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Sun Haven – Male Romance Guide

Sun Haven is a fantasy farming RPG that has a whole lot to do. But one of the things you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time with is the romance system. There are 15 characters for you to date (even more than one) and eventually marry and have kids if you want to. Relationships start off like most IRL, you start as friends and then after a few dates, some deep conversation, you can start dating! It’s best to have an idea of what you’re getting into to optimise the best gifts to give them. Gold doesn’t grow on trees!

In this guide, we’ll show you all 8 of the romanceable male characters. Do note that Sun Haven is currently in early access and things are bound to change. We’ll do our best to keep you updated!


If you want to read about the female romance characters, tab this link open too!



Image Credit: ChromaGlitch

Claude is Sun Haven’s reclusive genius. This musical prodigy came here to get distance from the Great City and focus only on his craft. He aims for perfection and can be sensitive about his work since his music is his mental retreat.

LocationSun Haven
Claude’s House 8 AM – 10 PM
Favourite GiftsRed Veggie Soup,  Tomato Soup,  Record, Havenite
Liked GiftsRecord Player, Tomato, Spaghetti, Cinnamon Apple Pie
Disliked GiftsSpicy Ramen

Is this moody artist the one for you? Searching for perfection is hard and often times Claude is living in his own world. If you want to be the one to break him out of his musical downpour then give him his favourite Tomato-based items. From soups to spaghetti, the boy loves him some tomato! That of course and music, Records and a Record Player will make him happy as well.

Reward Gifts

  • Claude’s House Key
  • Claude Record (Level 5)
  • Piano (Level 8)

Claude’s Daily Schedule

Claude has two schedules that he alternates between each sunny day and one that he uses during rainy days. A rainy day will replace any subsequent sunny day schedule.

TimeSunny Day #1Sunny Day #2Rainy Day
7:00 AMAt homeAt homeAt home all day
12:00 PMWalks toward Record Store.Walks towards the Tavern
1:30 PMIn the Record Store
2:00 PMIn the Tavern
6:00 PMWalks home
7:30 PMOn the left of his house.
8:00 PMWalks home
9:30 PMEnters home for the night.
10:00 PMEnters home for the night.


The Demon Prince of Withergate, Darius is energetic and cocky. He openly challenges others to measure their worth. A party guy who takes control and chooses his friends carefully, he also values respect – so long as it’s directed at him.

Darius’ House 6 AM – 12 AM
Favourite GiftsBone Gift, Copper Sword, Iron Sword, Adamant Sword, Mithril Sword, Sunite Sword, Havenite
Liked GiftsSpicy Ramen, Diamond
Disliked GiftsNone

Darius is Withergate’s playboy prince. He loves a good party and a good Sword. Bring out the blacksmith in you in order to steal this demon’s heart.

Reward Gifts

  • Darius Royal Heirloom
  • Darius Record (Level 5)
  • Prince Darius Bust

Darius’ Daily Schedule

Darius has one schedule that he follows rain or shine. 

6:00 AMIn the Castle throne room
9:00 AMLeaves the throne room and walks into the centre of town.
12:00 PMStanding on the path overlooking the Pet Shop
2:00 PMStanding near the vending machine west of the Pet Shop
6:00 PMWalks back to stand at the path overlooking the Pet Shop
6:30 PMWalks back toward the Castle
8:30 PMEnters room for the night.


Image Credit: Cloud Indie

Donovan is a fun-loving Wolf Amari who loves being the centre of attention. While great at living in the moment, he’s quite bad at thinking ahead. Always with a story to tell, he’s a wildcard that values adventure over almost anything.

SpeciesAmari (Wolf)
Donovan’s House 6 AM – 12 AM
Favourite GiftsBone Gift, Meat, Havenite
Liked GiftsEgg Hash, Pizza, BLT, Cheeseburger
Disliked GiftsPet Food, Fire Crystal, Wooden Torch

Donovan is the guy that quite left college. He’s an adventure-seeking, fun-loving playboy that’s all about living in the now! Like any wolf man-child, he loves good ole’ junk food like Pizza, Cheeseburgers, BLT and of course Meat and Bone! The way to this wolf’s heart is definitely through his stomach.

Reward Gifts

  • Donovan’s Dog Tag
  • Donovan Record (Level 5)

Donovan’s Daily Schedule

Donovan has two schedules one for a sunny day and one that he uses during rainy days. A rainy day will replace any sunny day schedule.

