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Sun Haven – Female Romance Guide

Sun Haven is a multiplayer farming sim and fantasy RPG. And no good sim is without its share of great romance. In Sun Haven you are helping your town to restore it to its former glory. You can do it in any of all of the ways, as a farmer, fisherman, warrior or mage. Raise animals and crops together and of course, have someone next to you to go through it all.

Sun Haven‘s romantic system works similarly to that of Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons. You’ll need to become friends with your potential paramour first before you can start a romantic relationship. There are 16 romanceable characters in Sun Haven with plenty of dynamic conversation. Unlike other games, it’s not just gift-giving that’s important but the conversation itself plays a big role. Eventually, you’ll be able to date (even multiple suitors) and then even marry them.

In this guide, we’ll show you all 7 of the romanceable female characters. Do note that Sun Haven is currently in early access and things are bound to change. We’ll do our best to keep you updated!


If you want to read about the male romance characters, tab this link open too!



Image Credit: ChromaGlitch

The savvy owner of Sun Haven’s Traveling Exotics Shop, Anne is focused on her success. This habitual overworker lives her life in a cycle of buying and selling. While not the most humanitarian person, she is reliable… for a price!

OccupationGeneral Store Owner
LocationSun Haven
Anne’s House 8 AM – 8 PM
Favourite GiftsDiamond, Small Money Bag, Cheesecake
Liked GiftsRuby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Gold Ore, Gold Bar, Raspberries
Disliked GiftsNone

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and it’s especially true for a Miss Anne. She’s the hustler of Sun Haven, always getting her coin with a good amount of hard work. That’s why she owns the General Store, to afford the finer things in life that she likes! Be sure to spoil this classy lady with precious stones, cash money and a little Cheesecake don’t hurt either.

Reward Gifts

  • Anne’s Pearl Earrings
  • Anne Record
  • Cookie (Cooking – Level 2)
  • Cinnamon Apple Pie (Cooking – Level 8)
  • Milk (Cooking, Cow)
  • Liam’s Oven Mitts
  • Liam Record (Level 5)

Anne’s Daily Schedule

Anne has one schedule that she follows rain or shine. 

6:00 AMLeaves home.
6:30 AMStanding at the Quest Board in front of Town Hall.
7:00 AMStanding near the market stalls to the left of Town Hall.
10:00 AMWalks south to the General Store.
10:30 AMIn the General Store.
2:30 PMLeaves the General Store and walks toward the Clothing Store in the town centre.
3:00 PMStanding outside of the Clothing Store in the town centre.
5:30 PMWalks to the Tavern.
6:00 PMIn the Tavern.
9:00 PMWalks home.
9:30 PMEnters home for the night.


Catherine is outspoken about her beliefs. She thinks herself the rock that keeps society grounded. Even if her ideas don’t match up with others. As a Sun Haven native, she’s warm, inviting and cares deeply about the community.

SpeciesAmari (Rabbit)
OccupationFarming Store Owner / Town Witch
LocationSun Haven
Catherine’s House 8 AM – 8 PM
Favourite GiftsCarrot, Blueberry Salad, Havenite
Liked GiftsSmall Mana tome, Shimmerroot, Any Watering Can, Some soups – Caribbean Green, Red Veggie, Tomato
Disliked GiftsAny Fish, Meat, Some Soups – Chicken Noodle, Creamy Beef

For this garden rabbit veggies are the way to her heart. Being a bunny girl Carrots are her go-to but Salad on the side does a body good too. The only thing you’ll need to keep away from this green girl is all kinds of meat, including fish. Even if you don’t end up dating her you’ll be helping her with a couple of potion quests that she’ll need for her witch’s brews.

Reward Gifts

  • Catherine’s Charm
  • Catherine Record (Level 5)
  • Greenroot Seeds x3 (Level 2)
  • Cinnaberry Seeds x10 (Level 8)

Catherine’s Daily Schedule

Catherine has one schedule that she follows rain or shine. 

6:00 AMAt home.
10:30 AMLeaves home to sit on a bench in front of her home.
1:00 PMWalks north to the Farming Store.
1:30 PMIn the Farming Store in the town centre.
6:00 PMWalks toward the picnic table to the left of the Market Stalls. Left of Town Hall.
6:30 PMStanding next to a picnic table to the left of the Market Stalls. Left of Town Hall.
8:00 PMWalks through the Market area toward her home.
8:30 PMEnters home for the night.


