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Halo Infinite – Best Multiplayer Tips

Available and free-to-play, Halo Infinite has taken the gaming world by storm. To Halo veterans, the 343 Industries’ first-person shooter feels like a homecoming. For newcomers, meanwhile, Halo Infinite is a competent, comfortable shooter. And a dynamic, fun, online multiplayer to play with their friends.

But with seemingly everyone stepping into the MJOLNIR armour, just learning the multiplayer mechanics won’t be enough for you. There are enough fresh weapons, equipment, modes, maps and twists to keep even the most experienced Spartans on their toes. Worry not, we’ve got you covered.

Our Halo Infinite multiplayer tips and tricks will help you master the game, from finding your feet to running roughshod in the Halo sandbox.


The Basics Of Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer, though splendidly unique, is still a multiplayer shooter at its core. This means a lot of time-tested tactics apply. Let’s just run through some basic tips for you.

Guns and Kills

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Patience is going to save you in Halo Infinite. Instead of mindlessly reloading, don’t be shy to use your sidearms to save time and land that precious kill shot. The MK50 Sidekick is powerful at range with almost no recoil, while the Needler can be devastating at close range.

Next, beware of bloodlust and going after enemies for a killstreak. When in doubt find a safe space to let your shields and health bars regenerate. Instead of getting killed instead.


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Even though Halo Infinite is a shooter game, get comfortable with melee.

Oftentimes, the smaller arenas of Halo Infinite mean you will be engaged in close-quarters combat with your enemies. A good ol’ punch to the head can finish them in a heartbeat. But remember, timing is key when going for a knockout. Use it as a finishing blow after shooting their shields and health down.


Like always, communication is key. Luckily, Halo Infinite features the new-age ping system found in shooters such as Apex Legends. With a press of a button, you can mark items, vehicles and enemies non-verbally to share the intel with your teammates.


And lastly, the grenades. Halo Infinite players are constantly lobbying grenades across the map. They can open or finish fights effectively, provided you choose the right one. You can choose two grenades each of two types, and there are four types in total.

Frags knock out shields and finish off enemies, Plasmas are sticky and useful against vehicles, Dynamo bounces and deal electrical damage to help close out paths, and Spikes are devastating indoors. Learn the types, their spawn locations and don’t forget: you can even shoot these grenade stations for some remote detonations.


Join The Academy

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The first step to getting better at Halo Infinite multiplayer is to not jump into it straight away. Scrolling down the main menu will reveal ‘Academy’, better known as the Spartan Academy where you can learn the fundamentals of Halo Infinite. The veterans can skip the short tutorial (though they can learn about the new gear, relearn the old weaponry and test them out on some bots), but it is a must-try for any Halo newcomers.

The biggest benefit of Academy is the ‘Weapon Drills’ menu, where you can try out all the weapons. You can familiarise yourself with every single weapon, including its range, the DPS, alternative fire modes as well as patterns. Learning the reload patterns and fire rates of weapons such as the Mangler, Shock Rifle, Skewer, and Pulse Carbine will aid you immensely.


Movement and Mobility

One factor that makes Halo Infinite stand out from other multiplayer titles is mobility.

While traditional logic stays true — like don’t jump when you’re being chased — you can use other parts of a Spartan kit to get out of tough spots. Sliding is your best friend, whether trying to get out of an enemy’s sight or reaching a corner.

You can also learn how to use the Repulsor gadget for a double-jump, making the move to out-of-reach platforms. The tactic comes in handy in modes such as Oddball and Capture The Flag on vertical maps.

Vehicles can be your friends too. Along with extra mobility, they also provide heavy firepower and tons of defence. Getting hold of them and not letting them get into the enemies’ hands can turn the tide. And worry not if driving-and-gunning is not your forte. The mere presence of a Warthog, Mongoose, or Ghost on the battlefield can cause plenty of chaos and diversion.

Completing the trifecta of our mobility tips is the Grappleshot. This traversal gadget can help you swing over enemies, snag spawning weapons and get flashy melee kills. Even better, you can use the Grappleshot to hijack vehicles from your opponents. And if you really want to take down the enemies’ vehicles, the Disruptor pistol and Shock Rifle will do the trick.


Throw The Power Seeds

This tip only applies to the Stockpile mode but knowing it can be the difference. The Stockpile mode is a form of Capture The Flag, where you have to grab ‘Power Seeds’ spread across the field and bring five of them to your base to score a point.

These batteries are marked on your HUD and your enemies will be trying to do the same. The problem is, you can’t use a weapon when you’re carrying a Power Seed, making you a sitting duck for other players.

The strategy is to throw the Seed towards your base as soon as you grab it. Scan for enemies, pick it up and throw it again. You barely waste any time and can stay ready for any incoming players. Vehicles, too, can be extremely effective in transporting the Power Seeds, though you can’t drive while carrying one and would have to travel as a passenger.


Quality of Life

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You know the basics, the guns, the movement and the tricks. But some quality of life improvements can further give you the edge. Try changing the default enemy outline colour from red to something like a brighter yellow. The resulting contrast stands out against the industrial palette of the game.

Also, the Weapon Offset setting will save you some precious screen real estate. You can tweak individual weapon types to determine the UI space it takes up. In the case of a heavy weapon like the M41 SPNKR rocket launcher, offsetting it can free up the vision ahead.


Halo Infinite

These tips and tricks can speed up the process, but you still have to put in some work. The more you play, the better you will get. Assess situations, communicate with your teammates and most importantly, have fun. And whenever you need a refresher, revisit our guide. Whether you are a series veteran or a newcomer, you will be a true Spartan on the battlefield by the end of it.


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