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My Time At Sandrock – All Recipes And Cooking Guide

We’re really enjoying My Time At Sandrock as you can tell by our many guides on the subject. Cooking is a great mechanic to make food yourself some food when you go ruin diving. But it’s also fun to find out everyone’s favourite recipes and give them to them as gifts!

While most things are somewhat doable to figure out Cooking is one thing that really isn’t clear. I don’t know if it’s by design or because the game is still in Early Access but Cooking is one thing that isn’t too clear here. So in this guide, we’ll go step by step through the various crafting stations you’ll need. As well as the recipes and their discovery process, which is actually fairly random.

This list is a work in progress and Unpause Asia will be uploading it periodically.



Cooking Machines

The productivity of your workshop in My Time At Sandrock is linked to the various machines that you have in there. In the beginning, you’ll be heading to Qi to give him some Data Discs for schematics. With some of the most important being the Grinder, Processor, Dew Collector etc. But once everything is up and running start your Cooking journey by unlocking the Drying Rack first.

Drying Rack

The Drying Rack will cost you 6 Data Discs and 3 days to unlock. You’ll need 4 Copper Sticks and 4 Copper Screws to build it.

RecipeIngredientsEffectSell Price
JerkyMeatStamina +710
Salted FishSand Carp, SaltStamina +1623
Dried SandberrySandberry x2Stamina +2 (2s for 30s)11
Dried SandacudaSandacuda, Soy SauceStamina +3644
PaperPlant Fiber x23

Apprentice Cooking Station

Once you have the Drying Rack unlocked you’ll be able to unlock the Apprentice Cooking Station.

The Apprentice Cooking Station will cost you 12 Data Discs and 3 days to unlock. You’ll need 1 Copper Pot, 3 Marble Slab, 3 Rubber Shell, 3 Bronze Bar and 4 Hard Wood to build it.

Once you have the Apprentice Cooking Station unlocked, you’ll be able to make recipes using the Cooking Pot and Steamer

Recipes for the Apprentice Cooking Station

Chef’s Cooking Station

You can upgrade the Apprentice Cooking Station to the Chef’s Cooking Station to gain access to the Wok.

The Chef’s Cooking Station will cost you 16 Data Discs and 4 days to unlock. You’ll need 1 Frying Pan, 2 Steel Frame, 2 Copper Pot, 3 Bloodstone Core and 2 Hardwood Plank to build it.

Recipes for the Chef’s Cooking Station

[The Advanced Cooking Station is the next upgrade after the Chef’s Cooking Station. But as of the time of writing it hass yet to be accessible].


The Blender is an additional machine that can be unlocked to assist you in your cooking journey.

The Blender Lv1 will cost you 12 Data Discs and 4 days to unlock. You’ll need 1 Bronze Blade, 3 Steel Bar, 2 Bearing and 1 Engine to build it.

RecipeIngredientsEffectSell Price
Five Spice PowderChili, Seesai Pepper, Alfalfa, Garlic8
Sandberry JamSandberry, Sugar9
HemostatOregano, Medicine BottleHP +30015
Strong MedicineBitter Beans x3, Medicine BottleHP +80026
Lavender ExtractAnt Honey, Yellow LavenderHP +10 (1s for 30s)9
Orchid ExtractHyacinth Orchid, Bitter BeansNull Poison (60s)18
Bassia PotionFoggy Bassia, Bitter BeansNull Burn (60s)18
Thunderweed ExtractHeliconia Nail, Bitter BeanNull Numb (60s)18
FertilizerManure x2, Plant Fiber5

How To Unlock Recipes

The recipe discovery process in My Time At Sandrock is a bit random to say the least. It involves exeperimentation and discovery with your cooking machines. Simply go to your Cooking Station and select whichever ingredients you’d like to add in and cook.

  1. Select at least one Main Ingredient.
  2. Select one or more additional ingredients or herbs.
  3. Select your Cooking Tool.
  4. Hit the Confirm button.

If you manage to stumble upon a correct recipe, you’ll get that new recipe’s result in your inventory and you can add it to your list. If not, you’ll get Food Scraps and effectively waste the food.

In this case it’s probably better to follow a recipe if you’re not keen on wasting food and time. One way is to befriend the people of Sandrock. As you get to know them better, they’ll teach you recipes and you can in turn sell whatever recipes you have to them.

This makes Cooking much easier because you’ll be able to select the recipe at your Cooking Station and let it auto cook, provided you have said recipe and its ingredients.



If you’re not interested in experimenting, because who could blame you, then here is full list of recipes from My Time At Sandrock (so far).

