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4 New Indie Games From PlayStation Talents 2022

It’s been a year since our last PlayStation Talents update. Last year we had 9 new titles in development for the PlayStation 5. In this latest update, we have 4, including the winner of the 8th PlayStation Talents Awards, Dark Life: Excalibur. Now we have four more that are in development and should be coming to the PlayStation Store in the upcoming months.

PlayStation Talents was launched by Sony Interactive Entertainment as an incubator for indie game studios. And following this announcement these 4 games will begin their development. We have the aforementioned Dark Life: Excalibur by Zero Studios; Neon Blood by ChaoticBrain Studios; Slaughter No Hit by Rebel Crew and The Silent Swan by Studio Circenses.

Let’s have a deeper look at all 4 games.


Dark Life: Excalibur by Zero Studios

Dark Life: Excalibur tells the story of Aron, a human bound to the legendary sword Excalibur. Aron will set a quest to defeat York, Lord of the Giants, who murdered Aron’s family. To do so, Aron will have to upgrade Excalibur to make it the most brutal sword ever yielded by a warrior. Every time Aron kills an enemy, the player gains points that can be spent on different perks and parts to improve the power of the sword. Mix and match all of them to custom your sword and find a unique fighting style and use them to defeat all the bosses and mini-bosses that are scattered through the map.


Neon Blood by ChaoticBrain Studios

Neon Blood, the game, is a JRPG/Visual Novel game with a cyberpunk aesthetic. Set in the year 2053, after WWIII two giant megalopolis cities survive. Bright City and Blind City. The first is the home to the rich and powerful whereas the latter is the place for the poor. You’ll play as detective Axel McCoin, who’s tired of the inequalities between both cities and he’s going to start a revolution to break the order of society.

From the developers: “We are currently in development using Unity as our engine. Merging 3D environments with 2D sprites, our game is heavily inspired by Octopath Traveller but with a cyberpunk aesthetic.


Slaughter No Hit by Rebel Crew

After an entire life working at a slaughterhouse, enjoying fishing and hunting, Yael discovers that people are judged in the afterlife based on the number of animals they have killed during their lives. Convinced that he’s going straight to hell, Yael will try to get rid of his past. With the help of Pat, the grumpy old apron he inherited from his father.


The Silent Swan by Studio Circenses

The Silent Swan is a first-person open-world narrative experience across a monolithic, derelict world. The game blends walking simulator and open-world mechanics letting players roam through open spaces on a scale never before seen in the genre. Its silent world is woven with mysteries that players will have to unveil while they explore unique, handcrafted locations.

The story follows Mirov Kavrazyma as he enters The Land Beyond the Walls in pursuit of Selene, his deaf-mute wife, who has vanished without a trail—except for a series of four-winged paper swans. These swans contain writings left behind by Selene, with the seeming intentions of being found and tracked by Mirov.

Throughout the game, Mirov will gradually near the bed of the calamity that struck his home and gets closer to the truths he is determined to unearth, while a strange uneasiness warns him he best walk back.