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Stardew Valley – New Rules For Your Next Playthrough

Stardew Valley is arguably one of the best games out there and the reason we love it is because it’s peaceful. The game has been out for a while and undoubtedly you’ve probably “finished” it and restarted it many times. Don’t get me wrong there’s plenty to do in Stardew Valley but what do you think about replaying the game with some fun new rules?

Now, these rules are more like fun personality types that you can give your character. And just like life, this should affect your gameplay. For example, if you’re vegan in real life why not make your Stardew Valley character vegan as well? Don’t produce any animal products, instead, simply grow and live off vegetables. Maybe your character is afraid of the dark so when the sun sets then you’re in bed early.

These fun little personality characteristics and self-imposed rules will give you a whole new challenge on your next Stardew Valley playthrough!


The Vegan Farmer

Rule: Don’t sell or create any animal products.

Since the vegan farmer was our first example, let’s get right into it. As a vegan you can’t be having a farm that makes and sells milk, eggs or cheese can you? This even includes fishing. No animal products of any kind. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep any cows on your farm, just don’t milk them! It can be your wonderful farm sanctuary for them.

As a vegan, you might even be a pacifist. So if you want to give yourself even more of a challenge you could add in the rule to not kill the monsters in the mines! I mean this is arguable because they are out to kill you but it could be a fun additional challenge.


The Forager

Rule: Don’t grow anything on your farm. Make your living off the land – fishing, foraging and mining.

You know what being a farmer is hard. Every day getting up to rake dirt, water crops and feed animals. In this playthrough, you can say goodbye to all of that and live your life as a forager! Your backstory can include poor quality soil on your grandfather’s land. Or just an aversion to all things farming. Instead, you spend your days out in the world benefiting from Mother Earth’s natural bounty. Looking for fruits, chopping and selling wood and fishing the ocean. Even digging through other people’s trash counts! You are a forager after all.

This is a completely different way to play Stardew Valley but it’s certainly doable and fun!


The Archaeologist

Rule: Don’t sell any duplicate artefacts.

Reddit user Penkala89 plays Stardew Valley with one small amendment. Don’t sell any duplicate artefacts, because looting damages the archaeological record. Instead, they have a shed set up as a curation facility with artefacts organized in chests based on where in town they were recovered, and another shed set up as a museum. They even have a rotating exhibit that changes every once in a while.

Fun fact the user is in grad school for archaeology so it’s great they get to live out their dreams as a museum curator in Stardew Valley! Maybe you can too?


The Brew Master

Rule: Make your money only by selling beer, wine or ale. Only grow the crops that support this purpose.

Stardew Valley has a wide variety of alcoholic beverages that you can brew up on your farm. So why not make that your sole focus! I’m sure all of us have had a friend or have tried microbrewing before. Now you can see what it’s like to live that life full time! Additionally, your farm should be set up to support your brewery only. So no additional crops are to be grown even if it’s just to give as gifts.

As the town’s local brewery your grange display should be 100% beers and wines, and the same goes for gifts to other characters. Get ready to be best friends with Pam.


The Artisan

Rule: Only Sell Gold Star Artisinal Products.

In the same vein, as the brewery rule if you find that too limiting. You could also turn your farm into an artisanal farm-to-table experience. You’ll only sell the finest cheese, preserves, honey and such. Your vineyards will be picture perfect for visitors that will visit. You can even add in a house that looks like an elegant wine tasting bar or bistro. Live up your bougie life fantasy!


The Anti-Capitalist

Rule: No purchasing anything from Joja or Pierre.

Your character came to the farm to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its capitalistic ways. Here in Stardew Valley, you’re going to live off the land and show the world that capitalism has no hold on you! I first saw this rule on YouTuber CharlieBarley who has a video up of her 100-day anti-capitalist run. Check it out if you’re interested in how this one is going to go!

Her character’s aim is to start her own farmer’s market which is great! Except you realise pretty quickly you won’t be able to purchase any seeds. Weeding and such can only get you so far. And the worst part of all of this? Your backpack is going to have to stay at the same time. Worth it though to stay off the yoke of capitalism!


The Florist

Rule: Only grow flowers.

Your character is a florist who has moved from the city to live the dream of opening up her own flower farm and sharing the joys of flowers with everyone. There’s quite a fun number of products you can get from just flowers such as honey, soil, sunflower seeds and the such. A person that loves flowers this much will probably have them on hand to give away to everyone they meet (even if it’s not optimal for friendship).

I can just imagine how beautiful this flower farm is going to be!


The Chef

Rule: Only make money selling completed dishes. Crops are grown solely for cooking, with no raw sales.

You’ve inherited a farm but in your heart, you’ve always wanted to be a chef. So in this case you can be both! The best chefs know that you need to have the best ingredients at your beck and call. Your days are going to revolve around your menu and ingredients list. Planning what crops to grow for what dish. Shopping and fishing for exactly what you need at home. You’ll want to be able to have made all 74 of Stardew Valley’s recipes as well.

For an extra challenge, or a variation in the rule maybe your character could be a baker focusing on sweet treats? Or a specialist in top-of-the-range seafood dishes? A grill master chef?


I think by now you’re getting the idea of these DIY Stardew Valley rules. If you’re looking for new ways to play the game you should definitely try one of these! Or make up your own. Honestly, this list could go on forever. In addition to one of these rules, you can give yourself extra challenges. Be a Cassanova and get all the marriage candidates to 10 hearts. There are no limits to the way you can play Stardew Valley and that’s the best part.

For more games like Stardew Valley be sure to check out our list here! Or write down in the comments below what would make a fun rule for our next playthrough!