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Bear And Breakfast – All Decoration Items

Time for another guide because let’s face it Hank in Bear and Breakfast is clueless. Pretty early on in this cosy sim management game, you’ll be introduced to Took’s Garbage store. Here for the low low cost of trash, I mean valuables you’ll be able to buy yourself some nifty decorations to spruce up your R&R establishments. Decoration scores are pretty important in getting that 5 leaf rating and there’s a finite amount of resource, not to mention floor and wall space to consider.

In this guide, we’ll go through all the decorations that you can get at Took’s Garbage.


Decoration Items

Arranged by Decoration Score rank.

Lvl 1

ItemResource CostDecoration Score
Reclaimed Bathroom Cabinet304
Old Drawers53
Janky Floor Mirror52
Small Nightstand52
Scuffed Cupboard Cabinet52
Cardbox Box51
Small Oil Light51
Small Bear Painting51
Small Geometric Rug51
Oil Wall Lamp51
Flower Vase51
Small Potted Prayer Plant51
Welcome Mat51
Scented Sticks101
Rounded Landscape Painting101
Small Blue Rug101

Lvl 2

ItemResource CostDecoration Score
Bear Shelf1505
Retro Juke Box1505
Possum Clock1004
Hand Painted Drawers103
Sensible Floor Lamp103
Very Rustic Coffee Table123
Simple Floor Mirror102
Oak Wood Nightstand102
Medium Knitted Rug102
Round Rustic Coffee Table102
Decorative Barrel102
Book Cabinet102
Large Snake Plant102
Medium Red Rug142
Small Aloe Plant302
Intricate Medium Rug402
Janky Bathroom Mirror101
Modest Towel Rack101
Small Abstract Painting101
Sturdy Wood Shelf101
Small Potted Pie Plant101
Small Snake Plant101
Small Table Light101

Lvl 3

ItemResource CostDecoration Score
Orderly Wood Pile204
Adirondack End Shelves204
Sculpted Nightstand304
Cuckoo Clock1504
Critter Totem2304
Medium Geometric Rug3504
Narrow Kitchen Shelves203
Ornate Cabinet203
Sensible Coffee Table203
Large Forest Painting203
Leafy Contrast Plant203
Rocking Sheep203
Round End Table203
Rustic End Table203
Chunky Rustic Lamp203
Autumnal Medium Rug803
Clean Bathroom Mirror202
Double Rustic Shelves202
Sensible Towel Rack202
Small Cloudy Painting202
Happy Fish Plaque202
Painted Decorative Pot202
Smol Bear Carving202
Tool Box202
Wall Tapestry202
Art Deco Tiny Lamp202
Medium Stitched Rug402
Country Wood Shelf201
Small Succulent Plant201

Lvl 4

ItemResource CostDecoration Score
Elegant Nightstand304
Kitchen Spice Rack304
Cherry Blossom304
Large Bonsai Plant304
Charming Cupboard1004
Stone Fireplace1504
Guitar Stand3004
Large Well-Lit Mirror3004
Beech Wood Towel Rack3004
Popcorn Machine5004
Brass Framed Mirror303
Minimalist Towel Rack303
Dependable Cabinet303
Elegant Floor Mirror303
Dark Wood Shelves303
No Fuss Cooker Hood303
Egg Carton Padding303
Blue Decorative Pot303
Brass Table Light303
Cheap Anti-Noise Padding503
Large Colorful Rug503
Very Large Starry Rug503
Moose Carving Plaque2503
Stack of Books302

Lvl 5

ItemResource CostDecoration Score
Vintage Gramophone15008
Brushed Gold Cupboard3006
Flower Cart3506
Large Cozy Fireplace4006
Snax Vending Machine12006
Cute Plushie Stand15006
Large Leafy Plant755
Pinecone Low Table1005
Wine Bottle Rack1505
Large Geometric Rug3505
Large Cooker Hood8005
Crooked Claw Machine9505
Walnut Cupboard204
Rococo Lamp304
Acoustic Foam Panel804
Figurine Shelf1504
Luxurious Floor Mirror1504
Large Wine Barrel1504
Sharp Glassy Cabinet2004
Pretty Postcard Display5004
Large Postcard Display5004
T-Shirt Stand5004
Museum Gift Shop6504
Gaudy Gachapon7004
Nacho Cheese Lamp7004
Nacho Machine8504
Narrow Kitchen Shelves203
Ornate Cabinet203
Wooden Beer Barrel753
“Hungry Hungry Bear” Poster753
“Everyone Loves Hank” Poster753
Mahogany Side Table1003
YaY Arcade Neon Sign1153
Back to the Arcade Neon Sign1153
Elegant Baroque Shelves1253
Trendy Kitchen Shelves1253
Clean Bathroom Mirror202
Double Rustic Shelves202
Sensible Towel Rack202
Country Wood Shelf201

Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast is available now on PC – Steam and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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