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Moonglow Bay – Complete Cooking And Recipe Guide

Moonglow Bay is a heartwarming fishing sim that’s more than just fishing. Try and revitalise the coastal town of Moonglow Bay with the power of delicious seafood. Whenever you go fishing you have the opportunity to sell your fish or turn them into dishes to be sold for more money/Shells.

There are 60 recipes in Moonglow Bay to discover for you to sell or give as gifts to the townsfolk. This is a lot of recipes that involve a wide variety of ingredients and cooking utensils. In this guide we’ll take you through the basics of cooking and every recipe in Moonglow Bay!


How to Cook In Moonglow Bay

Three things are required to cook a meal in Moonglow Bay – a recipe, the necessary fish or seafood, and enough shells to cover the cost of the remaining ingredients.

Your kitchen will automatically stock all the non-seafood ingredients you need for each recipe.

To prepare a meal, first, select the recipe and seafood ingredients. Next, attend each station around the kitchen and follow the button and analogue stick prompts to cook. Be precise! Any mistakes will decrease the meal’s sale price.


Kitchen Tools

There are 6 available Kitchen Tools for you to use in Moonglow Bay. Most of it will be available when you get your kitchen, but you’ll need to buy the Meat Cleaver and Fillet Knife at the Sea Market.

Here’s a diagram on the cooking mini-game, taken from the moonglow-bay fandom.


How To Obtain Recipes In Moonglow Bay

Get new recipes in Moonglow Bay in one of three ways:

  • Purchase them from the Sea Market
  • Obtain as a reward for completing certain tasks
  • As a reward for Mastering existing recipes

Recipe Mastery has three stages: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Mastering each stage requires you to cook the entire recipe perfectly a specific number of times. (Batches only count as one cook.)

Once a recipe is Mastered, its preparation time and complexity will be greatly reduced.


All The Recipes In Moonglow Bay

DishIngredientsShell CostEquipment
Low-Grade Bait1 Small Fish or
Miniscule Mightbug
0 ShellsNone
High-Grade Bait1 Medium Fish0 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fish N Chips1 of Any Fish, Potatoes10 ShellsNone
Fish Cakes1 of Any Fish0 ShellsNone
Whole Fish1 Grating Belly Fish0 ShellsNone
Sizzling Fish1 Ling0 ShellsNone
Steamed Purple Tail1 Slicing Tail0 ShellsNone
Crab Rice1 of Any Crab, Rice5 ShellsNone
Boiled Lobster1 of Any Lobster0 ShellsNone
Fish Chowder2 Small Fish, Potatoes10 ShellsNone
Fish Fingers1 Small Fish, Potatoes3 ShellsNone
Fish Tacos1 Small Fish, Bread5 ShellsNone
Fish Kebab2 Small Aggressive Fish10 ShellsNone
Skate Noisette1 Raja Skate, Butter5 ShellsNone
Steamed Fish1 of Any Fish, Seasoning5 ShellsNone
Fried Flying Fish1 Ocean Angel, Vegetables10 ShellsNone
Fish Rice Bowl1 of Any Fish, Rice5 ShellsNone
Surf And Turf1 of Any Shrimp or Lobster,
Steak, Seasoning
12 ShellsNone
Grilled Octopus1 of Any Octopus0 ShellsNone
Tuna Sashimi2 Medium Agile Fish0 ShellsNone
Clam Chowder1 Singing Clam, Bacon,
20 ShellsNone
Jerk Fish Poutine1 Medium Resilient Fish,
Potatoes, Gravy
10 ShellsNone
Fish Pastry2 of Any Lobster or
Medium Fish
15 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Spicy Fish Tacos1 Medium Aggressive Fish,
Salad, Bread
12 ShellsNone
Glazed Mahi Mahi1 Mahi Mahi, Sauce,
20 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fish Burger1 Medium Resilient Fish,
15 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Pancetta-Wrapped Fish1 Medium Agile Fish,
15 ShellsFillet Knife
Bajan Season Fried Flying Fish1 Ocean Angel, Sauce20 ShellsNone
Fish Curry1 of Any Lobster or Medium Fish,
Rice, Toppings
12 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Sea Salad2 Shrimp, 2 Lobster,
2 Large Fish, Vegetables
20 ShellsNone
Lobster Roll1 of Any Lobster,
Seasoning, Dough
14 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Lagareiro Style Octopus1 of Any Octopus
Potatoes, Seasoning
25 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Tuna Tataki1 of Any Fish, Seasoning30 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Cullen Skink1 of Any Fish, Sauce, Bread25 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Seafood Chowder1 of Any Fish, Seasoning, Sauce40 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Smoked Haddock and Spinach Tart1 of Any Fish, Pastry, Spinach30 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Crispy Sesame Fish Burger1 Medium Resilient Fish,
Potatoes, Bread
32 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Smoking Sail1 Sail Fish, Salad25 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Pan Fried Eel1 of Any Eel, Seasoning, Sauce100 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Pan Seared Scallops1 of Any Fish, Vegetables,
80 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Creamy Cullen Skink2 of Any Fish40 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Grilled Oyster1 Oyster, Seasoning80 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Fish Pie1 of Any Fish, Potatoes50 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Honey Balsamic Glazed Mahi Mahi1 Mahi Mahi, Sauce,
150 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Ruby Glazed Whole Fish1 Large Fish, Vegetables,
250 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Deep Sea Steaks1 Large Aggressive Fish,
Vegetables, Seasoning
200 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Seared Eel Cutlets1 of Any EelRiceVegetables130 ShellsFillet Knife
Pan Fried Mackerel1 Large Agile Fish, Vegetables,
Seasoning, Toppings
200 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Rainbow Rice Bowl3 Large Fish, Rice80 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Black Risotto Seafood Salad2 Shrimp, 2 Lobster,
2 Large Fish, Rice
300 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Okoze Sashimi2 of Any Fish, Toppings400 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Angels On Horseback1 Oyster, Bacon,
400 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Curried Fish Pie2 of Any Fish, Dough250 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Cedar Plank-Smoked Sail1 Sail Fish, Butter,
350 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Grilled Fish Steaks with Mango Avocado Salsa1 Large Aggressive Fish,
680 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Valerian Fish Fry1 Sleeper Fish, Rice,
540 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Hot Smoked Fish With Bacon And Apple1 Large Weight Fish or
Large Aggressive Fish,
Vegetables, Bacon
400 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Seared Unagi Nigiri1 of Any Eel, Rice, Toppings520 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Lobster Thermidor1 Studded Lobster,
Seasoning, Toppings
1,145 ShellsMeat Cleaver
Fillet Knife
Shrimp Po Boy1 of Any Shrimp,
Seasoning, Bread
500 ShellsMeat Cleaver

Cook In Batches

Lastly, you can cook in batches to save time. You can do this if you have the required resources to create a batch. This includes seafood, fish and shells. But be careful… any mistakes when cooking will affect the quality and sale price of every meal!


Moonglow Bay

Moonglow Bay by bunnyhug is out now on Windows PC via Steam and on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. As of the time of writing the game is currently 50% off on Steam so give it a look now!

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