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Dinkum – Complete Fish and Fishing Guide

Dinkum brings all the wonderful life simulations of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to the Australian outback. In Dinkum, you’ll help build up a town amongst the lush Aussie deserts and billabongs. Spend your day planting crops, taking care of your animals or simply going bug hunting and fishing.

Fishing in Dinkum is one of the game’s core mechanics and a great way to make some extra money. Like some life sim games with fishing, there are some timing mechanics you’ll need to wrap your head around. If you want to stock your museum with various fish in the region, it will take a lot of time and effort to get it done.

Fortunately, our Dinkum Fish Guide has every fish species and where to find them, so you know exactly where to look.


How To Fish

To start fishing in Dinkum, you’ll need to get a fishing rod from John’s shop. This can be purchased regardless of whether he’s at the tent or you’ve moved him into a permanent building.

Then, head on out to your nearest body of water, either ocean or freshwater inland. Make sure you can see fish before you start fishing, so choose a good spot that has several of them swimming around. Aim the fishing rod in the direction of the fish and try and get the bobber as close as possible.

After some time a fish will takes the bait and nibble on the line. There are two different types of nibbles – a light, quick nibble that’s nothing. And then a more dramatic nibble where the bobber will disappear underwater. Once it disappears, you’ll want to press to reel in the fish.

Only reel in the fish when it’s not thrashing, if not you’re likely to break your line and lose the fish. You may have to repeat this process a few times to properly tire the fish out and finally pull it out of the water.


Northern and Southern Ocean Fish

NameTime of DaySeason
Blue Spot FlatheadMorning and AfternoonSummer, Fall, and Spring
Black and White SnapperAfternoonFall and Spring
AnchovyMorning and NightFall and Winter
GarfishAnyWinter and Spring
Banded MorongAnyWinter
TravallaAnyFall and Spring
Goat FishAnySummer and Spring
StingrayNightSummer and Fall
Eyestripe SurgeonfishAfternoonSummer and Spring
BarracudaNightSummer, Fall, and Spring
Blob FishNightFall and Winter
MarlinAfternoonFall and Winter
Yellowfin TunaMorning and NightFall and Spring

River & Billabong Fish

NameTime of DaySeason
Barcoo GrunterAnyAny
Jungle PerchAnyAny
Barcoo GrunterAnyAny
Silver PerchAnyFall and Winter
River BassAnySummer and Spring
GraylingAfternoonFall and Winter
Golden PerchMorningSpring
BarramundiAnyFall, Winter, and Spring
Murray CodMorningWinter and Spring
SaratogaNightSummer and Autumn
Short Finned EelNightAll

Mangrove Fish

NameTime of DaySeason
Barcoo GrunterAnyAny
Eel Tailed CatfishAnyAny
Boofhead CatfishNightSummer, Fall, and Spring
River BassAnySummer and Spring
Mangrove JackAnyAny


Dinkum is out now early access for PC on Steam. It will be coming to other platforms later but that has yet to be announced. For our full review of Dinkum be sure to read it here!