station can be tended to by your followers. Once you’ve planted seeds in the Farm Plots of your Farmer Station, followers will come over to water the plots as needed.

Fertilizer can also be added to each plot, provided you have some leftover excrement handy. After a few days, your crops will be ready to harvest. You will need to manually harvest your crops when the time comes.

Seed Silo

The Seed Silo acts as a storage box for seeds that you want your followers to plant. Be sure to build the Seed Silo nearby the Farmer Station to give your followers easy access to the seeds. You can place any seeds you collect on each run into the Seed Silo, so make sure to keep it stocked. New types of seeds can be purchased from the merchant Rakshasa, who is found outside the entrance to Anchordeep.

With this basic setup, your followers will automate part of your farm for you. All you need to do is refill the Seed Silo and harvest the plants once they’re ready.


Improving Your Farm

There are several other upgrades available at the Shrine that you should prioritize once you have established your farm.

Cult Lvl 2 – The Scarecrow: This will keep birds off of your Farm Plots.

Cult Lvl 3
Fertilizer Silo: This allows you to store fertilizer and will let your followers auto-fertilize your crops for you.
Harvest Totem: This will help speed up the growth of your crops so you can harvest sooner.
– Farmer Station 2: Allows your followers to harvest crops for you.
Trap Scarecrow: The Trap upgrade adds a bear trap to the Scarecrow, which will occasionally catch birds and turn them into meat.

Cult Lvl 4 – Devotion Harvest Totem: Upgraded Harvest Totems that will slowly generate Devotion as well.


Farming Conclusion

Manage your farmland by using roughly 80% of your farming plots for food. Plant top-tier seeds like Cauliflower or Beetroot whenever possible, and then plant Pumpkin or Berry seeds if you run out.

The remaining 20% of your plots can be used for cultivating non-edible crops like Mushrooms and Flowers. By doing this, you’ll never run out of food and can still maintain a steady stream of materials for trading.

Cult of the Lamb is out now for the PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC – Steam. For more game guides be sure to check out more here.