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The Halo TV Series Is Debuting Early 2022

“Hello, Master Chief”. The first teaser trailer for the Halo TV series, produced by Paramount, leaks ahead of its official debut with an estimated launch date.

The Halo live-action TV series has been in the works for a while, with casting decisions moving back and forth. So for fans of the game, we’re undoubtedly happy to see some real movement to the show. The brief clip on Twitter doesn’t reveal much in terms of the show’s plot. But there is plenty to go on for the eagle-eyed observer to get excited about.

Have a look at the video below and then we can talk about it.


Halo TV Series Release Date

The Halo TV series will stream exclusively via Paramount+ and is expected to debut in the first quarter of 2022.


Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief

You may recognise Pablo Schreiber in his role as the leprechaun Mad Sweeny from American Gods. Or the ‘Pornstache’ dude from Orange Is the New Black. This time he’s here, donned in the iconic Mjolnir power armour as Master Chief Petty Officer John-117.

We can’t see his face right now but his body looks like the solid wear and tear of a Spartan. And in the teaser we can see the full Master Chief’s uniform, including his emblematic helmet.

Once suited up we’re greeted by the familiar voice of Cortana, voiced by Jen Taylor.


The Halo TV Storyline

To sum it up for those of you that haven’t played the core Halo games. The Halo universe is embroiled in a deep conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant, set in the 26th-century.

It’s not clear yet what Halo will actually be about beyond the broad strokes of the franchise or whether it’ll be adapting the already released games, telling a new story, or existing in some other space in the Halo universe.

Executive producer Kiki Wolfhard said, “The biggest challenge with adapting the game is, the game is designed to put you into [Master] Chief’s armour. What we’re asking people to do with the show is to sit back and say we’re going to present a side of Chief that you don’t get to play in the game. How do you give a different perspective on them? How do you make their journey meaningful in a different way while respecting their past journey and the things that people love about the journeys they’ve been on already? It’s a constant challenge; sometimes a struggle.”


Supporting Cast

Halo, which will begin streaming in 2022, also features Natascha McElhone (“Californication”) as Dr. Halsey, the brilliant, conflicted and inscrutable creator of the Spartan super-soldiers.

Jen Taylor (Halo Game Series, RWBY) as Cortana, the most advanced AI in human history, and potentially the key to the survival of the human race.

Bokeem Woodbine (“Fargo”), Shabana Azmi (“Fire”), Natasha Culzac (“The Witcher”), Olive Gray (“Half Moon Investigations”), Yerin Ha (“Reef Break”), Bentley Kalu (“Avengers: Age of Ultron”), Kate Kennedy (“Catastrophe”), Charlie Murphy (“Peaky Blinders”) and Danny Sapani (“Penny Dreadful”).