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Indie Games From PlayStation Talents You Can Play Now

In our previous article, we highlighted all the upcoming games from PlayStation Talents’ online event ‘The Moment’. But for those of you that don’t want to wait, and who can blame you, we’ve separated the list into games that are out right now. So if you’re all about that immediate gratification life we’ve got your list right here!



A Tale of Paper is an emotional adventure of a paper-made boy who will use origami to fulfil his creator’s dream. Can a dream transcend its owner? This is the question that Open House Games wanted to explore in A Tale of Paper. Play in this adventure where Line can transform into multiple figures. Use it to avoid obstacles and enemies in a textless story that combines platforming sections with puzzle solving. 

Open House Games has revealed a new DLC is on the way and the game will soon be released on PlayStation 5 and PC.

Platforms: PlayStation and Steam



Insomnis is a first-person horror game focused on story, exploration and solving puzzles to advance through a terrifying atmosphere. Players take control of Joe Castevet, who will have to deal with a mysterious inheritance he has just received and will lead him to discover the terrifying secrets of the Castevet mansion.

Joe Castevet is the grandson of a famous English scientist named Roman Castevet. When Roman dies, he bequeaths the manor where he lived to his grandson. Once there Joe will begin to investigate each room in search of answers. As the hour’s pass, the old house becomes a darker place and he will discover that he is not alone in his grandfather’s beloved home.

Insomnis has just been released on Steam and PlayStation 5. 

Platforms: PlayStation and Steam.



Fulmen, Nix, Nubess, Pluvia, Thermo and Ventum are six ordinary kids who discover that they have extraordinary powers. They can control the weather! With the help of the Meteo Expert Center (aka the MEC) located on the Gran Sasso mountain in Italy, they learn to handle their superpowers and to use them to solve the challenges our planet faces every day. And of course, as well as learning what it means to be superheroes, these kids have to face everyday challenges all youngsters face. Handling friendships and differences, teaming and growing up – all while saving Planet Earth!

Travel the whole world and help important cities to overcome their pollution issues. Each level features hidden elements that the MeteoHeroes will have to gather to clean those cities. Sales of the game will also have an impact in the real world thanks to a partnership with Tree-Nation, which will support and coordinate reforestation efforts all over the world according to the units sold.

Platforms: PlayStation and Steam.



In 2155, the Earth’s environment is in terrible condition. For the sake of survival, humans have been forced to transfer their souls into robotic bodies developed by the large neuro-technological company ION. L-064N. They awake in one of those remembering nothing but being rescued by ION. Now its mind and soul are inside an android body without the ability to communicate, but with technological functions far superior to those of its former human body.

Throughout a series of tests led by Aura, an overdeveloped AI, L-064N will get to know the facilities of ION and the events that have led to his current path. Along the way, players will gradually discover the feelings and experiences of other robotic beings that will question everything they knew about them so far.

Platform: PlayStation.



Tape is a first-person psychological thriller set in the north of Spain in the 1990s where players will be able to use time to their advantage.

Iria, a girl from the small town of Antumbria, receives a VHS tape from her father asking for help. From this message, Iria will dive into her memories, where she will have to use her father’s old video camera to explore her memory and discover her family’s dark secrets. Will she be able to find the truth hidden behind the lens of the camera?

Thanks to an old Super8 camera, Iria, will be able to play with time to solve puzzles and try to remember the past events that led to her dad’s disappearance, an acclaimed horror movie director. The game will challenge players to use the rewind mechanic to solve puzzles. And escape the nightmares that inhabit Iria’s memories while exploring an eerie location heavily influenced by her dad’s work in the past.

Platforms: PlayStation and Steam



Twogether: Project Indigos is set in the frightening Hexacells facilities. Help Rafi and Sam escape from the ]prison, using their skills to bypass all the security.

It will pose original puzzles that will only be solvable by collaboration. The game will make the players examine, evaluate and act according to the elements in their surroundings and the powers of the two protagonists as if they were to escape from a gloomy Escape Room.

Rafi has the telekinesis power and Sam can use teleportation. Together, they must collaborate to solve various challenges deep inside Hexacells so they can escape. Together they will forge a powerful friendship along the way that will make them a relentless team.

Platforms: PlayStation and Steam



The world of Eurian is at war. The ruthless Coalition wants to gain control over the floating islands. And in the process are abusing the power of trydian, the mineral that keeps them flying.

Play as Esen, a victim of their experiments and now a soldier of the Resistance. Stop the Coalition and complete your revenge. Fly around with Esen’s jetpack in this third-person aerial shooter to change the tide of the war and put an end to this conflict.

In Windfolk you will have six degrees of freedom to roam around a picturesque world full of floating islands where positioning will be key to outflank your enemies and defeat them.

Platforms: PlayStation and Steam



Being a hero means making sacrifices. A lot of sacrifices. Sacrifices like being unable to take a nap after your last adventure. Wukong’s nap was cut short when he found to his surprise that all of his treasures have mysteriously vanished! Armed with his staff, Wukong sets on a new journey to retrieve his lost riches while braving new lands and all those that get in his way.

Wukong is a 3D platformer that will send players on a journey through forests, caves and temples full of traps. Jump, spin, throw your staff and jump upon those who attempt to keep you away from your fortune. And remember, it’s never too late to wake up and set forth a new adventure.

Platform: PlayStation