TimeSunny Day #Rainy Day
6:00 AMStanding by the entrance to the Apartment Complex all-day
7:00 AMAt home
7:30 AMWalks toward Town Centre
8:30 AMStanding at the vending machine west of the Pet Shop
11:00 AMWalks to the south exit of Withergate
12:00 PMAt the path south of the sewer entrance to Withergate
2:00 PMWalks to the centre of town
2:30 PMAt the base of the stairs west of the Pet Shop
6:00 PMWalks home
7:00 PMOutside of his home
9:00 PMEnters home for the night.


Jun is a warm and earnest Counselor, guided through life by his intuitive empathy. Helping others is what he loves, even using his time to volunteer around town. Jun wants to share his life with somebody and is hopeful for romance.

LocationSun Haven
Jun’s House 8 AM – 10 PM
Favourite GiftsSpring Roll, Sesame Rice Ball, Chicken Noodle Soup, Havenite
Liked GiftsSpaghetti, Sand Dollar
Disliked GiftsCopper Sword, Iron Sword, Adamant Sword, Mithril Sword & Sunite Sword

Jun is a nice romantic man that loves to help people. If you’re looking for a good husband and father figure this is the one for you! For his likes, he enjoys a good amount of Chinese and Japanese food from Noodle Soup to Rice Balls. He’s happy with Asian food, just keep those swords and weapons away from him. Darius would appreciate those more.

Reward Gifts

  • Jun’s Diary
  • Jun Record (Level 5)
  • Small Sunny Day Painting (Level 8)

Jun’s Daily Schedule

Jun has two schedules that he alternates between each sunny day and a third that he uses during rainy days. A rainy day will replace any subsequent sunny day schedule.

TimeSunny Day #1Sunny Day #2Rainy Day
7:00 AMAt home, in the KitchenBy the pond in front of his houseAt home, in the Kitchen
9:00 AMBy the pond in front of his house
10:00 AMBy the pond in front of his house
11:00 AMWalks to the Library
12:00 PMIn the LibraryWalks to the Library
1:00 PMIn the Library.
2:00 PMWalks to Bakery
2:30 PMIn the Bakery
4:00 PMWalks Topi and Pod home.Stands by the cows near Kitty’s home.
5:00 PMOutside of Guiseppe’s home.
5:30 PMWalks to Liam’s house.Walks home.
6:00 PMStands by the pond in front of his home.
6:50 PMOutside of Liam’s house
7:00 PMWalks towards his home.Walks back home.
7:30 PMStands by the pond with Liam.
8:00 PMEnters home for the night.Enters home for the night.
11:00 PMEnters home for the night.


Image Credit: ChromaGlitch

Liam is Sun Haven’s shy yet charismatic baker. He likes people but won’t initiate the conversation. He came to Sun Haven to find a home for him and his sisters and has adapted well but hides his anxiety over providing for his family.

LocationSun Haven
Liam’s House 8 AM – 8 PM
Favourite GiftsAll Chef Hats, Coffee, Havenite
Liked GiftsCookie & Wheat
Disliked GiftsGreenspice & Spicy Ramen

If you like a warm man that bakes for you and loves his family then this baker is for you! Being a baker he’ll generally like Wheat and other things you can cook from it like Cookies! He won’t say no to a cup of Coffee and you can stroke his pride with some Chef Hats! He doesn’t like anything spicy though.

Reward Gifts

  • Cookie
  • Cinnammon Apple Pie
  • Milk
  • Liam’s Oven Mitts
  • Liam Record

Liam’s Daily Schedule

Liam has two schedules that he alternates between each sunny day and one that he uses during rainy days. A rainy day will replace any subsequent sunny day schedule.

TimeSunny Day #1Sunny Day #2Rainy Day
6:30 AMAt the Oven, left of the BakeryAt the Oven, left of the BakeryAt the Oven, left of the Bakery
7:00 AMIn the BakeryIn the BakeryIn the Bakery
11:30 AMBrings Emma and Elizabeth to the Library
12:00 PMAt the Library
3:00 PMIn front of house in Wheat FarmIn front of house in Wheat Farm
3:30 PMTakes Emma and Elizabeth to Kitty’s house.
4:00 PMStanding at the Cow Pen.
6:00 PMWalks home with Emma and Elizabeth.
6:30 PMEnters home for the night.Enters home for the night.
7:00 PMWalks with Jun to his house.
7:30 PMStands at the pond with Jun.
10:30 PMWalks home.
11:00 PMEnters home for the night.


Image Credit: Stumpt

Nathaniel is Sun Haven’s captain of the town guard, striving to keep order and help where he can. Despite his tough exterior, he can be a bit of an air-head, and thus an easy target for pranks by local kids. He tends to ignore his emotions to do his duty.

