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Elden Ring Memes For You To Laugh-Cry At After Dying

Elden Ring is the latest game of From Software, a developer that we have a completely mutual sadomasochistic bond with. For the last month, we’ve been dying, crying, yelling and basically spending all our free time in the Lands Between. We’ve watched videos of secrets, insane PvP matches, speedruns, basically from everyone who is better at this game than us. Now we need to embody this feeling in the best way we know how – memes.


May The Best Dwarf Win

But also…


Caelid Memes

Some quick backstory on this. There’s no need to explain that Elden Ring is difficult when you first start playing, but once you’re done with the entry area aka Limgrave and travel to Caelid – it gets even worse.

And if you get teleported there accidentally there’s only one thing for you to do. Leave.


Souls Trolling Is On Another Level… Except When It Isn’t

Fake walls and doors in Soulsborne games are a staple and so are the messages that hint to you whether they are or aren’t. Most often they aren’t… except when they are.


You Don’t Need To Fight The Tree Sentinel

The giant strolling Tree Sentinel is one of the first mini-bosses you’re going to encounter in Elden Ring. It’s a bit daunting but you think you might be able to take it down. Why would they put an unbeatable boss right at the start of the game? Well, you probably can’t take him down straight away, you can just avoid him until you’re ready.


Men Only Want One Thing After Playing Elden Ring

Fia from Elden Ring can easily have her own page of memes. She is a deathbed companion and her embrace will give you a special consumable that can increase poise called the Baldachin’s Blessing. This consumable is replenishable should you run out.


This Sick Burn

“Unfortunately for you, however, you are maidenless”

Appropriately themed FromSoftware burned after completing the tutorial.


What Day Is It?

It won’t even be her final form.


Please Just Die


Last But Not Least

Times are hard but Elden Ring is harder. Still, I’m going to choose to spend all my time in there instead.