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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – All The New Pokémon

It’s been a bit year for Pokémon what with the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus and now a second game in the same year! On November 18th Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are coming to the Nintendo Switch and with it comes a whole new batch of new generation Pokémon!

Yesterday we got a brand new trailer that revealed the new location, legendaries and brand new Pokémon coming to the franchise! This list is going to keep updating as we get more information but for now, here’s who we’ve spotted!


SprigatitoThe Grass Cat Pokémon

Type: Grass | Ability: Overgrow |

One of the three new starter Pokémon is of the grass cat variety. What I didn’t know was the mashup I wanted but I’m so happy is here because SO cute. Sprigattio is capricious and attention-seeking, it may sulk if it sees its Trainer giving attention to a Pokémon other than itself.

When Sprigatito kneads and rubs with its forepaws, a sweet aroma is released that can mesmerize those around it. This aroma has therapeutic qualities and makes opponents lose their will to battle. The composition of its fluffy fur is similar to plants, letting it create energy by absorbing sunlight. It adds moisture to its fur by grooming itself, which aids its ability to photosynthesize.


Fuecoco – The Fire Croc Pokémon

Type: Fire | Ability: Blaze |

Fuecoco is laid-back and does things at its own pace. It loves to eat, and it will sprint toward any food it finds with a glint in its eye. Making this Pokémon way too relatable if you ask me GameFreak.

External heat is absorbed by the square scales on Fuecoco’s stomach and back, then converted into fire energy. These scales are always warm, and at times they can also grow very hot. Flickering atop Fuecoco’s head is fire energy that is leaking out from inside the Pokémon’s body. When Fuecoco gets excited, its head spouts more flames.


Quaxly – The Duckling Pokémon

Type: Water | Ability: Torrent |

The official description reads that he’s a “serious Duck Pokémon” which is just so hilarious to me.

This serious-mannered Pokémon will follow in its Trainer’s wake. Quaxly is tidy, and it especially dislikes getting its head dirty. Its body is always glossy because the gel secreted by its feathers repels water and grime. The coif on its head is slicked back using a rich, moist cream, and it becomes unkempt when dry. It has strong legs and can swim without difficulty even in places with strong currents. In battle, it kicks its opponents swiftly and repeatedly.

With such a strangely specific description I wonder what its final evolution will be. Maybe with a kind of Scrooge McDuck kind of look?


Lechonk – The Hog Pokémon

Type: Normal | Ability: Aroma Veil / Gluttony |

Hands down the best named Pokémon in the archive. With some of the best character descriptions “It may appear fat at first glance, but in reality, the Pokémon’s body is mostly muscle built by constantly walking around in search of food.”. Yes Lechonk, as am I.

Lechonk uses its sense of smell to find and eat only the most fragrant wild grasses and the richest Berries. As a result of its dining habits, it has come to radiate an aroma resembling herbs that Bug-type Pokémon dislike. If attacked by an opponent and startled, it will charge forward in a panic.


Smoliv – The Olive Pokémon

Type: Grass/Normal | Ability: Early Bird |

‘Smoliv’ aka the Small Olive. Okay, that’s not in the official description but it really should be!

The oil that comes out of Smoliv has a very strong bitter taste and is not suitable for consumption. When startled or attacked, Smoliv will shoot this oil out, slowing its opponent down. It will then seize that moment to run away.

In the fruit on its head, Smoliv stores oil made from nutrients it gathers through photosynthesis. As a result, it can go for a week without eating or drinking. It prefers dry and sunny climates, and it seems to spend its days sunbathing.


PawmiThe Mouse Pokémon

Type: Electric | Ability: Static / Natural Cure |

Another electric mouse Pokémon? How many does that make it in the Pokémon franchise? Pikachu would never. But just like the other famous electric rodent Pawmi has squishy electric cheek sacs but now discharges electricity from its paws. It generates electricity by rubbing its cheeks, then it shocks its opponents by touching them with the pads on its forepaws. Kind of like a static transfer.

The fur that covers its body is good insulation against the cold and serves the purpose of storing electricity. When it feels uneasy, this cautious Pokémon will begin rubbing its cheeks, preparing itself to discharge an electric shock.


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