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Little Witch In The Woods – Beginner’s Guide

Little Witch in the Woods by Sunny Side Up tells the story of Ellie Blueriver, an apprentice witch. Playing as Ellie, you’ll explore the mystical forest, help the charming residents, and experience the daily life of the witch.

To complete her training at Witch School she now needs to do a practical sort of internship in order to graduate. To do this she must help the nearby village and its villagers as part of her training. Use everything you’ve learned at school from material gathering and making potions in order to help restore life to this village.

Little Witch In The Woods is still in early access, so expect some changes to the game’s full release. We’ll try and keep this updated as often as possible.


Focus On Increasing Your Bag Size

Little Witch In The Woods will have you running around on adventures collecting many items and ingredients. Which will lead you to run out of bag space in your inventory pretty quickly. You can store items in your chest in the Witch’s Workplace but all that running back and forth can get a bit tiresome. So you’ll probably want to increase your bag space asap!

You begin the game with 8 inventory slots in your bag. To get the rest you’ll need to purchase more inventory space from Aurea. Aurea will move to the village after you’ve destroyed the prickly vines. Just cough up 250 gold coins in expand your inventory by 4 spaces. A later upgrade of 4 more spaces will cost you 500 gold coins. In total, you’ll be able to double your bag size to 16 with a whopping 750 gold coins.


Getting Gold Coins

Following off that last tip 750 gold is quite a sum of money for a Little Witch In The Woods, so here’s how to make the scratch.

By far the best way to earn gold coins is to complete the potion delivery side quests for Aurea. These are only available once you’ve unlocked Wisteria.

Each day, you’ll be able to speak to Aurea and ask her about potion deliveries. She’ll give you a task to deliver a certain amount of a specific potion for a set amount of gold. If you accept, you’ll be required to bring her the required potions by the end of the next day (she closes for the night at 6 pm). Make sure to only accept if you can definitely deliver – you’ll lose trust with Aurea if you don’t.

To deliver the potions, speak to her and choose the ‘*Delivering Aurea’s Potions*’ option under the ‘Training Activity’ dialogue category. After delivering the potions, you’ll be given the agreed-upon amount of gold.

If you don’t want to commit to Aurea’s delivery side quests, you could just sell random potions and candies to Aurea but it won’t make you as much money as the delivery side quests.


Getting Luna Coins

Gold Coins are used to purchase anything from non-witches. If you’re looking to make money to spend in the Witches’ Catalogue, you’ll need to earn Luna Coins. Luna Coins are a witch-specific currency that Ellie can only use with Diane.

Similar to gold coins you can do this by selling potions and completing potion delivery side quests but this time for Diane. Speak to Diane each day and ask her about potion deliveries. Just like Aurea she’ll give you a task for a set amount of Luna coins.

Similar to Gold Coins you can also sell random potions and candies to Diane for Luna Coins. But similar to Aurea it won’t make you as much money as the delivery side quests.


Save Inventory Space By Processing Ingredients

Now that you’re making some money and getting more inventory space don’t be afraid to collect as many resources as possible. Nearly every potion or candy ingredient requires two of the raw material to make.

That being said, save your inventory by grabbing everything two at a time so you can instantly process them into the ingredient and not hold on to any extras.


Broom Beginner’s Guide

Any good Witch worth her salt will have a Broom to fly around in! The Broom is a useful mode of transport as it lets you fly around faster.

To get one for yourself simply speak to Diane when she first appears in the Witch’s Garden. Sign up for the Witche’s Catalogue and you’ll be given the broom as a free gift! Diane will appear in the garden the day after you see the crow in the garden.

The Broom has a sort of stamina bar which depletes with prolonged use. Once the bar is empty, you’ll need to collect some sticks or mud and then use them to repair the broom on the workbench in the Witch’s workspace. Sticks are probably the easiest choice, just shake trees in Green Forest Plains to get your sticks. The more sticks or mud you use to repair the broom, the more replenished the broom’s “stamina” bar will be.


Keep Some Potions On You

As you explore the forest, you’ll notice things like wilted plants or pumpkin vines. While you do have to clear away a lot of these to progress in the story, some just prevent you from grabbing useful items like chalk. To avoid having to run back and forth, you should keep a small amount of Weed Terminating Potions and Nutrition Potions on you.

The Weed Terminator Potion is a recipe already within your Witch’s Encyclopedia. It requires Squishychub Fur Extract and Witchflower extract.

Use the Weed Terminator Potion to temporarily get rid of Little Honey Pumpkin weeds. Just aim the potion and throw it, then quickly locate the nucleus to destroy them permanently. You’ll want to make this potion quite frequently as there are a fair few different areas blocked by Little Honey Pumpkins.

The Nutrition Potion Recipe can be purchased from Diane’s Witches’ Catalogue for 10 Luna Coins. You’ll need Silver Starbell Pollen Extract, Maple Herb Extract and Bush Bug Extract in order to make it.

Nutrition Potions can be used to harvest Bird Flowers from Sprout Birds. As well as to grow beanstalks. Simply throw a nutrition potion at the stump of a beanstalk to grow it. This can be used to cross into new areas and secret places.


Little Witch In The Woods

Little Witch In The Woods launched on early access on Steam on the 17th of May. The full release is expected to happen sometime in 2023 on the Xbox, PC and Mac. There’s no confirmed release for other consoles yet, but this has Nintendo Switch written all over it.

Storywise the early access game features the prologue and one chapter of gameplay. While the full version will bring with it the prologue, three chapters, and the ending.

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