LocationSun Haven
Barracks 8 AM – 8 PM
Favourite GiftsCopper Sword, Iron Sword, Adamant Sword, Mithril Sword, Sunite Sword, Pot Pie, Mashed Potatoes, Havenite
Liked GiftsCopper Helmet Iron Helmet, Adamant Helmet,  Mithril Helmet, Sunite Helmet
Disliked GiftsCrossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Elven Crossbow. Mithril Crossbow, Rel’Tar’s Mark (Crossbow)

Nathaniel the emotionless soldier but could you be the one to soften his heart? Our serious Sun Haven knight takes his work seriously and will be happy with some extra Swords and Helmets. Don’t give a Crossbow though he has no idea how to work that thing.

Reward Gifts

  • Nathaniel’s Helmet
  • Nathaniel Record (Level 5)

Nathaniel’s Daily Schedule

Nathaniel has one schedule that he follows rain or shine. 

6:00 AMLeaves Barracks and walks through the town center toward Town Hall
7:00 AMStands at the Quest Board next to Town Hall
9:00 AMWalks toward the beach
10:00 AMStands at the beach bridge leading to the players farm. To the left after entering the beach.
12:00 PMWalks from the beach, by Pod and Kara’s house, past Town Hall and Anne’s cart to the eastern side of Sun Haven.
2:00 PMStanding on the bridge leading to the East Forest.
5:00 PMWalks north to the road that leads to the fog. Just after the Dragon Train.
6:00 PMStanding in the road just after the Dragon Train north of Sun Haven.
8:00 PMWalks back to the Barracks
9:00 PMEnters the Barracks for the night.


Image Credit: Ginger Sionnach

Vaan is an Elven air mage living by his own moral code. He indulges his free-spirit by spending time in the wind above the trees, trusting emotion to guide him. Elusive and whimsical, he feels he doesn’t really belong to any society.

OccupationAir Mage
Vaan’s House 6 AM – 12 AM
Favourite GiftsRed Veggie Soup
Liked GiftsHoney, Capes
Disliked GiftsCopper Sword,  Iron Sword,  Adamant Sword,  Mithril Sword,  Sunite Sword

Vaan lives by his own rules. If you want to tame this free spirit keep your swords away from him. Instead bless him with some Red Veggie Soup and Honey and he should be yours in no time!

Reward Gifts

  • Vaan’s Ruby Ring
  • Vaan Record (Level 5)
  • Cloud Bed (Level 7)

Vaan’s Daily Schedule

Vaan has one schedule that he follows rain or shine.

7:00 AMIn the Great Tree to the North of Nel’Vari
8:30 AMStands at the base of the Great Tree
12:00 PMLeaves the tree and walks toward the center of town
1:00 PMStands to the north west of the Quest Board
3:00 PMWalks south, down the stairs and to the west of where the Player enters Nel’Vari after jumping across the rocks
3:30 PMStanding in the clearing to the west after the Player jumps across the rocks into Nel’Vari
7:30 PMWalks back north toward the Great Tree
8:30 PMEnters the Great Tree for the night; tree is currently inaccessible


Dr. Wornhardt is dutiful and dedicated to his profession as the town’s only doctor. As such, he runs the hospital where the protagonist will be revived at if they faint due to being out past midnight or if they fall to 0 health.

LocationSun Haven
Wornhardt’s House 8 AM – 8 PM
Favourite GiftsCaribean Green soup, Blueberry salad, Havenite
Liked GiftsDorado, Crab Eel, Blue tang, Angel fish, Seabass, Pufferfish, Gold Fish, Blue gill, Cinnamon Apple Pie
Disliked GiftsMashed Potatoes, Pizza, Cheeseburger, Stuffed Casserole

Even if you’re not interested in dating Wornhardt it’s still worth being friendly with him. He is after all the only doctor in town and you’ll likely be seeing him before long! To get in his good books be sure to give him some healthy food like Soups and Salads. He’s a big fan of Fish too but just try to stay away from any junk food. Leave that for the wolf boy Donovan.

Reward Gifts

  • Wornhardt’s Stethoscope
  • Wornhardt Record
  • Wooden Windmill

Wornhardt’s Daily Schedule

Wornhardt has one schedule that he follows rain or shine.

7:00 AMAt the hospital
12:00 PMLeaves the hospital toward Town Hall
12:30 PMStands at the Quest Board
1:00 PMWalks toward the beach
2:00 PMStands under the windmills just before the entrance to the beach
3:00 PMWalks back to the Hospital
4:00 PMIn the hospital
6:00 PMWalks home
7:00 PMEnters home for the night

Sun Haven is currently out on Early Access on Steam for PC. For more Sun Haven guides and walkthroughs be sure to check out our ‘Best Crops To Plant Guide’! Or for more farming sims check out our list of ‘Upcoming Games If You Love Stardew Valley‘.

We have a full description of the female romanceable characters here as well!

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