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Gift Guide For The PlayStation Gamer In Your Life

It’s just a few more days until Christmas! And if you’re anything like me you’ve definitely forgotten someone on your list and need a gift for them. There are so many possibilities so we’re here to help! Step one, don’t overthink it. Step two, do they have a PlayStation? Yes? Well then step three is going to be scrolling down this list. If they don’t have a PlayStation, have no fear because we have a Nintendo Switch gift guide here as well!

Happy Christmas shopping! May the odds be ever in your favour.


PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller

Okay, so this isn’t the most creative present but it’s something that’s extremely useful, doesn’t have any flaws and is easy to pick up at any electronic store. When you buy a PS5 you’ll get a DualSense out of the box but it’s always nice to have an extra controller handy for multiplayer games.

Sony’s new PS5 DualSense Controller improves upon the previous DualShock 4 model in nearly every single way. It utilises haptic feedback in a bid to offer physical sensations that correspond with what you’re doing in-game, with dual actuators instead of rumble motors. 


Wireless Headset – Steelseries Arctis 7P+

Steelseries make some of the best headsets around and the 7P+ is one that is specifically compatible with the PlayStation 5. The Arctis 7P+ has unrivalled comfort, absolutely superb sound and a really great retractable microphone, too. What’s more, the headset is also backwards compatible with the PS4 and can be used with multiple platforms, such as Android, PC and Switch – making it pretty versatile. 

It has 2.4 GHz wireless audio that provides low-latency audio while gaming. The headset also features a Discord-certified ClearCast bidirectional microphone for crystal clear communication, as well as a 24-hour battery life that will keep you going through multiple gaming sessions.


DualSense Charging Station

For the person in your life that already has two (or more) controllers. The DualSense Charging Station lets you charge up to two DualSense wireless controllers at the same time, without having to keep them connected to the PlayStation 5. Saving a USB port as well as not having to worry about fussy cables and tripping over them. It houses two controllers at any one time to make sure you’re never caught short without any power.


PlayStation 5 Media Remote

The PlayStation 5 is more than just a gaming console, you can use it as an entertainment device as well. If your buddy is someone who uses their console to watch Netflix or even to just listen to music then the Media Remote will be a welcome addition to their house.

The remote comes with built-in play and pause, fast forward, and reverse buttons as well as dedicated streaming service buttons for Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and YouTube. You can even use it to turn on your PS5 and navigate through menus without even having to connect a controller.


Internal Storage Upgrade – WD_Black M.2 SSD with Heat Sink

Now that Sony has updated the PS5 to offer SSD expansion, you’re not limited to the console’s 825GB of built-in storage. The trick is just making sure you pick an SSD with the right specs to let you store and play PS5 games. It’s simple to pop your console open and install your own lightning-quick storage drives.

This is one of our favourites that includes a low profile heat sink to keep it at safe temperatures while inside the PS5. It comes in 500 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB models. For most people, an extra 500 GB is probably fine, but an extra terabyte will ensure you’re able to load up potentially dozens of digital-only games all at the same time.


KontrolFreek Thumbsticks

Last but not least a PlayStation 5 gift if you’re on a budget but still want to give someone something fun. There’s nothing much wrong with the PS5‘s Dual Sense Controller. But if you’re someone with smaller or less grippy hands then these thumbsticks are a great answer to that problem.

KontrolFreek is the biggest name in this area for good reason, with loads of types and heights of stick to pick from. We’re big fans of the new COD Vanguard tie-in version for its grippiness, but the Omni type is also really nice. 


That hopefully covers all budgets and accessory types for the PlayStation gamer! We hope everyone is having a great holiday rush and Merry Christmas from everyone here at Unpause!