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A Beginners Guide to Becoming a Pro Esport Gamer

The esport industry is fascinating, and it is not just that; you can also earn big money as a pro gamer. And like when you play at an online casino, people can bet on esport events to win real money or take advantage of the different Play-to-Earn games available in the crypto world.

There is an endless list of incredible things that you can do in the esport space, and one of the most significant is to become a pro gamer. If this is what you are trying to do; not to worry, it is pretty more straightforward than you think, and if you follow this guide, you are well on your way to becoming a pro esport gamer. Let’s dive right in!


Choose Your Path: Streamer or Gamer

Before you jump in and say you want to become a professional gamer, you’ve seen many people do it and make plenty of money. You need to take a step back to access yourself because becoming a pro, like in any industry, it takes a high level of talent, commitment, diligence, and patience.

If you do not have these traits for the money, you might want to reconsider this decision. You can make money from creating content for gamers, events, tournaments, and broadcasting, otherwise known as streaming. But if your passion is to play games at a pro level, follow these steps. 


Select Your Game, Genre, and Platform

Once you’ve decided to follow through and become a pro gamer, the first and most crucial step is to find your game, genre, and platform. You will stick with these to grow your career and become a top gamer. Although you can always switch or try out multiple games, platforms, genres, you need to stick to one at the start.

So, pick a genre that you’re familiar with or comfortable playing. It can be strategy, role-playing, racing, sports, etc. Then choose your platform: PC, Console, or Mobile?


Practice Makes Improvement

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First, you will suck at the game, especially if you haven’t been playing the game at all. There are many intricacies to learn and master if you want to get good. So, you need to practice. Take the time to watch other gamers, learn, and try them out. The more you practice, the better you get.


Join a Gaming Community

As you keep getting better, you need to find a community of gamers in your niche. You need to relate to actual people and play them in-person or online. Joining a community will let your network, and if you are lucky, you can form groups and cliques that can bolster your career.


Setup Your Gaming Studio

You need to invest in good gaming gear. You cannot compete as a pro gamer with a shabby setup. It is expensive to get the right gear that can give you peak performance for a long time. If you are techy, you can build a suitable gaming gear. 

You will need a gaming PC or console, headset, LED monitor, mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse, high-quality webcam and microphone, gaming chair, and surround-sound speakers.


Attend Local Events

If you join the right community, you most likely will get invited to gaming events both local and international. To grow your professional career, you need to be an active community member and attend these events.  


Find and Join a Team

After building your reputation, you need a gaming team to compete professionally. Although you might find singles events, having a team would open more doors of opportunity. You can form a team from your community or region. And if you’ve shown to be an asset, you can get invited by others to their join teams.


Enter and Compete in Leagues

This is when you start to go Pro! Here, you need to compete against other top gamers to improve your rankings in your region and locality. You can get recognized, and maybe top teams can invite you to join, giving you the chance to start gaming professionally. 


Final Note

Becoming an esport pro gamer is straightforward. However, there is work to do as a newbie, and you also need money to get started. So, you need to be sure that you are ready in all aspects before you decide to take on this journey. As long as you are consistent, you will undoubtedly get to the top eventually.