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Horizon Forbidden West – Complete Machine Bestiary


An enormous, fast combat machine that can lash out from long range. Once it assumes a coiled stance, it has access to its full arsenal as its rotating body snaps into place.

Class: CombatLevel: 28 / 48 (Apex)
Weakness: Fire, Frost, PlasmaStrength: Acid, Shock, Purgewater
Override: Cauldron: KAPPAWeak Point: Data Nexus
Variants: Apex

Slitherfangs are machines that resemble gigantic cobras or rattlesnakes because of its tail. You’ll find Slitherfang living solitarily coiled around ruins. Their body is composed of multiple segments that can freely spin, allowing it to move like a snake. Unlike other machines, Slitherfangs appear to exist only for combat. They can spit acid, similar to how some snakes spit venom and their hood can fire a sonic stunning blast, as well as unleash a shock attack from their tails.

The data nexus of the Slitherfang is at the back of the neck.


Specter & Specter Prime

The Specter is a highly advanced, mobile combat drone. Its gold armor-like plates can morph into highly lethal weapons and can gravitationally reattach when torn off. While the Specter Prime is the ultimate Far Zenith exoframe. It can morph into multiple forms, with gold armour-like plates becoming devastating weapons that can gravitationally reattach when torn off.

Class: CombatLevel: 25 / 45 (Prime)
Weakness: Acid, PlasmaStrength: Shock, Fire, Purgewater
Override: NoneWeak Point: Control Nexus (Prime)
Variants: Specter Prime

Specters were first created by Far Zenith during their residence on Sirius. They’re heavily advanced combat machines that can rapidly change forms with tentacles and various cannons to adjust to any threat. Specters have gold-plated armour that can turn into weapons and then gravitationally reattach themselves.

Specter Prime is the final boss of the game’s main story and it’s very much the upgraded version of the Specter with its ability to transform into multiple forms. It is capable of numerous attacks, as well as regenerating from damage. There is only one of these in the game so remember to scan it to enter it into your compendium.



An acquisition machine that liquefies resources of the soil to extract them. It retreats if provoked, leaving clouds of vapour that strengthen allies or weaken enemies.

Class: AcquisitionLevel: 14 / 24 (Apex)
Weakness: Fire, PurgewaterStrength: Shock
Override: Cauldron: CHIVariants: Apex

The Spikesnout is a mix of an anteater, with the head and body, and a skunk.  While capable of defending themselves, their real danger is in how they buff nearby foes. They’re capable of spraying machines with amplifying gas or hindering enemies with damage or stamina dampening gas. They’re capable of enraging other machines and vastly increasing their damage output so make sure to shoot off their sacs first.



A flying machine that absorbs solar energy and is often found in groups. It has a variety of plasma attacks, while its energy shields and manoeuvrability make it hard to hit.

Class: AcquisitionLevel: 20
Weakness: PurgewaterStrength: Plasma
Override: Cauldron: GEMINIMountable: Yes
Variants: None

The Sunwings are a new flying type that patrols the skies of the Forbidden West, travelling alone or in small groups. They bear a strong resemblance to pterosaurs and can use the solar panels in their wings to gather and store energy, enabling them to undergo long flights. Sunwings are particularly fast and agile in the air.

The Sunwing is so far the only flying machine that Aloy can mount.



A large powerful acquisition machine that filters sediment for resources. Whether on land or in water, it weaponizes Purgewater for devastating attacks.

Class: AcquisitionLevel: 26 / 44 (Apex)
Weakness: Frost, ShockStrength: Fire, Purgewater
Override: Cauldron: KAPPAWeak Points: Heart, Exhaust Port
Variants: Apex

The Tideripper is a massive Plesiosaur-esque machine that inhabits the underwater portions of the Forbidden West. It’s an aquatic machine that uses filters sediments for resources. When attacking the Tideripper uses a spinning disc to send Purgewater attacks everywhere. And it is one of the few machines that can attack on both land and in water.



An enormous combat machine whose slow speed is offset by thick armour plates and multiple ranged weapon systems.

Class: AcquisitionLevel: 35 / 56 (Apex)
Weakness: FrostStrength: Fire
Override: Cauldron: KAPPAWeak Point: Heat Sink
Variants: Apex

The Tremortusk is a massive, mammoth-like creature that is as dangerous if discovered in the wild. However, when decked out for warfare by a human tribe like the Tenakth, it becomes a huge threat. Tremortusks were explicitly designed as combat machines to keep humans from overrunning the ecosystem. This fearsome machine is packed to the brim with various weaponry, including a flamethrower in its trunk.



An amphibious machine that vacuums up resources into its jaws for processing. In combat, it turns this ability into a variety of dangerous attacks.

Class: AcquisitionLevel: 15 / 27 (Apex)
Weakness: PurgewaterStrength: Fire, Frost, Shock, Acid, Plasma
Override: Cauldron: MUWeak Point: Vaccum Chamber
Variants: Apex

The Widemaw is fashioned after the hippopotamus and like the Plowhorn, its duty is to distribute seeds across the earth. They use the large vacuum tube in their “throat” to pull in any threat and chomp it flat with their mouth. The vacuum can also be used to suck in dirt and rock to shoot over long distances.


So there we have it all the new machines in Horizon Forbidden West! Depending on whether we’re getting a DLC we’ll update this bad boy. In the meantime, you can click here for more of the game’s guides and news!

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