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Dinkum – The Complete Bug And Critter Catching Guide

We’ve written about Dinkum recently as the alternative game of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This time instead of a peaceful idyllic island you’re in the Australian outback full of bugs and critters. Explore the lush eucalyptus forests, the deserts and swampy billabongs.

Catching bugs and critters in Dinkum is one of the game’s core mechanics and a great way to make some extra money. However, finding and catching them is not as easy as you think as they spawn in some specific areas and times. In this guide, we’ll go through all the basics of catching the 40 different bugs and 19 different critters in Dinkum.


How To Start Catching Bugs

Bug catching is one of the first skills you can acquire in Dinkum. Once John comes to the island you’ll need to buy a net from him, which you can do when he’s set up in the tent or once he opens his store. You can buy the Net from John for 1100 Dinks.

Armed with your net, you can now catch any bug you come across! You’ll just need to get to the square behind your chosen bug and swing your net. Don’t worry if you miss it because the bugs won’t disappear if you do!


All The Bugs In Dinkum

Bug NameLocationTime and Season
BeeThe pine forests and the plainsDaytime – Summer/Spring
Black CricketEverywhereEvening – All Seasons
Blue Moon ButterflyEverywhereMorning/Day – All Seasons
Bogong MothEverywhereEvening – All Seasons
CockroachEverywhereEvening – All Seasons
Common Blue TailThe pine forests and the tropicsMorning/Day – Autumn/Winter
CricketThe plains and the bushlandsEvening – All Seasons
Desert ScorpionThe desertMorning/Day/Evening – Autumn/Winter
FlyEverywhereMorning/Day – All Seasons
FireflyEverywhereEvening – All Seasons
Funnel Web SpiderThe bushlandsDay/Evening – Spring/Summer
Harlequin ButterflyEverywhereMorning/Day – All Seasons
HuntsmanThe desert and the bushlandsDay/Evening – Autumn/Winter
LacewingThe pine forests and the plainsDay – Spring/Summer
LargidaeEverywhereDay – All Seasons
Meadow KatydidThe plainsMorning/Day – Spring/Autumn
Peacock SpiderThe bushlands and the tropicsMorning – Autumn/Winter
PygmyflyThe desert and the plainsDay – All Seasons
Queen BeeThe pine forests and the plainsMorning – Spring/Summer
Red Back SpiderThe desertDay/Evening – Spring/Summer/Autumn
Rhinoceros BeetleThe bushlands and the pine forestsMorning – Autumn/Winter
Scarlet Jezebel ButterflyEverywhereDay – All Seasons
Stink BugEverywhereMorning/Day/Evening – Autumn
Swallow-tail ButterflyThe tropicsDay – Summer/Autumn
Tau Emerald DragonflyThe plains and the bushlandsDay – Summer/Autumn
Ulysses ButterflyThe bushlandsMorning/Day – Spring/Summer

What’s A Critter?

Critters are any small creatures that you can snag when diving underwater. They’re not fish and cannot be caught by use of the Fishing Pole. You’ll need to physically get in the water and dive, even if the critter is just on the square next to you.

To catch a critter, you simply need to grab them under the water. However, finding them is not an easy task as you may encounter dangerous animals such as the deadly crocodiles and sharks. Be aware of your surroundings if you’re planning to dive.

There are a total of 19 different critters to find in Dinkum throughout the seasons.


All The Critters In Dinkum

Critter NameLocationTime and Season
Bay BugEverywhereMorning/Day/Evening – All Seasons
Biscuit Sea StarNorthern oceans and southern oceansMorning/Day/Evening – All Seasons
Blue MusselNorthern oceans and southern oceansMorning/Day/Evening – All Seasons
Fresh Water MusselRiversMorning/Day/Evening – All Seasons
Inland CrabRiversMorning/Day/Evening – All Seasons
Pink Sea UrchinNorthern oceans and southern oceansMorning/Day/Evening – All Seasons
Purple Mottled CrabNorthern oceans and southern oceansMorning/Day/Evening – Summer
Spiny Sea UrchinNorthern oceans and southern oceansMorning/Day/Evening – All Seasons
Tiger PrawnNorthern oceans and southern oceansMorning/Day/Evening – All Seasons
White YabbieRiversMorning/Day/Evening – All Seasons
YabbieEverywhereMorning/Day/Evening – All Seasons


Dinkum is out now early access for PC on Steam. It will be coming to other platforms later but that has yet to be announced. For our full review of Dinkum be sure to read it here! And for our complete fishing and fish guide in Dinkum, you can check it out here.