Iris is an Elven enchanter in Nel’Vari. Nature is central to her work, experimenting and discovering things about how nature and magic interact. Proudly independent, she values weighing options and making a choice of her own.

Iris’ House 6 AM – 12 AM
Favourite GiftsSmall Mana Tome, Prickly Pear, Spicy Ramen, Havenite
Liked GiftsSapphire, Ruby, Amethyst
Disliked GiftsHeart Shirt, Avocado Shirt, Dorky Fish Shirt

The new girl in town, Iris was introduced in the Nel’Vari update and is one of the only romanceable female Elf characters.

Reward Gifts

  • Iris’ Enchanted Totem
  • Iris Record (Level 5)
  • Plant Rack 
  • Copper Sword, Iron Sword, Adamant Sword, Mithril Sword, Sunite Sword

Iris’ Daily Schedule

Iris has one schedule that she follows rain or shine. 

7:00 AMAt home
9:00 AMStanding at the Griffin pen
12:30 PMStanding at the Quest Board
2:00 PMStanding at the Mana Lamp northeast of Quest Board, next to the entrance to Vaan’s house
6:00 PMWalks northeast toward the band and bonfire
7:00 PMStanding at the Bonfire with the Mushroom band
8:00 PMWalks home
8:30 PMEnter home for the night.


Kitty is energetic and playful while also being able to be easily distracted. However, she is not oblivious to how many of the townsfolk see her, and she has a few insecurities due to how she comes off to other residents. Regardless, she makes sure to not let those feelings slow her down during her daily routine.

SpeciesAmari (Cat)
OccupationPet Shop Owner
LocationSun Haven
Kitty’s House 8 AM – 10 PM
Favourite GiftsCrab, Eel, Blue Tang, Angel Fish, Seabass, Pufferfish, Gold Fish, Blue Gill, Havenite
Liked GiftsPet Food, Fish Tempura, Cinnamon Apple Pie
Disliked GiftsAll Ore, Mashed Potatoes, Pizza, Cheeseburger & Stuffed Casserole

Kitty is the token kawaii cat girl and she’s there to bring you a little nyaaa in your day! Just like most kitties, you can win her heart with fish and seafood. I wouldn’t bring her any ore rocks though. Kitty does not like that.

Reward Gifts

  • Kitty’s Cat Toy
  • Kitty Record
  • Giant Pink Teddy Plushie

Kitty’s Daily Schedule

Kitty has one schedule that she follows rain or shine. 

7:00 AMAt home; in her room and kitchen
10:30 AMBy the cow pen in her front yard.
12:00 PMLeft of the chicken pen in her front yard.
2:00 PMHides next to a tree to the right of the road sign. Located at the crossroads north of her house.
2:30 PMWalks to the pond in front of Jun’s house.
3:00 PMBy the pond in front of Jun’s house.
5:30 PMHides next to a tree at the bottom of the cliff leading up to Jun’s house.
6:00 PMWalks to the Inn on the East side of Sun Haven.
7:00 PMOutside of the Inn, looking at the horses.
8:00 PMWalks back home via the town centre.
9:00 PMEnters home for the night.


Image Credit: Fableheim

Lucia is the figurehead and guiding light of Sun Haven. She protects the town as the archmage and de facto leader but is amiable and well known to the residents. This born leader loves putting on events and keeping the spirit of Sun Haven alive.

OccupationArchmage, Leader of Sun Haven
LocationSun Haven
Lucia’s House 8 AM – 10 PM
Favourite GiftsSmall Mana Tome, Fire Crystal, Large Mana Tome, Havenite
Liked GiftsPepper Greenroot, Energy Smoothie, Spicy Ramen
Disliked GiftsWater Crystal, Earth Crystal

Reward Gifts

  • Lucia’s Fire Orb: +50 Max Mana
  • Lucia Record

Lucia’s Daily Schedule

Lucia has two schedules that she alternates between each sunny day and one that she uses during rainy days. A rainy day will replace any subsequent sunny day schedule.

