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Citizen Sleeper – All Endings Guide

Just in case you missed it, there’s this small indie game called Citizen Sleeper that launched on Steam last month and it’s the very definition of a diamond in the rough. You could even say that it’s a sleeper hit (get it?).

Dad jokes aside, Citizen Sleeper combines excellent dialogue with even-better world-building all the while capturing the feeling of building a little life. If you loved games like Disco Elysium, then Citizen Sleeper is right up your alley. We’re sincerely hoping this game gets the recognition it deserves and, just like Disco Elysium, gets a Final Cut with full voice acting, among other things.

As it is, Citizen Sleeper is a solid 5 to 6-hour trip (if not longer) that’s very replayable because it has multiple endings. Below, we’ll guide you through the 9 different Citizen Sleeper endings, what they are, and how to get each one.


How many Citizen Sleeper endings are there in total?

Without going through much if any of the plot and spoiling you of a story that should be for your eyes online, we’ll tell you that there are 9 Citizen Sleeper endings. The most interesting part here is that all 9 endings are distinct from each other, so it’s always worth experiencing each one to see which one you like the most.


What’s the best Citizen Sleeper ending?

For me, personally, it’s the last ending. If you decline the option to leave in endings 1, 2, 5, or 7, you can complete everything that Citizen Sleeper has to offer. After that, you’re left with nothing but yourself and nothing else to do other than exist. Admittedly, it’s a sad ending when you think about it since you don’t get a proper conclusion for your Citizen Sleeper playthrough, but it’s also why we like it.

Most games carelessly give you an open-ended endgame where you can do whatever you want, but the way that Citizen Sleeper works is that you’re left wondering if the decision was all worth it.

The final “unofficial” ending leaves you with a profound feeling that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.


How to get all 9 Citizen Sleeper endings

Before anything else, let’s talk about what the endings mean in Citizen Sleeper. When talking about denouements in this hit title, it means the end for each character’s questline and not just yours.


“Grow Vast and Strange” and “Warm and Light”

This is one of the two endings that you can get when you complete the NEOVEND the Vending Machine’s Questline. At the end of the quest, you can choose to keep or execute NEOVEND. If you choose the former, you’ll get access to the Aviary where you’ll harvest a mystery seed that will transform you into a program of sorts. This will unlock the “Grow Vast and Strange” achievement.

However, if you refuse to keep NEOVEND and instead execute him, you won’t have to become a program. If you do this, you will unlock the “Warm and Light” ending.


“A Long Journey to a Small Unknown Planet”, “The Three-Body Problem”, “Left Behind”, and “Solo Ticket”

The Lem and Mina Questline can yield four different endings depending on your choices. The first one, “A Long Journey to a Small Unknown Planet”, is the result of leaving The Eye with both Lem and Mina. However, before you get a chance to leave The Eye with Mina and Lem, the questline gives you Celis IDs.

If you destroy the said IDs, the three of you won’t be able to leave on the Sidereal Horizon. A few days later, you’ll fail the “Drive: Escape on the Horizon” quest as you, Lem, and Mina, watch it depart without the three of you. This will result in completing “The Three Body Problem” ending.

On the other hand, if you choose to let Lem and Mina leave without you, you will unlock the “Left Behind” ending.

Finally, the last potential ending to the Lem & Mina Questline involves not having babysat for Mina at all. This way, you can leave without Lem and Mina with you. The “Solo Ticket” name is probably because you’ll be leaving alone.


“Starward Passage” and “The Fixed Stars”

To unlock “Starward Passage”, you’ll have to complete the Bliss the Ship Mechanic’s Questline. If you see the quest to the end and complete all of her risky tasks, she grants you a final quest that will give you the option to hop on board and leave The Eye. However, you can choose to stay and unlock “The Fixed Stars” ending.


“Sleeping Citizen”

The ninth ending, “Sleeping Citizen”, is considered a secret achievement or ending. Unlike the other 8, which trigger an achievement on Steam and consoles, completing Sleeping Citizen doesn’t. All you have to do to “unlock” this hidden Citizen Sleeper achievement is to refuse to leave The Eye whenever the opportunity presents itself.

This allows you to complete everything else that Citizen Sleeper has to offer but will leave you with a void because you don’t have anything else to do outside of existing.


You should play Citizen Sleeper today!

Citizen Sleeper is a game that’s best played, experienced, and felt. It’s difficult to describe how good of a game it is, and we agree that it’s not right up everyone’s alley. If you have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, you’ll get Citizen Sleeper for free, so the “risk” of not liking the game is virtually next to none.

The least you can do if you are a Game Pass subscriber is to give it a try. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll spend five hours completing Citizen Sleeper and possibly seeing all 9 endings, making it the perfect game to end in one sitting.

Climactic with good music and simple but engrossing gameplay as well as impeccable writing, Citizen Sleeper is worth buying if you’re looking for something quick and different.

Citizen Sleeper is a short game that’s packed with beauty – you owe it to yourself to play it. There are also three free DLC story episodes that are coming to the game with the first out this month.