Cooking Pot (Apprentice Cooking Station)

RecipeIngredientsEffectLiked By
Beef NoodlesMeat, Flour, Soy SauceDef +15 (30s)Grace, Hugo, Justice, Rocky, Yan
Bitter Bean CakeBitter Bean, Rice, SugarStamina +1 (2s for 30s)Owen
Braised BBQ RibsRib Meat, Soy Sauce, Sugar, 5 SpiceDMG +50 (30s)Cooper, Justice
Braised MeatMeat, Potato, Sugar, LeekDMG +4% (30s)All Neutral
Chestnut PorkChestnut, Meat, Soy SauceDMG +20 (30s)Burgess, Jensen, Rocky
Chilly Sandrice NoodlesRice, Flour, Soy Sauce, ChiliDef +14 (30s)Zeke, Owen
Drool With Joy NoodlesFlour, Meat, Rib Meat, Alfalfa, Seesai PepperDMG +12% (30s)Mi-an
Farmer’s StewMeat, Mushroom, Potato, Flour, SaltDef +33 (30s)Matilda
Fine Beef NoodlesMeat, Flour, Soy Sauce, CilantroDef +33 (30s)All Neutral
Fine Braised MeatMeat, Cistanche, Sugar 5 SpiceDMG +12% (30s)All Neutral
Fine Hot and Sour FishSandacuda, Vinegar, ChiliDef +62 (30s)All Neutral
Fish PorridgeSand Carp, Rice, Leek, Soy SauceDMG +35 (30s)Ernest
MacaroniFlour, Tomato, EggDef +9 (30s)All Neutral
Mushroom SoupMushroom, Salt, LeekDef +16 (30s)Amirah
Sandberry Egg SoupSandberry, Egg, LeekDMG +10 (30s)Mort, Owen
Sand Tea BeefMeat, Tea Leaves, Cilantro, 5 SpiceDMG +56 (30s)Dan-bi, Grace, Pen, Rian
Sand Tea NoodlesFlour, Leek, Soy SauceDMG +3% (30s)Arvio, Burgess, Catori
Spicy Bean PastePotato, Meat, ChiliDef +13 (30s)All Neutral
Stewed Eagle CistancheCistanche, Chestnut, Meat, SaltStamina +4 (2s for 30s)Grace, Owen, Arvio, Ernest, Yan
Tea EggEgg, Tea Leaves, SaltDMG +16 (30s)All Neutral
Tea PorridgeTea Leaves, RiceDef +3% (30s)All Neutral
Tomato Beef BrisketTomato, Meat, SaltDMG +3% (30s)Amirah, Burgess, Rian
Tomato FishTomato, Sand Carp, Egg, LeekDef +35 (30s)Heidi, Hugo, Vivi
Tomato and Egg SoupTomato, Egg, LeekDMG +12 (30s)All Neutral

Steamer (Apprentice Cooking Station)

RecipeIngredientsEffectLiked By
Egg CustardEgg, SaltHP +3 (2s for 30s)All Neutral
Honey SamboSandberry, Cactus Leaf, Cantaloupe, HoneyHP +19 (2s for 30s)Jasmine, Mabel
Meat BunMeat, Flour, LeekStamina +1 (2s for 30s)All Neutral
Meat Stuffed MushroomMushroom, Meat, Soy SauceHP +26 (2s for 30s)Matilda, Mort, Qi
Milk Steamed EggMilk, EggHP +5 (2s for 30s)Catori
Mushroom Forest CakeMushroom, Egg, SugarStamina +1 (2s for 30s)Jasmine, Arvio, Ernest
Fine Mushroom Forest CakeMushroom, Egg, CistancheStamina +4 (2s for 30s)Jasmine, Ernest
Fine Sandberry ZongziSandberry, Rice, Meat, HoneyStamina +2 (2s for 30s)Owen
Honey SamboSandberry, Cactus Leaf, Cantaloupe, HoneyHP +19 (2s for 30s)Jasmine, Mabel
Sandberry Sponge CakeSandberry, RiceHP +5 (2s for 30s)Mabel, Owen
Sandberry ZongziSandberry, Rice, SugarStamina +1 (2s for 30s)Owen
Sandrice CakeRice, SugarStamina +1 (2s for 30s)Owen
Sandrice SushiRice, Meat, VinegarHP +13 (2s for 30s)Miguel, Owen
Steamed Meat Pie with Salty EggsMeat, Rice, Soy SauceStamina +1 (2s for 30s)All Neutral
Steamed SandfishSand Carp, Salt, LeekStamina +2 (2s for 30s)Burgess, Hugo, Mort
Steamed Sweet PotatoSweet PotatoHP +2 (2s for 30s)All Neutral
Sweet Potato with MeatSweet Potato, Meat, Soy SauceHP +17 (2s for 30s)Amirah

Wok (Chef’s Cooking Station)

