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Moon Knight – Easter Eggs You Missed

The final episode of Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight is out so while we wait for (hopefully) a next season let’s go hunting for some easter eggs! For those of you that have watched the series, it may be easy to forget that Moon Knight is a Marvel hero. Largely because the series is taking place with almost no crossover from the main Marvelverse. This is probably largely to set up the ever-expanding lore that introduces a whole new set of beings – the Ennead. Aka the pantheon of Egyptian gods.

The showrunners have hidden some sneaky eggs in the series however for the most eagle-eyed of Marvel comic book fans however. So let us know if you spotted all of these ones!

– – – Spoiler Warning – – –


Jean-Paul “Frenchie” Duchamp

If you’ve read the comics, or our Moon Knight origin article you’ll know who Frenchie is. He’s Marc Spector’s best friend and fellow mercenary and in the comics accompanies Moon Knight. While he is missing from the TV series, his name does get a mention in the first episode.

After Steven finds Marc’s hidden phone you’ll see a missed call from Layla as well as Duchamp. Frenchie’s last name. While it looks like the Moon Knight series won’t be including him, it’s nice to see him mentioned here at least.


Konshu Calling Layla “Little Bug”

Konshu trying to appeal to Layla by calling her the endearment “little bug” is a reference to her father calling her “little scarab”. In fact, a lot of this scarab talk and her scarab jewellery choices etc. is all just foreshadowing for her transformation into the ‘Scarlet Scarab’.


Tarawet’s Scarab

Maybe this isn’t so much of an easter egg since Layla becomes Taweret’s avatar, so it’s likely they have similar costumes. But it’s very much in line with Layla’s Scarlet Scarab narrative.



When Layla and Marc go to meet Anton Mogart he mentions that he and Layla have a history in Madripoor.

Madripoor is the fictional city mentioned in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and has important links to mutants and the X-Men in the comics. It served as the home base for Sharon Carter’s rise to becoming the Power Broker so this got some fans thinking that Layla and Sharon could know each other.


The Goldfish Is Living In the Duat

It’s not really a coincidence that Steven’s goldfish has the same boat that Taweret sails on in the Field of Reeds.


Jake Lockley’s Limo Plate

In the Marvel comics, Jake Lockley drove a taxi, so could this be a homage to that?. In fact, speaking from the comic side of things it’s likely that this is also a homage to Steven Grant’s persona who is a millionaire in the original script. In any case, the licence plate on Jake Lockley’s limo read “SPKTR.” Obviously, a nod to Marc Spector, and an exact replica from the comic.


Werewolf by Night #32

All Marvel fans know by now that if there’s a QR code on the show, pause it and scan!

Throughout the Moon Knight series if you’ve spotted the QR codes and scanned them you’ll get access to some free digital comics. For example, in the first episode, the code – seen on the wall of the museum above – would reveal a free digital copy of Werewolf by Night #32, Moon Knight’s first appearance ever.


Last QR Code Introduces Kang The Conqueror

The last QR code at the ending of Moon Knight will lead you to the comic Moon Knight Annual #1. In this story Moon Knight faces off with Kang the Conqueror who was also hinted at in Loki. Meaning that he could be the MCU’s new overarching villain.