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All Women Esports With The UniPin Ladies Series MYSG

Women in gaming has been increasing exponentially in the last decade. Even this website is run by a female gamer. But what you don’t really see are all women esports teams. There’s plenty of dudes but not so much women. In 2020, statistics from Google and Niko Partners show that 40-45% of gamers in Asia are women. That’s almost half the people playing, and yet that’s not equally represented in the world of competitive esports.

To encourage the participation of female players, UniPin (Universal Pin) is pioneering an all women esports platform – the UniPin Ladies Series MYSG. The event was developed to provide women a platform to showcase their skills and talents. This year the teams have a chance to win from a prize pool worth RM7,500.


Why The UniPin Ladies Series?

So you may be thinking why do we need an all women’s esports league? Well, Debora Imanuella, SVP UniPin Community, explains that this will help provide a platform for women teams in Malaysia and Singapore. They’re hoping to create a welcoming community which encourages more women to take part in esports tournaments at any level.

“We are glad to present the opportunity for every female gamer in Malaysia to compete and showcase their skills with confidence. The UniPin Ladies Series is not just another esports tournament, but the perfect stage for female gamers in Malaysia to enter the competitive scene and act as a steppingstone for pro female players to reach a higher level in the Southeast Asia region.”.

Debora Imanuella, SVP UniPin Community

The UniPin Ladies Series Competition Details

The UniPin Ladies Series MYSG 2022‘s esports game is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The registration for the tournament will run from April 21st until May 10th, 2022. You can register your interest here – https://www.seaca.gg/ .

The open qualifier stage will take place from May 12th to May 14th. And the rest of the competition will run from May 19th to June 4th. Followed by the play-off stage from 10th to 19th of June.

In addition to winning the lion’s share of the RM7,500 prize pool, the best team from Malaysia and Singapore will also represent their respective countries at the UniPin Ladies Series Southeast Asia Invitational.


Where Can You Watch The Tournament?

The tournament will stream on UniPin’s YouTube channel, Facebook page and TikTok.

For more details and information on the tournament check out www.seaca.gg or Instagram @unipin_malaysia, @unipincommunity, and @unipinladiesseries.