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Apex Legends – The Best Legends To Play (Season 13)

Apex Legends is up to Season 13 and has a host of 21 Legends to choose from. Of course, all of us have our favourite, hello Octane. But if you’re looking for other characters to train or want to try someone new then here’s our tiered list of Legends. With every update, Respawn Entertainment changes the meta a little and each new Legend changes the game. So be sure to keep up to date on all the latest Legends!

Remember that any Legend can be powerful when practised a lot, and even ‘lower-tier’ characters can be great when in the right hands. But this is an overall list for you anyway for you to check out.



Legend Type: Recon

Bloodhound is one of the best Legends to have on your team despite not being a high-damage hero. But as his name suggests you’ll need him for tracking and pushing. They have powerful utility and an easy-to-use kit, perfect for newbies and veterans alike.

Bloodhound is a fast-paced Legend to play with an extremely useful passive ability. The Tracker ability leaves behind clues to see where an enemy has gone. And Eye of the Allfather will reveal hidden enemies and traps.

Lastly, Beast of the Hunt, their Ultimate causes Bloodhound to gain speed and highlight their enemies. It will turn Bloodhound into a killing machine for a time, highlighting enemies in red, and seeing enemy movements on the ground.

If you don’t have a Bloodhound on your squad and the other team does you are at a disadvantage.

Bloodhound hasn’t received any major changes for a few seasons, but they remain well balanced, despite being top of the pile. They are still as strong as ever when it comes to team composition and scouting out enemies.



Legend Type: Defensive

Support characters are the backbone of your team, and Gibraltar has encompassed a new role within teams thanks to the ample amount of buffs the developers have laid upon him. Even if not used in lower-level games as much, Gibby has become a must-have in high-level ranked.

His tactical ability Dome of Protection creates a temporary half-dome shield that can be walked through, but not fired through. His passive ability Gun Shield causes a shield to form around the upper half of his body whenever he aims down sights; this shield takes some damage before breaking.

His ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment causes a damaging and stunning cluster strike to land on a targeted location. It has enough potential damage to zone the enemy away.

Overall, Gibraltar is one of the best characters, but he’s still a big, tanky character who is hard to miss. Some players will definitely find a more nimble character beneficial. With that said, he’s a powerful asset on any team.



Legend Type: Recon

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Valkyrie is a Recon Legend who specializes in flight. She was released in Season 9 and has some similarities to Pharah from Overwatch (for those that play). Her passive VTOL Jets allow her to fly for a few seconds, and she automatically marks enemies while skydiving. Her tactical, Missile Swarm, launches a group of missiles that damage and stun enemies.

Skyward Dive, her Ultimate ability launches Valkyrie and her teammates into the sky to skydive towards the ground. You will also see teammates in your line of sight highlighted as you are in the air and will allow you to redeploy.

Her main passive, the jetpacks, allow Valkyrie to reach almost any spot on the map, and instantly get the high ground, but, they are very loud, which is one of the big drawbacks. You also can’t fire weapons while using the jetpack, making you a sitting duck. The tactical fires a swarm of mini rockets, which don’t deal much damage, but will stun enemies, making them an easy clean-up kill.



Legend Type: Defensive

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Caustic is a deadly Legend with poisonous gas-based abilities. His tactical ability Nox Gas Trap places canisters that fire out toxic gas when damaged or when an enemy comes near them. His passive ability Nox Vision highlights enemies that are in the gas. And his ultimate ability Nox Gas Grenade throws a grenade that fires toxic gas in a large area around it.

In an organized team composition, Caustic is very powerful in the right hands, and with his Gas now much more dangerous, an experienced Caustic player on your team can be the difference between winning and losing.



Legend Type: Offensive

Ash is a bit more of a high-skilled Legend to use. Perhaps Ash’s strongest asset though is her passive. Identifying death boxes and then being able to use her data knife to get instant locations on the enemy squad is more recon information than most recon legends get (looking at you, Crypto).

Her tactical ability,  Arc Snare, throws a device that deals damage and temporarily snares enemies. Her passive ability,  Marked for Death, allows her to locate the squad that killed a player by interacting with their Death Box.

Ultimate ability Phase Breach opens a linear one-way portal between two locations. Her Ultimate is similar to Wraith’s, except it’s only one way, and has a shorter maximum range. But, it’s much faster to use, and the cooldown is much shorter too.



Legend Type: Offensive

A versatile Legend, Wraith is one of the most popular picks since the launch of Apex Legends. This is in large part due to her ability to create chaos on the battlefield with her abilities. And she is consistently still one of the most picked Legends at all skill levels.

Wraith’s tactical ability  Into the Void allows her to reposition or take cover while being invincible for 4 seconds. Wraith’s ultimate ability Dimensional Rift places an entrance and exit portal that allows her squad to be safely transported over long distances. Her passive ability Voices from the Void gives her and her teammate audible warnings about enemies aiming at them.

Whenever you and your squad are engaging in team battles, you will often find Wraith sneaking into the backlines or trying to flank her opponents with Into the Void.



Legend Type: Support

Just as her name suggests Lifeline can literally keep your team alive in a firefight. She can revive two players at once while still fighting. While having her health drone healing up the rest of the squad.

Her tactical ability  D.O.C. Heal Drone places an immobile drone that heals all players nearby over time. Her passive ability Combat Revive causes her reviving of teammates to be automated by her drone and allows her to open a second compartment with extra supplies on any blue loot container. Her ultimate ability Care Package calls down a care package containing useful support gear such as shields or attachments.

Lifeline’s Ultimate was massively improved in Season 9, as it now guarantees to drop an upgrade to your gear. Having the chance to capture a Legendary or Epic piece of equipment can be the deciding factor in a lot of Apex matches. She’s one of the best characters to have on your team.



Legend Type: Offensive

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Octane is currently one of the most popular Apex Legends picks this season. He’s a speedy trickster that’s tons of fun. Running super fast with his stim, soaring over enemies with the jump pad, and healing on the move makes him a joy to play.

His tactical ability Stim causes him to run much faster for a short period of time, at the cost of health. His passive ability Swift Mend regenerates health over time after a short delay. His ultimate ability is Launch Pad places a pad on the ground that launches any player that steps on it into the air and also allows them to double jump. The jump pad is one of the best movement abilities in Apex, and the whole team can use it – but so can enemies.



Legend Type: Support

Introduced in Season 5, Loba was once a low pick, fixes to her tactical have allowed her to thrive once more. She specialises in getting high-quality loot.

Her tactical ability Burglar’s Best Friend allows her to throw a bracelet that teleports her to wherever it lands. Her passive Eye for Quality causes her to see and ping Purple and Gold-tier loot through walls. The ultimate ability Black Market Boutique places a pillar that allows any player that interacts with it to teleport ammunition and up to two items from the surrounding area directly into their inventory.

Respawn has adjusted her Burglar’s Best Friend ability, allowing players to slide/move and shoot at full speed when the bracelet is equipped. A significant change that should see fans flock to her, as well as it being much less buggy.

Here’s our how-to-play Loba guide.



Legend Type: Offensive

Horizon has been one of the most prominent Legends since she was introduced in Season 7. But, by the time Season 9 came around, her dominance in the meta was getting too much, and nerfs were needed.

Her tactical ability Gravity Lift, when deployed on the ground, lifts any player that steps into it into the air. Her passive ability Spacewalk increases her in-air movement speed and decreases her movement delay after falling from a height. Her ultimate ability Black Hole throws a device that causes nearby enemies and grenades to be pulled toward its center.