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Far Cry 6: Amigos Animal Guide – Recruit, Abilities, Perks

Boom Boom, The Dog

Does this good boy look familiar? For those who played Far Cry 5, you’ll recognise Boomer! Renamed Boom Boom on Yara, he’ll stealthily steal weapons and loot dead bodies for you. He’s not initially available, or even mentioned until you stumble across him.

How To Unlock Boom Boom

Location: Feroza on the Western border of Valle de Oro

Mission: Boom or Bust

You’ll be able to access the mission you need, Boom or Bust, from your Journal when it’s available. Travel to Camp Maximas in Balaceras. In the middle of the camp near all the NPC vendors, look for a pole with a note pinned to it. Read the note to begin “Boom Or Bust”.

This will send you to Feroza, where you’ll need to find the blue shipping container on the train tracks in the depot. You’ll have to find and search a number of blue shipping crates around town to find which one has Boom Boom in. Once you’ve found him, he’s all yours!

Boom Boom’s Abilites

As well as being a fierce attacker, Boom Boom’s main ability ‘Fetch, Boy’ will allow him to retrieve resources from the bodies of dead enemies, making him a great Amigo to have when you’re running low on certain items.

Here are Boom Boom’s other unlockable abilities in Far Cry 6:

AbilityDescriptionHow to unlock
PointerBoom Boom will mark the locations of enemy troops and animalsHave Boom Boom loot 10 dead bodies
Expert TrackerBoom Boom can tag targets from further awayHave Boom Boom tag 24 animals
Thick CoatBoom Boom can withstand more damage from enemiesHave Boom Boom tag 50 enemies

Oluso, The Panther

Not your ordinary panther, Oluso may have some black magic within her. A shadowy, mystical creature, Oluso serves as a stealth attack amigo, using silent takedowns to kill enemies without breaking your stealth (assuming nobody sees her on the prowl or tearing a Castillo’s head off). One of her magic powers causes bodies to disappear after attacking. Very useful indeed.

This big cat is a hybrid of Guapo and Chorizo, viable both in stealthy missions and full-on attacks. Later upgrades will make her even more dangerous, and the last one, in particular, makes Oluso literally unstoppable.

How To Unlock Oluso

Location: Oluwa Cave on Quito Island

Mission: Triada Blessings

To unlock Oluso, you’ll need to find three Triada Relics that are hidden in three different Treasure Hunts.

One can be found in each of the primary regions of Yara and are all pretty easy to complete. Begin by travelling to Oluwa Cave on Quito island, at the Ventura Summit Go into the cave and examine the strange markings to begin the quest.

Three Treasure Hunt locations will then be marked on your map.

Travel to all three locations, collect the idols, then return them all to this cave. Go to the cave entrance and follow the path until you reach an area with some symbols painted on the floor. Place the relics down in the designated spot to cause the wall in front of you to collapse. Now approach the chest and open it to receive a Supremo that marks all enemies and a unique Resolver weapon. You’ll need them both for the next part.

Opening the chest will trigger a mini-boss battle where Oluso and some shadows will attack. Be quick on your feet here, Oluso will teleport after taking damage and try to flank you, so a shotgun or SMG is a good choice. Defeat them and heal Oluso to add this fearsome feline to your Amigos.

Oluso‘s Abilites

Oluso is a sneaky attacker, making her one of the best Amigos to have on your team for missions that require stealth. Her main ability, Shadow Striker, allows him to slay enemies quickly and silently from the shadows.

Here are Oluso’s other unlockable abilities in Far Cry 6:

AbilityDescriptionHow to unlock
Mimo Abosi’s LuckOluso will have more success when stealthily taking down enemiesHave Oluso kill 12 enemies in restricted areas
Rage of ÍdaSuccessful Oluso takedowns will cause nearby enemies to fleeHave Oluso kill 24 enemies with takedowns
Mist of OkuOluso is surrounded by smoke when below 50% health, making him immune to damage and more difficult to spotHave Oluso inflict Fear onto 50 enemies