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The Quarry – All Endings And How To Get Them

Pre-requisite #1: Endings 1-6
Laura and Travis Agree to Work Together to Find Silas

As we progress through The Quarry you’re going to discover that only by killing Silas and turning all the werewolves back into humans will we be able to lift the curse for good. Before the events leading up to this, the main players in the game need to be alive and willing to work with each other.

These people are Laura and Travis Hackett. Keep them alive and willing to work together by following the next steps. Until we reach Chapter 10 when the endings will start to differ.

Chapter 3

When trying to save Nick, have Ryan shoot Bobby. Upon doing so, Bobby will let go of Nick and flee the scene, but not before dropping a strange vial filled with Blood. This will be key to saving a life in Chapter 10.

If you make a mistake you won’t get the vial. You can get this ending but some characters may not survive.

Chapter 7

When exploring Laura’s cell in Chapter 7, investigate the loose brick that’s by the bed. To loosen the brick, climb onto the bed, grab the spoon found on the windowsill, and then use it to loosen the brick from the wall. This will come back later.

Later on in the Chapter, Laura will be able to find a syringe on the top floor of the police station. The locker with the syringe can be found in the last office. Hide this syringe behind the loosened brick before Laura goes to sleep. 

Players need to make sure they don’t take Travis’ gun the next morning when given the opportunity. Later on, Laura will fake being sick to lure Travis in. Complete the QTE successfully to drug him and escape.

Chapter 9

When Constance turns off the light in the room and warns Laura that she can’t shoot what she can’t see, she’ll approach Laura in the dark and grab ahold of the shotgun. Quickly press the action button and Laura will accidentally shoot and kill Constance.

Later in the chapter, Ryan needs to leave the knife in after being stabbed to keep from bleeding out.

When Ryan runs into Bobby, he’ll have the option to stab him through an interruption if the knife is still lodged into his side. Do not press any buttons and let the scene play out. After refusing to stab Bobby, he’ll pull the knife from Ryan’s side, and Laura will come to his rescue.

Laura will offer to bite and infect Ryan to heal his wound. Accept her offer.

Next, Ryan will need to shoot werewolf Chris after he drops to the floor with him. This will cure Laura which prevents Travis from killing her.

However, things aren’t over as Chris wasn’t the first werewolf; instead, we find out that Caleb was the first one bitten. Respond suspiciously, and Laura will eventually agree to help Travis track down Silas and break the curse once and for all.


Ending 1 – The Curse Is Lifted: Laura Kills Silas and Both Travis and Ryan Survive

This ending has all three characters surviving, along with Caleb returning to human form. However, if he’s trapped in the freezer, he’ll succumb to the freezing temperatures before he’s found.

Chapter 10

In order to prevent the car from crashing, you’ll need to succeed in all QTEs while Silas is attacking the car. Take the Wheel when prompted.

Then before heading off into the woods to search for Silas, take the vial of blood you got in Chapter 3 to mask your scent.

When the group locates Silas at the Freakshow, Laura will need to approach the nest and immediately shoot him to break the curse. Making this decision ensures that Laura, Travis, and Ryan survive until the end.


Ending 2 – The Curse Is Lifted: Laura Hesitates and Kills Travis and Silas

Chapter 10

All the decisions remain the same as above except for the last action at Silas’ nest.

Upon arriving at the Freakshow, have Laura refuse to raise her gun. Ryan will question Laura’s decision, and Travis will lose his cool, pushing forward and attempting to grab the gun from her hands. If you fail the QTE, Travis and Laura will wrestle over the weapon and Laura will shoot him.

Following Travis’ death, Laura will have the option to kill Silas. Choose to do so and Silas will die with the mystery remaining unsolved, but both Laura and Ryan live.


Ending 3 – The Curse Remains: Laura Refuses to Kill Silas

Chapter 10

All the decisions remain the same as above except for the last action after you kill Travis.

After killing Travis if you refuse to kill Silas, Laura and Ryan will both die. Silas will be free and the curse will remain. If however one of them had the blood vial from Chapter 3, either Ryan or Laura then that person will be the lone survivor of Silas’ attack.


Ending 4 – The Curse Is Lifted: Laura Kills Silas and Dies from Car Crash Injuries

If you fail the car crash QTEs in Chapter 10 the consequence of that will eventually kill Laura.

Chapter 10

While Silas is attacking the car, fail the QTEs and the car will crash.

Upon waking up, opt to grab the gun, despite Travis’ warning.

When Silas breaks through the roof, and if you fail that QTE Silas will kill Travis the car will lose control.

Laura will however survive the car crash and crawl out of the vehicle. Succesfully complete the QTE to pick up the nearby shotgun and succesfully kill Silas to break the curse.


Ending 5 – The Curse Remains: Nobody Survives the Car Crash and Silas Lives

This is the alternative to Ending 4, when you fail all the QTEs everyone will die in the car crash. Leaving Silas alive to continue the curse.


Ending 6 – The Curse is Lifted: Kaitlyn, Dylan, and Caleb Survive the Lodge

After killing Silas we’ll look at the fate of the rest of the camp counsellors in Chapter 10. If Laura follows Ending 1, this will ensure everyone makes it out alive. It’s ideally the “best” ending for The Quarry.

Chapter 9

The pre-requisite to Kaitlyn being alive is to make sure she gets infected in Chapter 9.

When Dylan first begins to use the crane, a cutscene will occur, showing something heading in their direction as the scrapyard’s sensor lights turn on. To have Kaitlyn become infected¬†warn Kaitlyn¬†and she’ll hide in the car. Dylan will begin lifting the car in the air, causing the werewolf to climb on top of the vehicle.

Slam the car when prompted, causing Kaitlyn to be sent tumbling out of the vehicle, landing on a pile of tires. This will cause the werewolf to come about Kaitlyn. Fail the smash QTE and Kaitlyn will be bitten.

Chapter 10

Kaitlyn and Dylan will have one final showdown with werewolf Caleb when exploring the Lodge in Chapter 10.

Playing as Kaitlyn, make sure to choose to run when you first encounter Caleb as he climbs to stairs to the second floor of the Lodge. Then be sure to shoot at werewolf Caleb. This will knock Caleb back, giving the pair a chance to run away safely.

When reaching the third floor of the Lodge, have Kaitlyn escape through the window. When Kaitlyn tries climb through the window to escape. It’s crucial that you fail this QTE so that Kaitlyn and Caleb topple down onto the roof below.

Just when it appears to be safe, Caleb will reappear on the roof and will swipe at Kaitlyn, causing a large gash to begin bleeding. But due to her infection and the newly opened cut, Caleb will stop attacking Kaitlyn and eventually run off into the woods. 

Make the choices from Ending 1 and 6 and you’ll save all your characters. With the exception of Kaylee and Chris.

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