TimeSunny Day #1Sunny Day #2Rainy Day
7:00 AMAt homeAt homeAt home
8:00 AMWalks toward Town Hall.Walks toward Town Hall.
9:00 AMAt her desk in Town Hall.Market StandsAt her desk in Town Hall.
11:00 AMIn Library
3:00 PMBy the Market Stands.Outside Barracks with Roza
5:00 PMWalks to Jun’s House
6:00 PMIn front of the Dragon Fountain.At the pond with JunIn front of the Dragon Fountain.
6:30 PMWalks west toward home.
7:00 PMIn her front yard.Walks west toward home.
7:30 PMIn her front yard.
8:00 PMWalks home
8:30 PMEnters home for the night.
9:00 PMEnters home for the night.
10:00 PMEnters home for the night.


Lynn is an apprentice blacksmith exploring the depth of her talent. She is still learning to trust herself and her smithing skills. She is the NPC that the protagonist meets on the train during the intro segment of the game, as she is also moving to the town at the same time as the other new resident.

OccupationApprentice Blacksmith
LocationSun Haven
Lynn’s House 8 AM – 8 PM
Favourite GiftsSunite Bar, Mithril Bar, Creamy Beef Stew, Havenite
Liked GiftsAdamant Bar, Iron Bar, Copper Bar, Pickled Veggie Salad
Disliked GiftsEarth Fertilizer I, Earth Fertilizer II, Fire Fertilizer I, Fire Fertilizer II, Water Fertilizer I, Water Fertilizer II

A nervous flower that’s just moved into town. She’s definitely an anxious small-town lass that’s moved to the bigger city. She’s a sweet shy girl that keeps mostly to herself. Often wondering if her new boss Solon is mad at her and hoping to get his approval (same). Being a blacksmith’s apprentice you’ll net yourself some brownie points by giving her metal bars she can use to practice her smithing with. For some reason she’s quite anti fertilizer, which let’s be honest isn’t the best of gifts for a lady.

Reward Gifts

  • Lynn’s Shield
  • Lynn Record (Level 5)
  • Sunite Ore x15 (Level 8)

Lynn’s Daily Schedule

Lynn has one schedule that she follows rain or shine.

7:00 AMLeaves her home and walks toward the Quarry Shop
7:30 AMStands outside of the Quarry Shop
8:00 AMIn the Quarry Shop
2:00 PMLeaves the Quarry Shop and stands to the right of the mine entrance
4:00 PMWalks from the Quarry through the town center to the river next to the market stands
5:00 PMStands next to the river near to the east of the market stands
7:00 PMWalks home
8:00 PMEnters home for the night.


Xyla sits on the Demon King’s royal council and is Withergate’s Demon architect, having built the city from the ground up. The Demon King took her in after Darius found her living in a cave out in the wild. She is blunt, honest, never holds back criticism, and loves attention. Withergate residents respect her, fear her, and desire her all at once. Her intelligence is complemented by witty, almost combative banter. With a deep fear of failure, lateral thinking is key to her strategy.

OccupationArchitect, Royal Council
Xyla’s House 6 AM – 12 AM
Favourite GiftsSnappy Plant, Heavy Crossbow, Havenite
Liked GiftsPlushies
Disliked GiftsHeart Shirt, Avocado Shirt, Dorky Fish Shirt

Xyla’s one tough cookie and one of the only romanceable female Demon characters.

Reward Gifts

  • Xyla’s Queen Chess Piece
  • Xyla Record (Level 5)
  • Tickets x100 (Level 2)
  • Ferris Wheel Miniature Model (Level 8)

Xyla’s Daily Schedule

Xyla has one schedule that she follows rain or shine.

7:00 AMAt home in the Apartment Complex.
8:00 AMLeaves the Apartment Complex.
8:30 AMStands on the path south of the Apartment Complex.
11:00 AMWalks to the Carnival Area; currently unavailable.
7:00 PMLeaves the Carnival Area and enters the Apartment Complex.
8:00 PMStanding outside of her Apartment.
11:00 PMEnters her home for the night.

Sun Haven is currently out on Early Access on Steam for PC. For more Sun Haven guides and walkthroughs be sure to check out our ‘Best Crops To Plant Guide’! Or for more farming sims check out our list of ‘Upcoming Games If You Love Stardew Valley‘.

We have a full description of the male romanceable characters here as well!

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