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Horizon Forbidden West – How To Get The Oseram Artificer Armor Set

The Oseram Artificer Outfit is one of the best armors in Horizon: Forbidden West. It is a Warrior armor with high starting stats at its base level and it can be upgraded to Level 5.

The Oseram Artificer set is easily the most difficult of Horizon Forbidden West‘s Legendary armor sets to obtain. But it is arguably one of the best armors in the game. The armor has the highest melee stats in the game when fully upgraded and skills that boost melee and power attacks while buffing resonator buildup and how long enemies stay energized. This armor can turn Aloy into the ultimate melee machine. Moreover, when the armor is combined with the overshield valor surge, the player is nearly invincible with a refilling shield shrugging off most attacks and quickly getting into melee range.

The set as well has two unlockable bonus weaves – Melee Damage and Critical Strike+.

Resistance TypeBase ResistanceUpgraded Resistance
Acid 3656

This is an armor for the mosre aggressive player, if that’s you then this is going to be Aloy’s best armor. The sets only downside is that without overshield valor surge, you may be more vulnerable to the larger combat machines. Or will need to watch out more on higher difficulty levels. Other than that you’re going to find this amazing.

In order to obtain the Oseram Artificer, you’ll need to complete all 17 Salvage contracts in the game. These quests become available once you’ve completed the Main Quest – The Embassy, and Keruf can return to his main camp.

Here’s exactly what to do to get the Oseram Artificer armor set:


1. Locate and Speak To Keruf

Location: Southwest of Barren Light

Keruf is the leader of the Salvage hunters and has challenged his crew to enter a competition to see who can make the best armor. You’ll be helping his crew consisting of Larend, Runda, Handa and Danur on this particular quest.

You’ll start with Larend, who’s the first of the Salvage Hunters and the lowest challenge level, so a particularly good place to start. She’ll be standing with Keruf, really near Barren Light where you first enter the Forbidden West after the appearance of Regalla’s crew. 


2. Complete All The Salvage Contracts


  • Southwest of Barren Light
  • Northwest of Hidden Ember
  • East of Thornmarsh
  • Northeast of Scalding Spear

After Larend, you’ll have to find and help Runda, Handa and Danur with each of their requests. Each of the Salvage hunters will require a very specific machine part to complete each Salvage contract. The other three Salvage hunters can be found around the Forbidden West. You’ll find them at the locations above.

Make sure to check the contract before you start taking down machines as you may need to remove certain parts first. Scan each target with your focus, and use the ‘Tag part’ feature to highlight the bit you need to knock off in pink. That should make it easier to dial in on your mechanical target. 


3. Fulfil All The Requests And Return To Keruf

When you’re done with all the Salvage contracts head back to Keruf. When you arrive Keruf will be judging the armors that you help forge. But instead of declaring a winner, Keruf will say that the armors did not meet his requirements and will sell them instead. Aloy will suggest he combine all the good pieces of each armor to create a new one.

And TA-DA! the Oseram Artificer is born!


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