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Dinkum – Is The Australian Animal Crossing

Farming and life sims and just cosy wholesome games, in general, are having a moment. In this year’s Summer of Gaming, we’ve spotted too many of these games to count. And while we will get to all of them eventually let’s focus on the ones that will be out soon.

Dinkum is as the title tells you an Animal Crossing-esque life sim type game. But this time instead of a paradise island you’ll be in the wild Australian Outback! It’s a whole new setting with eucalyptus forests, scorching deserts, cool billabongs and of course plenty of wombats, kangaroos and crocs. Crikey!

Just like most games in this genre, you’ll be building up not just your own farm, but the entire town as well. Do this by building beautiful streets, planting flowers, installing windmills, fountains and more. Make this little town a haven and attract new townsfolk and businesses.

Before Dinkum comes out next month in Early Access on July 14th on Steam we’ll go through all its features for you to get excited for.


Build Your Town

Just like Animal Crossing in Dinkum, you’ll be able to expand and customise your town as you want. The more you do, the more new townsfolk and businesses will move in. The happier the townsfolk are, the more likely they are to settle down, bring their families and set up stores with unique items.

Once you’ve enticed someone to move you can help them build a place for them to set up their trade. Take a loan out at the local bank, help deliver some materials and that building will pop up quicker than you can say kangaroo.

As of now there are several buildings that you’ll need in your town. John’s goods where you can buy a wide range of tools and machines. The Museum, a Greenhouse to buy some seeds and even a clothing boutique. Other buildings will become available later on such as the Barn, a furniture shop, the bank and Franklin’s Lab. That last one is going to come in handy for those upgraded tech goodies.


Grow A Farm

One of the big features of Dinkum is of course farming! The game works the same as most farming sims such as Stardew Valley, where you’ll need to acquire some farming tools and clear up the land before setting up your farm. Once the land is cleared, dig up your farm with your trusty shovel and remember to build a fence to keep out the wildlife.

You’re not just limited to your farm in this game, cultivate crops for your town across the whole island. Choose the best spots for each type, depending on the plant’s needs. Not only do the seasons change in Dinkum, but the temperature shifts depending on where you are on the island.

As of now, you can grow sugar cane, cabbage, carrot, corn, kale, potato, wheat, watermelon, pumpkin, onion, tomato and green bean!


Look After Animals

Care for and breed chickens as well as Dinkum’s iconic Giant Vombats. The Vombats might seem intimidating at first, but really they are sweethearts.

Get your own critters from Irwin’s Barn once you have that built. It’s there that you can get your own animals, their food, shears and just about anything you might need. There are several animals you can get the first being chickens. Make sure to build them their own coop so you don’t lose them and give them plenty of feed so you can enjoy fresh eggs!

The next animal you might not be so familiar with are Vombats. Big bois that love a cuddle and they’ll give you some hearty milk. And let’s not forget about Pleeps! These platypus looking animals need a nice cozy den and a little swimming hole. Then they’ll grow some thick fur for you to shear and sell.


Explore The Island – Fish & Catch Bugs

The Aussie Outback is full of wildlife! Some such as fish and insects are fun to catch and you can sell them or donate them to the museum. Others however are deadly predators and if you’re not careful you might just be punched in the face by a Roo! Attack creatures head-on or capture them with traps, it’s up to you how to survive.


Dinkum Has Co-Op

Dinkum will have an online co-op mode where your friends can help you construct buildings, shop at your stores, go fishing, race Emus, fight crocodiles much more! Farming together makes the work go by a lot quicker and is a lot more fun!



Dinkum is being developed solo by the one man band James Bendon of Townsville and is being published by The Irregular Corporation. Right now the game is only being developed for the PC but we’ll update this article if it comes to the PlayStation or Nintendo Switch.

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