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Afterimage – Metroidvania Adventure Funded Over 600% On Kickstarter

The gorgeous hand-drawn 2D animated action-adventure game Afterimage has wrapped up their very successful Kickstartercampaign. Their initial funding goal of HKD$117,384 / USD$14,978 was hit in just 40 hours and has since closed up at HKD$729,949 / USD$92,000. That’s 600% more than what the game needed and the additional campaign support from over 2,500 backers have unlocked tons of extra new features.

Developed by Aurogan Shanghai, Afterimage is set in a post apocalyptic world where the greed of man has led to their ruin. We follow our protagonist Renee, an amnesiac girl seeking to recover her memories and reveal the hidden secrets of the past, but unaware of the change she is bringing to this world.

Afterimage is planned to release in November 2022 on the PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC – Steam.



Inspired by legendary Metroidvania games like Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night and Ori and the Blind ForestAfterimage takes place in the imaginative world of Engardin. Once a magnificent realm of magical life and fantastic beasts, the land has been ravaged by the folly of human ambition and warfare. A calamitous event has ruined the land, corrupting the souls and behavior of native species and humans alike. Embark on a journey as Renee, a girl who lost her memory during the great catastrophe, as she retraces her steps to uncover past memories. 

Next let’s take a look at combat, in Afterimage, you can form your own combat style by choosing different main weapons and sub-weapon. There are 5 types of main weapons, and each one offers you different attack moves along with 5 unique skills.

The sub-weapons are differentiated by function, providing things like fire support, elemental buffs, or additional healing spells. You can equip 2 main weapons and 1 sub-weapon at a time. A flexible choice will grant you an easier adventure, but whether to choose weapons effective against your enemies or to master your favorite set is up to the player.

There will be at least 15 over areas in the world of Afterimage. Each one has its own background and environment with lore-related enemies wandering around. Similarly, the platforming challenge will differ as the area changes. Meet NPCs along the way. Talk, trade with them, or finish their quests to learn about your new friends, to discover their backstories and the agendas they possess.


Play The Demo

With the huge success of its Kitckstarter, Afterimage now has multiple stretch goals that have been reached for the game. This means more content, including new gameplay areas, a traditional Castlevania-style boss rush area, dubbed cutscenes, more equipment, a new weapon class, and even a brand new character! The additional character will be available as DLC, but those who backed the game will receive them for free as a nice little bonus.

If you’d like to try out the game before you buy you can download the free playable demo of Afterimage from Steam. Before it launches Q4 of 2022.