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Stray – Where All The Music Sheets Are

Stray the long-awaited cyberpunk cat adventure game is out now. Amongst the neon-lit alleys of a decaying cybercity and the murky environments of its seedy underbelly. Roam as a cat, exploring the highs and lows. Defend against unforeseen threats and solve the mysteries of this unwelcoming place inhabited by curious droids and dangerous creatures.

After you reach the Slums in Stray, you’ll meet a friendly musician named Morusque. He’s a musician but he’s never actually played a song on his guitar before, so it’s up to you and B-12 to help him out. Scattered around the Slums are eight sheets of music that Moruqsue can learn in an instant. You can give them to him at any point and he’ll serenade you with a little tune which you can meow along to if you wish.

We’re going to tell you where to find all the Music Sheets. They’re located around the Slums. So let’s get into the guide and earn you that Meowlody Trophy


Music Sheet #1: Petite Valse

Location: Momo’s apartment

From Guardian, head up to the rooftops and find the two robots throwing paint cans at each other. From here, you can climb up to a balcony and jump through the small window into Momo’s apartment.

Once you gain entry, at the top of the tower with the orange sign, turn left and squeeze through the gap in the bars, leading into the kitchen. Next, head over to the left and find a metal door to the bathroom. You can pass through the bars at the bottom into the next room.

Climb up the boxes in the right corner of the room to find the Music Sheet.


Music Sheet #2: Ballad of the Lonely Robot

Location: Outside Clementine’s apartment

To the left of Clementine’s apartment, that’s the one with the blue wall. As you exit through the window you’ll see a table with sheet music on the table. Jump onto the pipe and keep to the left before jumping up and through the rails above. To reach the sheet music.

If you don’t know how to get to Clementine’s apartment you can access it by getting on the roof of Duffer’s Bar. Head down the steps towards the red neon sign. Cross the sign to reach the balcony by heading up the pipe next to the building on the right.


Music Sheet #3: Untitled

Location: Nestor and Elliot’s apartment

Sheet Music 3 can be found in Elliot Programming. You can find the place on the street with the granny who makes you a poncho. This is an essential location over the course of the storyline, so you’re unlikely to miss it.

Read the note on the door to unlock the ability to knock on the door. Scratch at it and Nestor will open it for you. Head inside, and straight ahead is the Music Sheet on a big framed picture.

If you face the front door and spin around, you’ll see it pinned to the painting on the wall.  


Music Sheet #4: The Way You Compute Tonight

Location: Azooz Shop

This Music Sheet can be found right after meeting Guardian. From Guardian, head right and you’ll find a robot merchant named Azooz with a few things to trade. One of the items is a Music Sheet. He will trade it to you for 1 Energy Drink Can.

To find an Energy Drink Can, you first need to find a vending machine containing them. The closest is the other side of the elevator. Go back to Guardian and head left down the steps. On the right-hand wall is a vending machine that will dispense an Energy Drink Can.

Return to Azooz and exchange the Energy Drink Can for the Music Sheet.


Music Sheet #5: Tomorrows

Location: Dufer Bar

In the Dufer Bar where Momo asks you to meet after finding the Outsiders notebooks. The sheet music is on a booth table next to the pool table.


Music Sheet #6: Cool Down

Location: Clementine’s apartment

Located close to Music Sheet #2 in Clementine’s apartment. You can find the place opposite Mom’s apartment, the one with the blue wall. This time you’ll be going in through the window with the glowing orange lantern.

Duck through the wooden doors in the back with the broken glass. Turn right to find it sitting on the small bookshelf alongside her notebook. Next to her bed.


Music Sheet #7: Mildly Important Information

Location: Apartment filled with books

The Music Sheet can be found in a book-filled apartment above The Slums. Near where you find the safe that holds Doc’s notebook. Climb up above the alley where robots are throwing paint cans, then continue towards the back, beyond the couch with the TV.

From there, jump across the gap to reach a small balcony with a glowing Outsider sign, then squeeze through the boarded-up doorway. Inside, you’ll find tons of books and an inactive robot holding a book about becoming more human.

Across from him is a piano, jump on it to retrieve the music. 


Music Sheet #8: Unreadable Sheet Music

From Morusque the musician, look around the far corner to find the safe in the trash.

Approach and inspect the safe to obtain a note. Show it to B-12, who will translate it to “follows the numbers.” Head to Elliot Programming, on the main street in the slums, then read the note on the door to unlock the ability to knock on the door.

Scratch at it and Nestor will open the door. Head through it while it’s open and go up the stairs across the room to find an upper area, where you can meet Elliot. Elliot can translate the note, pointing towards the Dufer Bar.

Head inside and climb up on the bar, then turn left. Swipe at the picture of the beach to knock it off the wall, revealing a code. 1-2-83.

Open the safe to earn the final music sheet. Hand them all over to Morusque in order to get the Meowlody trophy!


Stray is available now on the PlayStation 4|5 and on PC – Steam. For more of our game guides head over here. And for more games that feature our favourite felines then head over here!