RecipeIngredientsEffectLiked By
Alfalfa SaladAlfalfa, Sea Salt, ChiliHP +109Miguel, Mort, X, Zeke
ChurrosFlour, SugarHP +33All Neutral
Cilantro MeatloafMeat, Cilantro, Flour, 5 SpiceStamina +26All Neutral
Cilantro OmeletCilantro, Egg, SaltHP +159All Neutral
Fine Di SanxianCistanche, Mushroom, Alfalfa, Soy SauceStamins +12%Matilda
Fruit SaladCactus Leaf, Sandberry, CantaloupeStamina +10Dan-bi, Pablo, X
Highwind Fried RiceRice, Potato, Egg, Soy SauceHP +3%Mabel, Vivi
OmeletEgg, Milk, FlourHP +70Grace, Mort
Onion CakeFlour, Leek, SaltStamina +8All Neutral
Master Chef OmeletEgg, SaltHP +29All Neutral
Melon and BeefCantaloupe, Meat, Sugar, Sea SaltHP +3%All Neutral
Milk ChestnutMilk, Chestnut, SugarHP +109Jasmine, Qi
Rice OmeletEgg, Rice, Soy SauceHP +97All Neutral
Spicy and Sour PotatoPotato, Vinegar, ChiliHP +75Justice, Mi-an
Sugar Fried ChestnutChestnut, SugarStamina +7Qi, Mabel
Sweet Potato BakeSweet Potato, FlourStamina +5Hugo, Mabel
Sweet and Sour PorkMeat, Flour, SugarStamina +11All Neutral
Sweet and Sour Pork RibsRib Meat, Sugar, VinegarStamina +5%All Neutral
Tomato Scrambled EggTomato, Egg, SaltStamina +9All Neutral
Veggie Stir-FryCilantro, Mushroom, Alfalfa, Soy SauceStamina +8%Matilda

*Rice = Sandrice, Leek = Sand Leek, Sea Salt = Salt, Desert Mushroom = Mushroom, Yakmel Milk = Milk



Purchase – Blue Moon To-Go, By The Stairs

IngredientPurchase PriceSale Price
Sea Salt81
Soy Sauce242
Tea Leaves4812

Wandering Y Store

IngredientPurchase PriceSale Price
Yakmel Milk16


IngredientGrowth Time (Days)
Desert Mushroom11
Sand Leek4
Sweet Potato8

Cooking Gift Guide

Looking for people that will appreciate your cooking endeavours? These are what the Sandrockians like (+6)! Minus Fang… Just try not to give him any food.

Amirah – Mushroom Soup, Sweet Potato with Meat, Tomato Beef Brisket

Arvio – Mushroom Forest Cake, Sand Tea Noodles, Stewed Eagle Cistanche

Burgess – Chestnut Pork, Sand Tea Noodles, Steamed Sandfish, Tomato Beef Brisket

Catori – Milk Steamed Egg, Sand Tea Noodles

Cooper – Braised BBQ Ribs

Dan-bi – Fruit Salad, Sand Tea Beef

Ernest – Mushroom Forest Cake, Fine Mushroom Forest Cake, Fish Porridge, Stewed Eagle Cistanche

Grace – Beef Noodles, Omelet, Sand Tea Beef, Stewed Eagle Cistanche

Heidi – Tomato Fish

Hugo – Beef Noodles, Steamed Sandfish, Sweet Potato Bake, Tomato Fish

Jasmine – Mushroom Forest Cake, Fine Mushroom Forest Cake, Honey Sambo, Milk Chestnut

Jensen – Chestnut Pork

Justice – Beef Noodles, Braised BBQ Ribs, Spicy and Sour Potato

Mabel – Highwind Fried Rice, Honey Sambo, Sandberry Sponge Cake, Sugar Fried Chestnut, Sweet Potato Bake

Matilda – Farmer’s Stew, Fine Di Sanxian, Meat Stuffed Mushroom, Veggie Stir-Fry

Mi-an – Drool With Joy Noodles, Spicy and Sour Potato

Miguel – Alfalfa Salad, Sandrice Sushi

Mort – Alfalfa Salad, Meat Stuffed Mushroom, Omelet, Sandberry Egg Soup, Steamed Sandfish

Owen – Bitter Bean Cake, Chilly Sandrice Noodles, Fine Sandberry Zongzi, Sandberry Egg Soup, Sandberry Sponge Cake, Sandberry Zongzi, Sandrice Cake, Sandrice Sushi, Stewed Eagle Cistanche

Pen – Sand Tea Beef

Qi – Meat Stuffed Mushroom, Milk Chestnut, Sugar Fried Chestnut

Pablo – Fruit Salad

Rian – Sand Tea Beef, Tomato Beef Brisket

Rocky – Beef Noodles, Chestnut Pork

Vivi – Highwind Fried Rice, Tomato Fish

X – Alfalfa Salad, Fruit Salad

Yan – Beef Noodles, Stewed Eagle Cistanche

Zeke – Alfalfa Salad, Chilly Sandrice Noodles

My Time At Sandrock

My Time At Sandrock is will be out on Steam and Epic Games on May 26th 2022! For more information about gameplay features in My Time At Sandrock check out our early article here!


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