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Casting For A Red Dead Redemption Movie / TV Series

One of the best video game storylines in history lives in the Red Dead Redemption series. So just like The Last of Us and Uncharted, it makes sense for Red Dead Redemption to get its own adaptation onto the silver screen. Whether it’s in a movie or in a TV series.

According to Giant Freaking Robot, Sony is entering into the development of a Red Dead Redemption movie. This hasn’t been officially announced but it’s good to know that they’re thinking about it. Transfering the extremely memorable characters of Red Dead Redemption is going to take the right hand. I’d be crushed if the movie / TV series adaption didn’t stay true to the magic that is Red Dead.

Red Dead Redemption has extremely great potential to be adapted into film given the already compelling storyline and characters. Now we’re looking to see who are the best people that can bring the Van der Linde gang to life.

Disclaimer: This is an ongoing list


Dutch Van Der Linde – Jeff Bridges

Red Dead Redemption, TV Series, Casting, Fan Casting, Dutch Van Der Linde - Jeff Bridges

Dutch Van der Linde is the charismatic cult leader of the Van der Linde gang. He’s an idealist, an opportunist, a father, an arcanist and the anti-hero of Red Dead Redemption. He’s a complex character, ready to hand out a hug as quick as a bullet to the head. These deep and complex qualities of a charismatic, troubled and ambitious leader sound like it’ll be just up the alley for Jeff Bridges.

Hosea Matthews – Ed Harris

Red Dead Redemption, TV Series, Casting, Fan Casting, Hosea Matthews - Ed Harris

Ed Harris is a wonderful actor that can bring levity to the role that Hosea has in the Van der Linde gang. A master con artist, gentleman and thief, Hosea has been Dutch’s closest friend and right‐hand man for over 20 years. Intelligent and quick‐witted, he can talk his way into, or out of, just about anything.

Hosea is both the most senior member of the gang and Dutch’s lieutenant. Intelligent and level-headed, Hosea regularly advises Dutch and is valued for his wisdom. As much as he shares similar ideals, he tends to favour peaceful methods of making money.

John Marston – Norman Reedus

Red Dead Redemption, TV Series, Casting, Fan Casting, John Marston - Norman Reedus

John Marston is a quiet and troubled youth that joined the Van der Linde gang at the tender age of 12. When Dutch saved him from hanging. Why were people hanging 12-year-olds? I have no idea. Being an outlaw is all he knows and he’s for the most part the son and “golden boy” of Dutch. As he grew older he eventually impregnated one of the gang members Abigail Roberts and had a son.

Lenny Summers – John Boyega

Red Dead Redemption, TV Series, Casting, Fan Casting, Lenny Summers - John Boyega

Lenny Summers is one of the youngest members of Dutch’s gang. Despite his age, he’s wise beyond his years and has proved to be a skilled marksman on multiple occasions. Both of his parents were former slaves and he had a hard life prior to joining the gang. He is loyal and looks up to Dutch.

Uncle – John C. Reilly

Red Dead Redemption, TV Series, Casting, Fan Casting, Uncle - John C. Reilly

Uncle is an elderly alcoholic whose role in the gang is fairly minimal, owing to him being an unproductive alcoholic. He’s mostly there for comic relief in Red Dead which makes John C Reilly a good pick. His role as Hank Marlow in Kong: Skull Island closely matches Uncle’s profile. As Marlow, Reilly plays the role of a lieutenant who gets stranded on Skull Island for decades, picking up the ways of the Skull Islanders.

Sadie Adler – Emily Blunt

Red Dead Redemption, TV Series, Casting, Fan Casting, Sadie Adler - Emily Blunt

One of the most undisputed badasses in the game, Sadie Adler is a gunwoman and a central member of the gang of outlaws. Being a female enforcer is no easy task, but there’s certainly no better woman for the job than Sadie. For this role, we believe that Emily Blunt, from A Quiet Place, might fit the role of the awesome gunwoman to a T. After all, she’s already proved she can kick all sorts of behind in the 2014 action sci-fi flick Edge of Tomorrow.

Abigail Marston – Lauren Cohan

Red Dead Redemption, TV Series, Casting, Fan Casting, Abigail Marston - Lauren Cohan

The woman who would later marry gunman and Red Dead Redemption protagonist John Marston is also a force to be reckoned with in the Van der Linde gang. Abigail left her life as a prostitute behind to marry the man she loved, and the rest of the gang looked up to her as a motherly figure with a fearsome temper to boot.

Lauren Cohan would be ideal to play Abigail. Not only does she somewhat resemble the video game character, but her role in The Walking Dead is somewhat similar to Abigail– minus the undead, of course.

Andrew Milton – Willem Dafoe

Red Dead Redemption, TV Series, Casting, Fan Casting, Andrew Milton - Willem Dafoe

Andrew Milton is a classic villain archetype and so is Willem Dafoe. Milton is a high-ranked detective in the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. And after Dutch robs the train of Leviticus Cornwall, he hires Milton to track down the gang.

Dafoe has played a number of memorable characters. Such as in The Lighthouse, Shadow of the Vampire, and of course, Spider-Man. His chilling portrayal of a villain that’s more threatening than aggressive, seems like the perfect fit for Milton.