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Gamescom Asia 2021: From The 14 – 17 of october

gamescom asia inaugural event is being held from the 14th of October 2021 to the 16th.

As we reach the endemic real-life events are starting to pop up again! A mix of both online and physical events are happening across all industries and the same is true for gaming. For the first time, ever gamescom is hosting their first-ever Asian leg in Singapore. For us, veterans gamescom needs no introduction but for the new players, gamescom is one of the world’s largest computer and video games festivals.

gamescom asia will be held during the annual Singapore Games Week (SGW), hosted by the Singapore Games Association (SGAA). As most borders aren’t open, the event will be a hybrid one that will take place both digitally and physically. So not to worry if you can’t get there this year!

For those of you that are there however send us pictures and enjoy both the Trade and Entertainment Zones that have been set up for the event. The conference will be segmented into Games360, Mobile Gaming Summit, and UNconference, featuring panels, keynotes, and technical dialogues on the best of Asia’s gaming sector, from Riot Games, Take-Two Asia, Cygames, Microsoft Xbox Asia, Nintendo, Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia, Square Enix, Google Play, and more. 

In the Entertainment Zone will be the Primetime session. Hosted by Victoria Cheng (akaChubbyNinja), this 1-hour live show will premiere new games and trailers from around the world. Where you’ll get the chance to watch sessions hosted by prominent brands including AMD, TikTok, Electronic Arts, Hooded Horse Inc, Earthshine, Secret 6, and Lentera Nusantara, and be engaged by the latest game launches, reviews and more.


How To Watch gamescom asia 2021

The events in gamescom asia’s entertainment zone are free to watch, with the first event starting at 8pm on 15th October. Tickets to the trade zone will be priced at SGD $98, granting full access to the trade conference, exhibition, and networking from 11th – 20th October.

Catch the live streams from today 15th of October to the 17th on – their website, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook or Twitch.


Singapore Games Week (SGW)

Singapore Games Week 2021 will kick off on October 11 with the SGW Virtual Village. Visitors can create their own online avatars to explore the village, which will play host to Singapore-based game companies and communities that make up the local games ecosystem. From now until October 31st.

The various exhibitions involve game developers, publishers, and designers, as well as companies specialising in games-related design, jewellery, marketing, and video production. There will be games showcased as well, including an exclusive showcase of Convalescence, a project by Singapore Polytechnic Year 2 Design students.

Bonus: There’s also a Treasure Hunt event around the village grounds. It runs from October 11-17, 2021 so be sure to check that out as well!

Other than that in line with gamescom asia there will be a whole slew of online and offline workshops. Along with trivia nights throughout the week, with topics ranging from tabletop role-playing game design to miniature painting.


Asia Games Awards 2021

The inaugural Asia Games Awards will be held on the last day of gamescom asia and SGW and you know how we love an award show. Held virtually on October 17th, the awards will recognise the best in Asia’s games scene from games, events, gaming and esports, esports achievements and more.


Gamescom Asia 2022

While I don’t think online and hybrid events are gone forever, gamescom asia 2022 is definitely set to be bigger and better next year. By 2022 we should expect full-scale conventions to come back to life and it’s exciting to see more platforms for game developers and gamers to meet up in Asia.