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The Quarry – All Endings And How To Get Them

Pre-requisite #2: Endings 7-9
Hackett Massacre

This variation relies on you taking the advice of Elisa (the fortune teller) and helping her dispatch the Hacketts to save her son, Silas. You can ensure you get this ending by making a few key decisions in Chapter 9, with Laura and Ryan’s investigation of the Hackett’s manor opening up the opportunity to begin the ‘Hackett Massacre’ storyline of The Quarry.

Chapter 9

Continue in the same way as before by tapping that action button to kill Constance when she comes at you.

Continue to leave the knife in Ryan after being stabbed. But when you run into Bobby this time take out the knife from Ryan’s side in order to stab Bobby. This will weaken him and he’ll run away.

This time, similar to Pre-requisite #1 Laura will offer to bite Ryan to heal his wound. Choose not to be bitten to change the fate of the story and cement Ryan’s fate.

Similarly, be sure to shoot werewolf Chris after he drops through the floor. If you stabbed Bobby earlier the wounds will leave him weak and he’ll die.

Ryan eventually dies from blood loss as well, and then Travis and Laura will both go for the shotgun he drops. Winning the quick-time event will give Laura the gun, which she can then use to shoot and kill Travis.


Ending 7 – The Curse Remains: Laura’s Captured By Travis

At the end of Pre-requisite #2, you can choose to kill Travis with the shotgun.

Lose the QTE and Travis will take Laura hostage, putting her in a cell and concluding the Hacketts storyline. After finishing Kaitlyn’s showdown with the werewolf, we’ll see Laura still trapped in the cage during the epilogue.


Ending 8 – The Curse Remains: Max and Laura are Reunited

The alternative to the previous Ending 6 is to kill Travis with the shotgun.

With Travis dead, Laura will escape the house and proceed to grab one of Constance’s dresses from the clotheslines. Then, cutting to Max, make your way along the path as you head back towards the dock.

When nearing the dock, a cutscene will occur, and Max and Laura will be reunited. Since Ryan killed Chris, both Laura and Max’s infection will be cured, ending their story for this particular playthrough.


Ending 9 – The Curse Remains: Travis and Laura Kill Each Other

Following Pre-Requisite #2, but this time have Ryan not shoot Chris. This time Ryan will be killed which will, in turn, prevent Laura from returning to human form.

With Laura remaining a werewolf, Travis and her will continue to wrestle until Laura manages to fatally wound Travis by attacking his neck. Then, in a last-ditch effort to get revenge, Travis will stab Laura to death with a shard of the broken silver-back mirror before succumbing to his injuries.

Both Laura, Ryan and Travis will die in this way.