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Overwatch – Halloween 2021 Skins And Event Details

Spooky season is here and with it comes some exciting in-game events. Blizzard normally goes all out for the holidays and this time is no different. Overwatch is back this October with their Halloween Terror event that will take place starting today October 12th and will run all the way until November 2nd.

Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror event will include the returning PvE arcade mode ‘Junkenstein’s Revenge’, with some new tweaks. As well as what we’ve all been waiting for – new skins.

Here are all the new skins (so far) coming to Overwatch’s Halloween Terror Event.


Draugr Reinhardt

The Draugr Reinhardt cosmetic turns him into an undead Nordic warrior that wouldn’t look out of place in Skyrim. So far not my favourite Reinhardt skin and not really that ghostly for Halloween. But he does have a pretty solid skull face. Hammer could have used more love though.


Vampire Bat Echo

I’m feeling this facial upgrade with Echo. The attention to detail with her bat ears and creepy red face are really what sell this skin. Obviously, the wings were going to be 100 and so far I’m liking all her different legendary skins.


Vampire Hunter Brigitte

Coming up next is Vampire Hunter Brigitte. I’m not sure whether she’s well equipped to take down the Vampire Echo Bat? But I guess she’s going to try.


Satyr Lucio

In ancient mythology, a satyr is a man with a horse’s ears and tail. Or a being with a boat’s ears, horns, tail and legs. It looks like Halloween Lucio is a little more boar than horse for this iterration? Here’s to giving everyone red eyes to look creepy.


Coffin Bastion

Okay, so if Bastion is a robot can he really have a zombie’s hand? I guess he can.


Week 1 (October 12-19): Skeleton Genji

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 Skeleton Genji skin

Día de los Muertos vibes from Genji!


Week 2 (October 19-26): Einherjar Zarya

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 Zarya Einherjar skin

What’s Einherjar? “In Norse mythology, the einherjar are those who have died in battle and are brought to Valhalla by valkyries. In Valhalla, the einherjar eat their fill of the nightly-resurrecting beast Sæhrímnir, and valkyries bring them mead.”

So is she supposed to be an undead Viking here? Because I’m getting more budget steampunk here.


Week 3 (October 26-November 2): Clown Roadhog

This is probably the best skin for this Halloween. And it’s definitely inspired by Stephen King’s novel IT. If you don’t recognise Pennywise or don’t get the reference. Roadhog as a scary clown is plenty spooky enough. Not sure how that gas mask is going to work? Looks like there might be some design issues.


Junkenstein’s Revenge

One of the most iconic parts of Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror Event is Junkenstein’s Revenge. The eerie PvE mode always accompanies the spooky celebration every year. Set at the gates of Castle Junkenstein on the spooky version of Eichenwalde, players have to destroy waves of Zomnic opponents to be able to survive the game’s different levels. Dr Junkenstein also has some terrifying monster bosses to stop you in your tracks, and they won’t go down easy.

That’s been the current event mode since 2016. Junkenstein’s Revenge has been a staple but over the years, multiple versions of the mode have been introduced. Along with more achievements as well. Last year we got some new challenge modes that make the PvE mode even harder. Some modes allow Zomnics to explode into lava upon death, limit the number of heroes you can use, or even just cause the Zomnics to frenzy.

I expect that this year we’ll have all that returning and more!