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Horizon Forbidden West – Complete Machine Bestiary


An acrobatic transport machine equipped with an Acid/Blaze Canister. Its cargo can be deployed to aid allies or weaponized for its attacks.

Class: TransportLevel: 13 / 21 (Apex)
Weakness: PurgewaterStrength: Shock
Override: Cauldron: IOTAVariants: Acid, Fire, Frost, Apex

Leaplashers are designed after kangaroos. Where the pouch would be, these machines have a magnetic Cargo Claw, which allows them to transport cargo pods. They can use this claw when threatened to grab and pin opponents down so they can kick them away with their legs. The Leaplasher is incredibly agile and can hop around quickly, making it difficult to hit weak spots even with Concentration. It is able to electrify its legs and tail, resulting in dangerous jumping strikes. 



An acquisition machine that plows the soil before sowing fertilizer and seeds. It leaves a trail of fast-growing plants and a cloud of dust that can be used for stealth.

Class: AcquisitionLevel: 12 / 22 (Apex)
Weakness: AcidStrength: Frost, Purgewater
Override: Repair Bay: TAUMountable: No
Variants: Apex

The Plowhorn like the name suggests’ primary function is to plough the soil and sow seeds. It uses its horn and long tail to plough the land as it dispenses seeds from sacs on its sides. When in danger the Plowhorn can use these horns to charge and eject adhesion substances or launch seed bombs to hide itself.

During the Derangement, the once peaceful Plowhorns became hostile upon approach. In recent seasons, they began over-fertilizing the soil around Plainsong, making it incredibly susceptible to the Red Blight. In addition, they stopped visiting the Repair-Bay, leading to their slow wearing and eventual breakdown.



A heavily armored transport machine that can launch into a rolling attack. Its Gravity Generator allows it to reattach armor plates after they have been torn off.

Class: TransportLevel: 22
Weakness: Acid, FrostStrength: Frost, Shock, Acid
Override: Cauldron: IOTAWeak Point: Thruster
Variants: Apex

Rollerbacks are vaguely armadillo-esque machines that use magnets to hold their armor plating on their back. As the name suggests they roll over their enemies, crushing them under heavy metal. The Rollerback can also use the scales on its body as aerial projectiles and then magnetically recall them back to itself. A container-like object hangs from its belly, somewhat like the cargo container of a Behemoth. And their purpose is to supposedly transport precious cargo. Like the Behemoth, the claw holding the container can be shot off, allowing the crate it was holding to be looted.



An agile scavenger, often seen in packs. It can swiftly consume torn off machine parts, close in to bite enemies or hurl shock attacks from afar.

Class: AcquisitionLevel: 8 / 14 (Apex)
Weakness: Acid, Frost, Shock (Apex)Strength: None
Override: Cauldron: MUVariants: Sentry, Apex

Similar to Scrappers, Scroungers are small acquisition machines that resemble a hyena. They can use their circular saw mandibles to quickly tear off pieces of dead machines for gathering and recycling. The Scrounger has a sentry variant that is nearly the same, but its back is replaced with an antenna.



A large combat machine equipped with a shell that absorbs attacks, converting and storing the energy to power devastating attacks.

Class: CombatLevel: 27 / 42 (Apex)
Weakness: Acid, FireStrength: Frost, Plasma, Fire (Apex)
Override: Cauldron: CHIWeak Point: Kinetic Dynamo
Variants: Apex

Shellsnappers resemble an enormous snapping turtle. Their purpose is to guard shores and swamps and are some of the rare amphibious machines in Horizon Forbidden West. The Shellsnapper can dig itself in and lie dormant for weeks, during which its impenetrable shell can become covered by the surrounding foliage. Packed to the brim with weapons, Shellsnappers use devastating Cryo attacks, while their heavy armour protects them from most threats. Their shell has the ability to turn damage into energy due to the kinetic dynamo under it. You’ll only be able to defeat it once the main shell is completely off.



A gliding machine that easily spots and tracks potential threats. Whether in the air or on the ground, it is fast and agile and can lash out with its razor-sharp tail and wingtips.

Class: ReconnaissanceLevel: 16 / 26 (Apex)
Weakness: FrostStrength: Fire
Override: Cauldron: IOTAWeak Point: Booster
Variants: Apex


The Skydrifter is an aerial recon machine, that glides a few meters above the ground and watches for threats over acquisition machines below. Their eye is equipped with an advanced scanning unit able to detect any threat, even while hiding in the tall grass. The unit on its chest is also able to spray an enemy, so it can be found if it goes back into stealth. When they land, they’re capable of dishing out surprising damage with super-sharp wingblades and a fierce tail.



A formidable and deadly combat machine. After its Plasma Energizers charge up, its attacks are enhanced with Plasma and it can unleash devastating special abilities.

Class: CombatLevel: 45 / 64 (Apex)
Weakness: Frost, PurgewaterStrength: Fire, Shock, Acid, Plasma
Override: Cauldron: KAPPAWeak Points: Plasma Core & Energizer
Variants: Apex

Like all combat class machines, the Slaughterspines were created by the rogue HEPHAESTUS with the sole purpose of combating humans and curtailing the hunting of various machines. Slaughterspines like other behemoth machines are solitary and do not travel in groups. They can be frequently found along coasts, patrolling the beaches and attacking any human on sight.

The Slaughterspine is one of the most dangerous machines in Horizon Forbidden West. They are a combination of agility and power, with a large arsenal of Plasma attacks, as well as incredibly heavy armour which makes damaging the machine difficult. While the Slaughterspine is incredibly deadly with its plasma attacks, it will need time to recharge.

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