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5 Tips For Improving Your Skills In Apex Legends

Do you know what makes Apex Legends unique? The game’s high speed is brutal for beginners and sometimes expert players to cope. It is a typical shooter game where you have to adjust pace while aiming in frantic shootouts.

You have to work upon your skills to improve your speed and shooting in Apex Legends. Please do not be frustrated if you are often losing and struggling. Focus more on learning to become better over time.

The article here contains five tips for improving your skills in Apex Legends.


1. Use training mode

You need to play in the training mode before you enter into a match. It will help you familiarize yourself with each weapon and practice your aim. Training mode has some moving targets and rewards for some perfectly positioned shots. Here, you can spend more time snapping between shots while aiming. It means getting into your aiming posture, shooting a target and shifting to another.

Practising it will help you easily switch between vital targets for staying alive for a long time. Training will help you fight multiple enemy teams.

You can also practice your aim while strafing out of cover. Come in front of an obstacle and move sidewards while trying to hit a target at a distance. It will help you improve your aim and prevent hitting a wall instead of an enemy.


2. Watch online streams

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You can watch games on popular online platforms. You can see professional gamers playing Apex Legends on YouTube and Twitch. Here, you will learn how the experts give advanced performances in the game. You will learn better strategies, skills, ways to aim and shoot an enemy before playing the actual game.

You can check out the available Legends in the game while watching the experts playing. Check which Legend will suit you the best while playing. Watching the experts playing will help you learn about the weapons and gear available in the Apex Legends and their specifications. 

You can also refer to Battlelog.co and high-quality cheats to excel in the game.


3. Focus on armor

Players often forget about the armor and focus only on getting weapons in Apex Legends. However, please keep in mind that even the best players will find it challenging to avoid armor. The gear in Apex Legends provides protection that makes a difference in the game.

Try getting armor when you appear on the map for the first time. The best time to load an armor is after killing a rival.

Observe how you compensate for weapon recoil while aiming. Training mode gives you access to almost all weapons in the game. So, you can test the weapons that will help you learn the recoil pattern and where to compensate.


4. Drop into hot zones

One way to improve your aiming skill in Apex Legends is by dropping into hot zones like high-tier loot areas. You can have ample shooting practice at the match’s beginning if you find a weapon in time. It will allow you to cut out the waiting time. However, you have to ensure good communication with your squad to make the strategy successful.

Keep pinging weapons as quickly as you find them before an enemy does. Keep your crosshair at around neck or head height. It will make you readjust your aim less on encountering an enemy.


5. Teamwork and patience

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Rushing into the battlefield and aiming against several enemies all a once will kill you quickly. So, you have to maintain patience and not go frenzy while playing Apex Legends. It is challenging to fight against more rivals in the game. So, try choosing the right strategy and determining the apt moment to attack.

Playing often will make you patient and build more skills. It will help you prepare the right plan to position yourself and start fighting. Do not separate with your team to collect weapons and gear. Communicate well with the team to get their help in the game.



Apex Legends is a shooting game that requires a lot of practice. You need to play the game often to understand the features, map, weapons available, and characters. Start playing with players on a similar level as you to improve your skills. The above tips will help you improve your skills in Apex Legends.