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Final Fantasy XIV – How To Prepare For Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker launch is coming soon on December 7th, with early access players getting access on December 3rd. That only gives us three weeks to get ready for the new expansion! For those of you who are already level 80 and have completed Shadowbringers, you may think you’re all done. But there’s plenty of things still for you to prepare and do, so be sure to flip through this guide before Endwalker!


Finish The Main Scenario Quest

This is a no-brainer for dedicated players, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. As you’ll need to be caught up on all the Main Scenario Quests (MSQ) to get most of the new Endwalker content. To be fully caught up for Endwalker, make sure you’ve completed the MSQ Death Unto Dawn’, released in patch 5.5. You’ll want to be caught up until this point to immediately get access to all the new Endwalker content.

If you have any outstanding Main Scenario Quests, they’ll show up on your user interface on your screen. If that doesn’t appear, you may need to toggle it in your UI settings. Side note: You should always be sure to complete the newest Main Scenario Quests as they come out.


Catch Up On The Story In The 8-Player Raids

Although not a direct requirement for Endwalker, these 8-player raids tell stories that are almost necessary to understanding Final Fantasy XIV‘s overarching narrative. There are many mysteries in these quests that need solving so you’ll want to learn more before Endwalker. These are the quests you’ll want to complete below:

  • The Binding Coil of Bahamut – Talk to Urianger in The Waking Sands and complete the ‘Primal Awakening’ quest.
  • Alexander – Talk to Slowfix in Idyllshire and complete the ‘Disarmed’ quest.
  • Omega – Talk To Wedge in Rhalgr’s Reach and complete the ‘The Hunt for Omega’ quest.
  • Eden – Talk to the Anxious Crystarium Guard in The Crystarium and complete the ‘In the Middle of Nowhere’ quest.

Complete The Hildibrand Side Quests

This is optional, but if you like collecting emotes and unlocking all the trials you can catch up in the silly Hildibrand side quests. No new Hildibrand quests came out during the Shadowbringers expansion era, but more should be coming in Endwalker. To get all the latest stuff, you need to be caught up.

You can start the Hildibrand side quests at Wynmond in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald, if you haven’t already.


Clear The Bozjan Southern Front

When Endwalker launches, most of the player-base will be rushing to Sharlayan and all the new regions. Leaving past content deserted for a while. If you’re looking to finish your Resistance Weapon, now is the perfect time to grind the rest of those materials. The Bozjan Southern Front will probably be less occupied when Endwalker comes out, so it’s a good idea to do that content with other players now.

The Bozjan Resistance storyline may also play a part in Endwalker‘s story too, so it’s definitely worthwhile to clear just the story quests before the expansion launches.


Level Up Your Retainers

Retainers are a great way to make some extra gil, especially at the start of an expansion when items’ prices are still fluctuating. Levelling up and gearing your retainers will ensure you can start sending them out to gather all the new materials once the expansion launches, giving you an edge up in the market.

With the un-capping of teleport costs in Endwalker, you’ll want all the gil you can get.


Cap Out Your Non-Gil Currencies

Right before the expansion drops, have the max amount of Allagan Tomestones of PoeticsAllegory, and Revelation.

Based on previous expansions, you will be able to use Allagan Tomestones of Poetics to get Cryptlurker gear. Which is a very easy way to boost your item level. When Endwalker rolls around, you’ll be able to gear up some of your jobs quickly using Poetics. You can only hold 2,000 Poetics at once, but you’ll need more than 2,000 to get a complete set.

It’s also likely that, once Endwalker gets released, you’ll be able to convert your Allegory and Revelation tomes to Poetics at a lower rate, which will be helpful with the above issue.


Prepare For The New Job Classes – Sage & Reaper

If you plan on playing either of the new Endwalker Jobs when the expansion comes out, you’ll want to prepare in advance with some strong equipment. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers has plenty of end-game gear for players to collect right now.

Sage will use healer’s gear and the Reaper uses Maiming Gear the same as with the Dragoon job. The new Jobs will start at level 70, so make sure to buy gear using your Tomestones of Poetics in Rhalgr’s Reach to have the best start as a Sage or Reaper.

Note: You don’t need to be caught up on the MSQ in order to unlock Sage and Reaper. But you will need a character that has reached level 70 in a Disciple of War or Magic job. 

The Sage trainer will be found in Limsa Lominsa, and the Reaper trainer will be in Ul’dah.


Clean Out Your Inventory

There’s nothing like starting a new journey with a clean inventory. Before Endwalker launches, try to get rid of all those materials and glamour items you’ve probably been stockpiling throughout Shadowbringers. Materials can be stored in a retainer’s inventory or sold on the Market Board, and glamour items can be stored in the Glamour Dresser or the Armoire.

You’ll be picking up tons of new items, and you’ll definitely want a place to put them all, especially if you plan on levelling your crafting Jobs.


Final Fantasy XIV – Endwalker Expansion

If you’re able to do some of these things it’s going to ease your way into Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest expansion Endwalker and hit the ground running on day one. If you’re looking for more of our Final Fantasy XIV guides be sure to check the full list here.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker releases on December 7th, 2021 for PC, MacOS, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.