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Valorant – Best Weapons Ranked

Valorant is one of the biggest games right now. Riot Games really hit the jackpot with their shooter and the game already has a huge esports following. FPS games are one of the main pillars of our industry. Success in FPS games depends on many things, and one of these factors is knowledge from maps to weapons, every small detail can win you a game or lose one.

Today we’ll show you the best weapons in Valorant to help with one aspect of the game. Without further ado, let us begin!



Phantom is the best weapon in the game according to many players. The recoil is more manageable than most weapons in the game, which makes it a viable weapon for new players. Phantom also boasts a higher fire rate than most weapons, which will allow you to control recoil while you shred your opponents.

One of the biggest benefits of the weapon is the silencer, which conceals your shooting direction from your enemies. If you are using Phantom, our suggestion is for you to shoot it in bursts rather than emptying the clip in an instant.



Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Also yes.

Operator is the primary sniper rifle for many players and the reason is simple, it is a one-shot kill to the body from any range with this beast. Operator is extremely valuable in the early parts of the round where players are a bit more spaced out. If you are playing in maps with long corridors be sure to check out this weapon.

Our suggestion is to match this weapon with a mobile operator since the fire rate is abysmal. The Operator is the best weapon of choice if you prefer sniper-style gameplay.



If you prefer a hard-hitting AR, your best bet is Vandal without a question. The fire rate is slower and the magazine size is smaller than Phantom. But oh boy, this weapon packs a punch. You get a headshot and your opponent is out for good from any range. It only takes 4 shots to the body with this beast to end your enemies but the recoil is definitely a little bit harder to manage.

Our suggestion is to train with this weapon for a while before you jump into a game. After that, you will be unstoppable.



Be the terminator with this weapon. Odin is not the easiest weapon to use but it is definitely one of the most formidable. The wall penetration of Odin is extremely high which means you can wall bang your opponents fairly easily. Odin is also great at spray and pray moments as it has 100 bullets in its magazine. A great addition to your arsenal if you hate reloading. But be prepared, as Odin requires calculated gameplay since you can easily lose control of its recoil.



Deadliest pistol in the game by far. The Sheriff is great at any range and can kill your opponents with only one headshot under 30 meters. The downside is the fire rate, since it is a revolver, is quite slow. But if you trust your aim, then the Sheriff will serve you well.

Another great thing about Sheriff is the wall penetration as your opponents will not be able to hide in most situations. Some players even use this weapon as their main weapon because of its ferocious damage. Be sure to train with the Sheriff before jumping into a game as it can be a tricky weapon sometimes.



Oh baby this is it. Judge is the king of all shotguns in Valorant. Close-quarters-combat check, large magazine check, this weapon is a personal choice of aggressive players for a reason. While it is one of the best weapons for a reason, it is not a very good weapon at long range.

Sorry, that came out wrong, “DO NOT USE JUDGE IN LONG RANGE EVER.” Judge is a great weapon with lots of benefits but do not forget the cons. There’s a downside to everything, even the best of the best.



Maybe you prefer an SMG, well then we’d suggest Spectre. The recoil of this weapon is minimal and it’s one of the easiest weapons to use in Valorant. If your budget is small, and you do not want to use a pistol, then this is the clear choice for you. It has a bigger magazine than Stinger for example, which makes it extra valuable. Also, the silencer will allow you to get the same benefits as the Phantom.



Perhaps it does not pack a punch like Sheriff, but Ghost certainly deserves to be on this list. It is by far the most versatile pistol within the game. If your opponent forgot their armour, then bam, one shot to the head and they are out.

Just like Phantom and Spectre, Ghost also comes with a silencer that allows you to place your shots easier than most weapons on this list. If you are new to Valorant, you might want to give this pistol a shot! You will not regret it.



If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Operator, our choice is Marshall. Marshall can take down enemies with relative ease from most distances. Those with no armour will only need one shot to the body, and if your opponent sticks their head out, it requires only one shot to eliminate them.

It also has a faster rate of fire than the Operator, which is valuable under most circumstances. If you trust yourself and your skills, you can even no-scope your enemies with this weapon.



Yes, it does have a slower rate of fire than other AR’s within the game, but Bulldog can be deadly in the right hands. The burst fire rate of Bulldog is unmatched and it is certainly a viable weapon. However, our suggestion is to use it under the right circumstances such as eco-rounds. Bulldog only requires two shots to the head and your opponents will not have a chance to hide if you use it right.

Well, that’s it, folks, our list of “Valorant’s Best Weapons Ranked”. The list will definitely change in the future as Riot Games are constantly updating the game. There will definitely be new additions in the future since Riot Games has made it clear that Valorant is here to stay for the long term. GG and have fun guys!


This article was an original contribution by Sarah from the site OffGamers. Check out the site for all your gaming needs!