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Core Keeper – The Complete Fish And Fishing Guide

Core Keeper is the latest indie early access game that takes inspiration from Stardew Valley, Valheim and Terraria. And it’s well on it’s way to being Steam’s next unexpected breakout hit. Launched to early access on March 8th, Core Keeper describes itself as a “mining sandbox adventure.”

The game takes place primarily underground and while it sounds dark it actually feels pretty cozy. You and your friends are building a best via Terraria style gameplay. There’s a lot to explore, set up, mine and do. And at the end of it if you’ve played Stardew Valley before, then this is going to feel very familiar. Or it would if there wasn’t gigantic spiders deep in the mine for you to get through.

In this sandbox survival game there’s plenty of things to do but in this guide we’re going to focus on the art of fishing in particular. It’s plenty simple to get started but it’s always great to have a fish guide handy! Here we go.


How To Fish In Core Keeper

It comes as no surprise that to start fishing you’re going to need a Fishing Rod.

At the start of the game, the only way to get a rod is by getting lucky when destroying wooden boxes as you explore the caves. There is a chance you can get a wooden Fishing Rod from these boxes, letting you fish early on. Either that or you can choose the Fisherman class that will have a Fishing Rod on them when they spawn.

If you can’t find one, you’ll have to upgrade to the Tin Tier by exploring The Clay Caves biome and mining some Tin. From the Tin Crafting Bench, you can craft a tin fishing rod, which will cost you 5 wood and 4 tin bars.

Once you have a Fishing Rod, simply need to look for blue sparkles over water with fish underneath it. Get as close to them as possible while casting your line. Once you do it’s just going to be a waiting game. Pay attention to the bubble noises the game makes, once you hear it tap that righ-click. You have till the fourth bubble till the fish gets free.

Once a fish if hooked, you’ll need to hold right-click to reel the fish in. Stop reeling when the fish turns red, else you run the risk of losing the catch. Once the fish is brought all the way to the left of the fishing bar, the fish will be caught and added to your inventory!

Once you catch a fish, you can choose to eat it raw, cook it, or sell it.


Where To Fish

Fish spawns will give you different fish depending on which biome you’re in. Keep in mind that they don’t last forever; eventually, they’ll run out of fish and you’ll have to move somewhere else. We have here everything you can catch so far in each of Core Keeper’s five fishable biomes.

The Dirt biome, Clay Caves, The Forgotten Ruins, Azeos’ Wilderness and The Mould Dungeon.


Dirt Biome

The Dirt Biome is the starting area of Core Keeper and occupies the central area of the map surrounding the core.

Orange Cave GuppyCommon+10+2.1 every sec for 20 sec
Blue Cave GuppyCommon+10+2.2 every sec for 20 sec
Rock Jaw Uncommon+11+2.5 every sec for 20 sec
Gem CrabRare+10+3.1 every sec for 20 sec
Green KelpValuable Item
Rusty SpoonValuable Item

Clay Caves Biome

The Clay Caves biome is outside of the Dirt Biome and on the opposite side of The Forgotten Ruins biome in Core Keeper.

Yellow Blister HeadCommon+10+2.6 every sec for 20 sec
Green Blister HeadCommon+10+2.5 every sec for 20 sec
Devil WormUncommon+10+3.0 every sec for 20 sec
Vampire EelRare+11+3.5 every sec for 20 sec

The Forgotten Ruins Biome

The Forgotten Ruins biome is outside of the Dirt Biome and on the opposite side of The Clay Caves biome in Core Keeper.

Dagger FinCommon+11+3.9 every sec for 20 sec
Pink Palace FishUncommon+11+3.9 every sec for 20 sec
Teal Palace FishUncommon+11+4.0 every sec for 20 sec

Azeos’ Wilderness Biome

The Azeos’ Wilderness biome is beyond The Clay Caves biome or The Forgotten Ruins biome, depending on where it spawned. You’ll have to defeat the first three bosses of Core Keeper (Glurch, Ghorm, and the Hive Mother) and activate the Core in order to remove the wall protecting this area.

Emerald Feather FishCommon+10+4.5 every sec for 20 sec
Azure Feather FishCommon+10+4.1 every sec for 20 sec
Spirit VeilUncommon+9+4.7 every sec for 20 sec

The Mould Dungeon

The Mould Dungeon is a subsection of the Azeos’ Wilderness biome in Core Keeper. You’ll know you’ve found it when you’ve discovered a white, orange, and blue wall that you cannot penetrate; from there, you’ll have to explore the surrounding area and try to find an entrance. The water you fish in must have a white mold tint around it to count as being part of The Mould Dungeon.

Mold SharkCommon+10+4.8 every sec for 20 sec
Rot FishUncommon+11-22 every sec for 20 sec

Core Keeper

Core Keeper is developed by Pugstorm and Fireshrine Games (formerly Sold Out). It drops you in the middle of a mysterious underground world. It’s currently available on Steam Early Access had already sold 100,000 copies. A week later, it reached 250,000 sales. It’s available here on Steam for PC and Linux.