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The Best Fallout 4 Mod Mashups

Fallout 4 came out 7 years ago but the mods for the game keep coming. Some of them are hilarious and just for fun but some of them are so high quality I feel that Bethesda needs to consider them for a place on their dev team. Mods are great they breathe new life into a world that we already love. Be it simple new weapon skins and outfits. But some take the extra mile with entirely new genre mashups, gameplay styles and more.

Here are some of the best Fallout 4 mods out there so far.


Age Of Steel – Cybermen In the Commonwealth

The Who-verse enters Fallout and there’s no better fit than the introduction of the Cybermen. Cybermen are one of the main antagonist races of Doctor Who and come from augmenting humans and humanoid species.

There are three variants in total—Cybermen, Heavy Cybermen, and Reject Cybermen. Heavy variants are essentially Fallout‘s power armour, which you can obtain for yourself. Unfortunately, getting the power armour isn’t so easy. To take their armour you’ll need to “clean the brain-gunk out of the helmet” at a Chem station. Then to repair the suit, you’ll need to salvage Cyberium-steel from slain Cybermen. It’s a little bit of work but you’ll be rewarded with a power armour that has a jetpack and Gatling lasers.

Modder RascalArt states “These Cybermen are the work of the secretive Institute, and will mostly be found alongside their synths in the field. For those wanting more backstory, there are a number of holotapes detailing one scientist’s dreams and ultimate fate which can be found (at random) on the bodies of slain Cybermen (or collected together in one location if you can’t wait).”

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20 Leagues Under The Sea – Vault 120

Vault 120 is an underwater vault inspired by Bioshock, created by modder MintelRouge. “The idea was to bring to Fallout 4 an equivalent to the city of rapture from the Bioshock universe”.

“Deep under the Atlantic Ocean lays Vault 120. A sprawling complex built centuries ago to avoid the madness of men up on the surface,” reads the mod description. “There, apart from some irradiated inhabitants and creatures you’ll find space to create a community protected from the dangers of the world.

While BioShock played a huge influence in Vault 120, it’s still definitely the world of Fallout. There are rad ghouls stumbling around, Nuka Cola signs everywhere, and of course power armour racks.

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Children of Ug-Qualtoth

Children of Ug-Qualtoth adds in some scary Lovecraftian lore. With a host of new content, complete with a suspenseful questline. Sprawling dungeons, unique enemies, custom-composed music and brand-new weapons. Follow the trail of the Dunwich company and discover a disturbing past long forgotten.

This mod is close to a DLC in its content offerings with brand new enemies, story and weapons. A new ghoul, reminiscent of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who has been added. For those of you unfamiliar, they basically only move when you don’t look at them. Horrifying.

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The Machine And Her

The Machine and Her is a different take on gameplay in the Fallout universe. Instead, it plays more like a narrative story with consequence-based dialogue choices.

When you first meet Kit in Symphony Station, she’s feeling uncertain of her place and purpose in the world. This DLC-sized mod with about 5 hours of gameplay will have you decide her fate. There will be no on-screen popups to indicate how she feels about something you’ve done or said. Her feelings towards a particular topic or decision will be reflected in her dialogue and demeanour.

Do this by gaining her trust by adventuring together with her in the Commonwealth as your companion. Talk to her, ask her more about herself, to help out etc. If you don’t earn her trust she will instead be more cynical towards you. Darker and angrier as you demand payment for help or make selfish decisions.

This mod has over 6,000 lines of dialogue, including companion lines and story content from a variety of new characters. As well as a brand new radio station featuring over 50 lore-appropriate tracks, and a fully voiced DJ. With all this content you might expect modder NikaNine to be offered a job by Bethesda. And you’d be correct! As of July 2021, she now works at Bethesda as a Quest Designer.

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Zombie Walkers

It’s just a step to the left to have The Walking Dead in the Fallout world. This mod overhauls Feral Ghouls and turns them into slower Romero-style zombies. Includes additional features like player infection, extra zombie spawns, and the ability to replace various creatures with zombies.

The Ghouls can’t sprint or dodge, and their walking speed is drastically reduced. To make up for that, they deal double damage and stagger you.

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Project Lunar

Fallout 4 but on the Moon! After a long time working with the Institute, a scientist abandons her boss to find out more about project LUNAR. Just as she uncovers a teleporter to the moon she was killed. If you find the teleporter, maybe YOU could finish her work!

Not only does this Mod come with a brand new Lunar environment but there’s added storytelling, quests new characters to meet and of course low gravity combat! There’s so much potential for this Mod and one that feels so organic to the Fallout franchise.

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Whispering Hills – A Silent Hill Horror Overhaul For Fallout 4

Is there any universe that Silent Hill doesn’t fit into? Well, we haven’t found that game yet and in Whispering Hills, you’re going to see another great adaptation. Surrounded by the iconic thick fog of Silent Hill, the custom sounds and otherworldly monsters transport you to an almost different game. There are Pyramidheads, Sirenheads, Mumblers, Nurses and more.

There are 2.5 episodes for you to experience your Silent Hill / Fallout fantasies. The Whispering Hills quest has you rebuilding the City of Centralia, PA – that very city that inspired the Silent Hill Movie. Episode by episode, the modders Mangaclub have added an Elementary School, a Hospital and more.

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Unique NPCs – Creatures and Monsters of the Commonwealth

When you’ve been playing Fallout 4 for years, you might just want a visual change to make it feel fresh. Call this a Stranger Things mashup or simply more radioactive evolution. This mod adds a ton of variation to the various creatures found throughout the wasteland. New species and sub-species of the beasts you love and hate – from Deathclaws to the cute old Brahmin – will all be on display.

There are even mods for Dogmeat, regular cats and dogs as well as additional creature varieties for the Far Harbor and Nuka Cola DLC expansions. Bonus content includes new creatures such as the Bleaters, Deathwings, Squirrels, SeaClaws and more.

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