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Stray – Achievement And Trophy Guide

Stray is a short but highly detailed game where you play as a cat in a cyber city. It’s a short but wonderful game, but even within the 2-hour runtime, there are 25 trophies to collect, earning you that coveted platinum trophy. You’ll get some of the trophies during your normal run but there are a few hidden ones you’ll likely need to go back for. In this guide, we’ll help you get 100% achievements.


All Done (Platinum)

Unlock all trophies.

I Am Speed (Gold)

Complete the game in less than 2 hours.
How to unlock: It’s best to leave this achievement for the second playthrough, so that you’re already familiar with the stages. Know the correct sequence of actions and can avoid roaming around larger locations, such as the slums or the city. You can also use our walkthrough to remind yourself of the required steps and pause the game to stop the timer.

Can’t Cat-ch Me (Gold)

Complete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught.
How to unlock: This is one of the most challenging trophies, and it’s tied to the Dead City chase from Chapter 2. You need to avoid the zurks without making a single mistake – run in a zigzag pattern to dodge the jumping monsters and remember exactly where the zurks will appear next to avoid running into them. In case you fail (i.e. a zurk grabs you), pause the game and load the previous checkpoint.

Pacifist (Gold)

Complete the Sewers without killing any Zurks.
How to unlock: Chapter 8 – The Sewers. To earn this trophy, you can’t use the Defluxor, i.e. the UV lamp that allows you to kill zurks. Instead, you need to: opt to run as much as possible, avoid approaching eggs to prevent monsters from hatching from them. You will receive this achievement at the end of the final sewer escape scene.

I Remember! (Gold)

Gather all B-12 memories.
How to unlock:

Badges (Gold)

Collect all badges.
How to unlock:

Catwalk (Gold)

Reach Midtown. Unmissable.

Eye Opener (Gold)

Complete the game and open the city. Unmissable.

A Little Chatty (Silver)

Meow 100 times.
How to unlock: Meow by pressing circle.

Cat-a-Pult (Silver)

Jump up 500 times.

Productive Day (Silver)

Sleep for more than an hour.
How to unlock: There are several places to sleep around Stray. It’s best to leave the game for an hour (without closing it) to get this achievement.

Sneakitty (Silver)

Go through Midtown without being detected by the Sentinels.
How to unlock: You need to pay attention to the cones indicating the field of view of the enemy drones and sneak past them once they turn around or fly in the opposite direction. Use cover to make this easier.

To get this achievement, you have to avoid the Sentinels a total of 3 times:

While traversing the factory on the way to the location containing batteries.
On the way to Clementine’s apartment after visiting the factory.
During the escape from Clementine’s apartment – the achievement should unlock after you move away from the apartment block (pictured above).

If you are spotted, quickly pause the game and load the last checkpoint to try again.

Cat’s Best Friend (Silver)

Nuzzle up against 5 robots.
How to unlock: Press Triangle next to the lower limbs of certain machines to nuzzle.

Territory (Silver)

Scratch something in every chapter.
How to unlock: Scratch various objects, e.g. carpets or wallpaper by pressing Triangle. Then press the buttons to move your front paws (L2 and R2). You only need to do this for a short moment. Make sure to investigate the smaller stages in greater detail, since you’ll have fewer opportunities to scratch environmental objects.

Meowlody (Silver)

Bring all the music sheets to Morusque.
How to unlock: Follow our Stray music sheet guide here.

Not Alone (Silver)

Meet B-12. Unmissable

Al-Cat-Raz (Silver)

Go to jail. Unmissable.

Boom Chat Kalaka (Bronze)

Dunk the basketball.
How to unlock: You can find the basketball in the slums (stages 4 and 6) near the location of the Guardian. Push the ball into the bottom hole, but make sure to push it at the right angle. It’s easy to make a mistake here. You can’t push the ball back to the top, so you’ll have to resort to loading your last save if you fail.

No More Lives (Bronze)

Die 9 times.
How to unlock: Beat the entire game first, as you’ll almost certainly die several times. You can then select any stage with zurks or drones and die on purpose.

Scratch (Bronze)

Scratch the vinyl in the club.
How to unlock: Chapter 10 – Midtown. Take your time reaching the VIP area on the second floor. Explore the club’s ground floor. On one of the tables, you will find a vinyl record that you have to grab with your muzzle. Bring the record to the DJ booth. Place it in the device and press the interaction button to start scratching it.

Curiosity Killed the Cat (Bronze)

Wear a paper bag.
How to unlock: Bags can be found in several locations in the game and the first one can be found in the slums. You just need to interact with it to put it on, which will net you the achievement immediately. Putting on the bag won’t kill your cat, it will simply drop it after a few seconds.

Missed Jump (Bronze)

Fall inside the city. Unmissable.

Cat Got Your Tongue? (Bronze)

Have B-12 translate a robot. Unmissable.

Cat-a-strophe (Bronze)

Try to play mahjong with the robots.
How to unlock: Chapter 9 – Antvillage. On one of the lower levels of the village, you will find 2 mahjong machines. Jump on the round table to interrupt their game.

Tele a chat (Bronze)

Browse through all of the TV channels.
How to unlock: You’ll find the TV set in the Slums, which you will visit in chapters 4 and 6. Examine the roofs of the central buildings. The TV remote is on the couch. Keep pressing the button to switch channels until the achievement is unlocked.