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The Quarry – All Endings And How To Get Them

Ending 12 – Last Man Standing

If Ryan managed to kill Chris during the Hackett massacre back in Chapter 9, we’ll open Chapter 10 by playing as Max. He’s returned to his human form after the death of Chris. If you don’t kill Chris you’ll play as Kaitlyn instead.

Continue his story until we reach the docks where in Ending 8 he is reunited with Laura. If Laura and Ryan decided to team up with Travis or Laura didn’t make it out of the Hackett massacre at the end of Chapter 9, then Max will be on the dock alone.

It’s here that you as Max can decide whether to stay on the island or swim across the lake. It may be tempting to swim and escape The Quarry but if you do that you’ll get killed by werewolf Caleb.

Instead, choose to stay and wait the night out and he’ll survive.


Ending 13 – Everyone Dies In The Quarry

I said before that there’s no right or wrong ending in The Quarry. But the one where everybody dies is probably one of the worst ones. If you’re curious to see the ending where nobody makes it out alive, follow these steps. Which to be fair isn’t too hard to allow everyone to die.

Chapter 4

Both Jacob and Emma can be killed during chapter four regardless of any choices made in previous sections.

In Chapter 4, Ryan will hear noises coming from a bush. When given the option to aim the gun, choose Shoot Gun, Insistent, then Shoot Gun again. Ryan will fire into the bushes killing Jacob, who was hiding there.

Later on in the chapter, Emma will be up in the treehouse. When prompted, open the trapdoor, and a werewolf will pop out killing Emma.

Chapter 6

While playing as Abigail in chapter six, players will enter a pool house and initiate a confrontation with Nick inside. After Nick pushes Abigail against the wall, a prompt to shoot him appears.

Doing nothing will lead to Nick transforming into a monster, and he will immediately kill Abigail.

Chapter 7

Do not collect the syringe or loosen the brick as you did previously. Instead, lure Travis to the cell the next morning by faking pain. When prompted to shoot, Laura will need to complete the first quick-time event and fail the second one to leave Travis bleeding in the cell.

Chapter 8

When Laura and Ryan enter the tunnel in chapter eight, they will come across a caged monster. If Ryan doesn’t interrupt Laura, she will shoot and kill the monster who turns out to be Nick.

Chapter 9

When Dylan is operating the crane in chapter nine, a prompt will appear to warn Kaitlyn and sound the horn. Fail the quick-time event that follows to let the werewolf break through the window and kill Dylan.

Later in the chapter, Ryan will be attacked by Chris as he falls through the attic floor. Shoot Chris so that Max can be killed in chapter 10. As soon as the monster is shot, Travis will appear to stab and kill Laura for what she did to him in chapter seven.

When Ryan fights Travis, the aggressive option should be selected, then fail the quick-time event. Travis will shoot and kill Ryan as a result of failing.

Chapter 10

After Ryan shoots Chris in the previous chapter Max’s curse will be lifted. And you’ll take control of him at the start of Chapter 10. Choose to swim to shore and a moment later a werewolf will pop out and kill you.

Finally, the last counsellor alive is Kaitlyn, who will be attacked in the lodge at the end of chapter 10. Choose to wait, then not shoot the monster in order to trigger Kaitlyn’s death.

After Kaitlyn dies, there will be no other characters left alive.


The Quarry

The Quarry was released on June 10th 2022 for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC – Steam.

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