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My Time At Sandrock – The Complete Sandfishing Guide

We’ve been loving My Time At Sandrock the latest life sim game from Pathea Games. For players of My Time At Portia, or even Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons the game’s mechanics are going to seem very familiar to you. That is except for the fact that there’s fishing in a desert?? How does one do that do you ask? Well in Sandrock the locals love a good ole sandfish! And in this guide, we’re going to show you everything you need to know to rustle up those varmints. From how to fish, where to fish and what to do with those fish when you got ’em! So follow along here for our fishin’ guide.

Just a disclaimer that My Time At Sandrock is currently in Early Access so some of this information might be changed during an update. We’ll do our best to correct this information when it does!


Unlock Sandfishing

We’re not here to discuss the mechanics of these fish that can swim through the sand because it’s actually fairly eerie when you think about it. Nevertheless, when you come upon one of these ‘sand fishing holes’ you won’t be using a normal fishing pole but a Sandfish Trap instead. The Sandfish Trap is a claw machine-like device that scoops up the fish from the sand.


How To Get The Sandfish Trap

Early on in the game, the handsome proprietor of the Blue Moon Saloon, Owen is going to send you a letter requesting some Sand Carp. With it comes a helpful Recipe for making the Basic Sandfish Trap. Which is going to require you to craft 2 Copper Bars, 2 Wooden Stick, and 1 Thick Rope. Most of these items can be made fairly easily from basic resources at your Workshop. But if you haven’t gotten the Thick Rope Recipe yet, you’ll need to pick it up at the Commerce Guild.

This Basic Sandfish Trap is the first Sandfishing tool you’re going to be able to get. Later on, you’ll be able to unlock the Advanced Sandfish Trap and Professional Sandfish Trap, which are used to catch more challenging fish.


Types Of Bait

Apart from the Sandfishing Trap, the second thing you’re going to need to catch fish is bait. Bait brings the fish to the surface and holds them still long enough for you to catch them. You can supposedly get fish without bait but I think you’re likely to waste a ton of stamina that way.

  • Sandworm – One of the first types of bait you can get is Sandworm. They can be found all over the ground and when harvesting rocks and plants on the ground. Just hit E when you see them on the ground to gather them.
  • Snail – Used with the Advanced Sandfish Trap.
  • Sand Carp – Caught while sandfishing. It’s used with the Professional Sandfish Trap.

How to Sandfish

Once you’ve built the trap and gotten ahold of some bait head over to a fishing spot. It looks like a little quicksand pit surrounded by rocks and is showcased by a fishhook icon on the map. Different fishing spots will feature different kinds of fish.

You’re probably likely to head to the fishing spot closest to your workshop and when you do you’ll get a cutscene with Elsie. She loves Sandfishing and will give you some of her catch. If you’re looking to up those points with her she loves a Basic Fishing Trap as a gift. (More tips on that in our Bachelorette guide here.)

Start by holding the Basic Sandfish Trap in your hands and hit E at the fishing hole to start sandfishing. Select some bait first and press and hold the left mouse button to aim the bait into the sand. It doesn’t quite matter where you do it but I try and aim for the middle.

Fish should start swimming up pretty soon so you’ll want to select your Sandfish trap then use the left mouse button to aim for a fish. Hover over a fish as it’s eating the bait and it should be highlighted in green. Release the left mouse button to throw the trap.

Note: Sandfishing played out a little differently in the early Alpha release of My Time At Sandrock. The process has since been simplified but some of the mechanics could come back in the future.


Types Of Sandfish And Where To Catch Them

A total of three Sand Fishing locations exist in My Time At Sandrock currently. Although the western one is difficult to get to until you repair the bridge. [This list is currently being updated].

Wandering Y Ranch Fishing Hole

  • Sand Carp
  • Scorpster
  • Sandacuda

What to Do with The Fish?

Fish is a great item for Cooking, giving as Gifts to people that like them and of course to sell at the Blue Moon Saloon for some Gols.

My Time At Sandrock is officially out on Early Access on Steam and Epic Games now.  For more My Time At Sandrock game guides be sure to check out all of them here!


My Time At Sandrock

My Time At Sandrock is will be out on Steam and Epic Games on May 26th 2022! For more information about gameplay features in My Time At Sandrock check out our early article here!


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